First, I just want to say Praise God! He is so faithful to His promises!! My story is like so many others. I was devastated when my husband called after work one day and said he wasn't coming home. I knew that our marriage wasn't great, but I never dreamed that things would go that far. I later found out that my husband had been unfaithful to me for many months.

It was after he had been gone a week that someone recommended me to Restore Ministries. I cried and cried as I read the opening page of the website. Finally, here was some hope! I ordered the book How God Will Restore Your Marriage, A Wise Woman workbook and joined the fellowship right away. I was shocked at how much I didn't know what God and what His Word had to say about marriage, divorce, and separation. But after reading everything, I knew that God would restore my marriage.

I began applying the principles right away. Although I didn't see immediate changes in my husband, I felt such peace like I had not felt in years. After my husband had been gone about three weeks, I re-dedicated my life to the Lord, and for what I believe is the first time in my life, I had an assurance of my salvation. What a gift!!

That's when the Lord became my everything, so much so that I really came to the place that I didn’t even care if my marriage was ever restored. I no longer was waiting for my husband to call or come by, and if he did, I realized he would find out my feelings for him were actually sort of "indifferent." I didn’t know it at the time, but that got my husband’s attention. 

Early on, right after he left, I had tried to act like I didn't care, my way of letting go, but he could see right through me. I was trying to act like I didn't care, but later when I really no longer cared for him that's when he noticed. It wasn't until I found my new LOVE, the Lord!! Becoming His bride was nothing anyone ever taught me, not in any of the churches or bible studies I'd attended over the many years I believed myself to be a Christian. It took my marriage falling apart for me to first find the assurance of my salvation (which I probably never had because I didn't really know Him personally like I do now), and also finding a love that heals.

There are many things in my past that happened to me and things I did to deaden the pain and shame I felt. Nothing ever helped me feel clean and worthy until He was truly my HH. That’s when everything happened and my life began to change.

My marriage restoration happened one morning after my husband had been gone for almost two months. I got a phone call from my husband who called me from work and told me that his living arrangements were changing. I just said "ok" because I was no longer desperate and actually I wasn't really interested in what he was doing. That's the moment my husband actually began to weep and told me that he missed me, missed his family, his home, and the life he had. He wanted to try and get it all back. My HH is so amazing!! Had I not heard my EH break down, I don't believe I would have felt my heart change and turn back to him! I knew my husband needed more than just us back together or the life he had to be happy. He needed the Love that changed me!

What's crazy is that this was only 10 days after he came by to talk about how we were going to divide up everything in our house, about child visitation with our two boys, and about how I needed to figure out a way to support myself!!! He was so cold and heartless but it didn't bother me at all. I just had no feelings whatsoever for him and I found out later he could sense that was how I felt. I had my HH and I was actually relieved. Who could ever have imagined such a drastic change in me.

It's so true that when we fully let go, and the Lord becomes our everything, our HH, that God will move. Also that it's okay to no longer want our marriages restored, as long as it's because we have so much of Him. God turned my heart so that my husband would see and feel that none of what he was saying mattered to me! It caused him to want us back and that's when God was able to move on our family's behalf.

That very next Sunday we went to church as a family for the first time ever. Then during the song at the end, when the invitation was given, I looked at my husband. He'd suddenly just collapsed down in his seat with his eyes closed and I could see tears were streaming down his face!!! A man in the front came down and asked him to come with him so he could pray for him.

Ladies the Man who needs to be first in your life is the Lord. I wasn’t even sure of my own salvation but once I came to know Him as my everything, He gave me everything! My husband has changed completely because I was willing to let go and give the Lord my complete life as His bride. 

Dear bride, If not for your own sake, do it for your husband (or ex) who may also be trapped in sin like mine was. I never knew my husband was unfaithful, though I should have. But it is what God needed to happen for all of this to happen. I am just so grateful!!!

~ Laura in Tennessee, RESTORED

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