We’re now a Much Closer and Loving Family

We’re now a Much Closer and Loving Family

Morrisa, how did your restoration actually begin?

It all started when we moved to our new home about a year ago. I discovered that my husband was cheating on me with a younger woman who is about the age of our eldest daughter and who is also married to the son of our former neighbor. When I found out, we fought a lot. My adult children witnessed these very heated discussions, especially my eldest daughter, who had just had her first baby.

How did God change your situation Morrisa as you sought Him wholeheartedly?

We did not separate, but instead agreed that it would be the best for our family to remain together. We spent the entire next year facing and dealing with various problems as he and the OW continued to meet.

Due to these fairly frequent meetings, the OW became pregnant. She had separated from her husband so my husband became much more involved with her. To keep the rumors and gossip down, she moved to another state, but then my husband traveled to meet her. Even though I didn't know the Word of God as I do now, I still felt His presence. I already felt that I was calmer and did not argue with my husband—even when faced with the cloud of shame I was living under. I chose to simply "accept" the trips he made to meet her knowing that to "try" to stop him would be futile and also destructive to those who were innocent.

What I never expected was that, near the end of her pregnancy, she lost the baby. When my EH heard he rushed off to be with her and comfort her. It was after coming back from that visit to comfort her that he told me he would not meet her again.

About a month later I read a message that he had sent her that made me very sad. He said he loved her very much. At that moment, I just felt that everything was over. It was then that a facebook friend, who I still do not know and who later became my strongest supporter (sending me various verses and later specific lessons), sent me the book How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage. After reading only the first few chapters of the book, my husband commented that he noticed a huge change in me. He said that he had been thinking about breaking away from me entirely but that he had changed his mind due to these changes. This was clearly by Divine Appointment as HopeAtLast.com says!

I'm so thankful that due to what I learned here, I didn't try to intervene or confront my husband, making him choose between us or forcing him to let go of her and give me the love "I deserved." Due to this, my EH didn't feel compelled to sneak off but was open about his comings and goings. Thankfully he did not share details, after the text (saying he loved her very much). After that painful experience, he began to share details with the desire to be "open" with me, but I held up my hand, smiled and said, "You don't need to tell me." Then like Erin says, I got up, went over to kiss his cheek and left the room quietly (retreating to a place alone with my HH who more than comforted me. This change was due to me starting the Finding your Abundant Life that my FB friend recommended. Once I had my HH I no longer felt needy or demanding and I stopped hurting, which I never thought could happen until my husband was faithful to me.

What principles, from God's Word (or through our resources), Morrisa, did the Lord teach you during this trial?

What helped me a lot was learning to have a quiet spirit, to win without words. I was never too loud or demanding, that's just not me. Yet, inside I'd be stewing and brooding. Once my spirit was quiet, I was able to "smile at the future." And as Erin says, this attitude in a woman is magnetic not just where husbands are concerned, but also with my children, friends, co-workers and even complete strangers. Everyone noticed I was radiant, which was all due to being in love with Him.

What were the most difficult times that God helped you through Morrisa?

There were so many ways the enemy tried to take us out, to destroy us, and to continue to torment us. Besides the OW, my husband suffered through a very complicated spinal surgery, and this brought about huge financial problems (and surely due to the adulteress we were being reduced to a loaf of bread). Nevertheless, even with all these difficulties, my EH could not get rid of his pull toward the OW or her neediness for him.

Then, a few months ago he told me he needed to go see her, and asked me if I would let him go and stay for a while. It was at that moment I felt that he might not come back because he began being very indecisive in regards to us and our lives. He also said before he left that he felt guilty that she had abandoned her husband for him.

After he left, several members of our family prayed and fasted for three days with me, and my Heavenly Father showed me His strength. I fell more deeply in love with my HH during those 3 days and people commented on how much I glowed. To add to my inner makeover, I had changed my hair, lost weight, but most said that there was something really different about me.

Morrisa, what was the “turning point” of your restoration?  

Through the days, weeks, then months that my husband was away, he began sending me messages of deep affection, sending them every day without fail. Then one of them said that he could not live far from the family and I knew that God was beginning to turn his heart back to us.

Tell us HOW it happened Morrisa? Did your husband just walk in the front door? Morrisa, did you suspect or could you tell you were close to being restored?

Yes, after five months, from the time my husband had left home, he returned to the honor and glory of the Lord, my God returned to us a new committed man, father, and husband.

During the last few weeks, my husband said he spoke to the OW about her returning to her husband. He said at first she was so angry and called him every name in the book, saying he'd used her horribly. But soon she saw he wanted the best for her and that he didn't really care for her anymore. We sent her the RYM book, and found out last weekend that they had reconciled soon afterward. Two marriages restored!

Would you recommend any of our resource in particular that helped you Morrisa?

Yes, I recommend the books that have changed my life: How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage and A Wise Woman. My husband also recommends these books too. He actually ordered the couple's workbooks for the OW and he's ordered A Wise Man  while he was with the OW. He told me he'd heard about the book from my oldest daughter, saying how much I changed from the woman's book. Truly with GOD nothing is impossible!!

Would you be interested in helping encourage other women Morrisa?


Either way Morrisa, what kind of encouragement would you like to leave women with, in conclusion?

Everything I read in your books and your online courses was what saved my life. I do not see my life today without My Heavenly Husband, His Word and Him, my Lover who guides me today in every area of my life. I feel I'm a much better person, I am a mother who knows how to talk to my children as a wise woman. By His grace and love for me, I am also the wife that God always wanted me to be. The best that's happened through all of this, besides that we’re now a much closer and loving family, is that, at last, with Him—I have no need of anything else. My Heavenly Husband gives me everything and more!!

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