About two and a half years ago I contacted and joined Restore Ministries. I have been believing for the restoration of my marriage and others marriages. I had friends and acquaintances that I stood believing for and other marriages on the prayer list at Restore Ministries. I have seen God move in awesome ways within my situation and also in one of my friend’s!

I followed the scriptures outlined in Erin's books. I wrote scriptures on cards and prayed them constantly. I also shared them with others who were hurt because of their own marital situation. As I surrendered my pride over to God and allowed God to humble me, He started making changes in my husband, my children and especially me!

Though at times the changes were painful I am glad we went through them. I have felt a heavy weight was taken off. I didn't realize (until God opened my eyes) I had become that contentious woman and that I was in a bondage that I put myself in by not following God's word as He intended. I was holding on to every word God had been giving me and trusting His word to be true.

One day, my husband came to see me late at night! This was a big surprise, because he normally wouldn't do that. We sat outside talking for hours, then two days later he came back again and told me the ow left him because he would not divorce me or bring our sons to meet her! He was upset about her leaving him and only by the strength and grace of God was I able to sit and listen to him talk about her with out saying a word. My heart felt like it was being ripped out, but I know God held me in His hands.

My husband started coming and spending the weekends with us, but still I was heavy hearted because of the way he felt that night he told me of the other separation. I continued to believe. One of my friends that I was believing for called and told me of how God restored her marriage and thanked me for not giving up on their situation even though she did! This did give me some encouragement.

My husband started staying with us more, but my sons and I were not home. My husband travels a lot with his job and the home we shared was empty most of the time. He would say He was not ready for us to move back in our home. I started being able to go and visit him where he was working! We had beautiful times together. However, he was hesitant because he wasn't sure I would turn back to the person I was in the past.

He was happy with the relationship we were having. We would share our feeling with an openness we never had before. I felt that we were not really totally together until we were all home. This past January we all moved back home! My husband still works out of town a lot and has not yet come to God, but I am believing that it will come to pass in His timing. Thank You Jesus for starting Restore Ministries, for leading me to them and for using them to help guide me through a dark time in my life.

~ Terese in Florida

Remarried on Saturday

Hi everyone, guess what? My husband lost his job yesterday—it was the straw that broke the camel’s back for him. He is MOVING HOME! I told my husband that I needed to be remarried before he came home and he asked me if I would like to have the ceremony on Monday—my birthday!

Well, we actually are to be remarried in the church on Saturday!! (Since the state paperwork was picked up but the minister was not available till the weekend :o) This is after being divorced for 8 years! Praise the Lord!

 ~ Tasha in Bermuda

Allowing Him to Be My First Love!

I was divorced for two years. I had five children--at the time, they were between the ages of 2 to 8 years. During this entire period, the Lord had me stand for my marriage. It was the hardest time of my life and the hardest thing that I have ever had to do, but my marriage has now been restored for three years!!

I would not want to re-live the trials and tribulations of that lesson but I am very grateful to the Lord for His loving mercy and discipline. Truly, the Lord broke my heart through the divorce, but I needed my hard heart broken so that I would allow HIM to become my First Love again.

During this time of purging and learning, the Lord used this ministry to guide and encourage me. The biblical principles instilled through the RMI books and tapes the Lord provided for me are still very valuable today, and I often refer women to the RMI site.

Thank you Erin, for your obedience in sharing the wisdom that the Lord imparted to you through your experiences.

~ Patricia in Texas


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