Dear RMI. I'm writing to thank you and let you know that this is the best Thanksgiving I've ever had. Two months ago I called my closest friend desperate to know what to do. Another one of our friends had just called me to tell me that she was planning to divorce her husband. So I called my closest friend to see if someone would be willing to talk some sense into her before she made the biggest mistake of her life. The friend I called had a restored marriage but hers was the only one who's had a happy ending or should I say a new beginning. So many of our friends were divorcing and I just wanted each of our friends to know that divorce was not the answer. So I called and asked that my friend call our mutual friend to talk some sense into her!

Let me explain that both our friend and her husband are Christians. So no one could understand what went wrong. After my restored friend got home from going to see our friend she called me back. She said, "Nothing was really wrong" that our girlfriend said she just felt that God had released her from her marriage! She said she just no longer felt that she "wanted" to be married anymore, and since they had no children, she felt God said she could leave.

So then I called her myself and read a few things to her from How God Will Restore Your Marriage. I told her flat out that she had been deceived into thinking that God had released her from her marriage. I told her His Word clearly says that “He hates divorce” and that “He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.” I also explained that many times Satan comes to us as an “angel of light” in order to deceive us, and that very often he even uses scripture from the bible just as he did with Jesus in the desert to destroy lives. That it was the enemy who was telling her she was released from her marriage and he was going to destroy her life if she didn't stop what was about to happen.

I know it was God when I began to share a bunch of “what if” scenarios. Like, “what if” later she found that she had made a huge mistake and that she wanted her husband back, but he had found someone else? Unfortunately, nothing I said made any difference. She was going through with the divorce at that was it!! Nothing I said, no matter how many good points I made could persuade her to stop pushing for the divorce. She said (almost like it wasn't the same friend I knew because she was so cold) that she was not interested in any "principles" and that she knew that she was released and asked that I not bother her again! I confess that I hung up fuming!

So, fast forward about a year, and I heard that my friend did regret what she'd done. She knew she had made a mistake in leaving her husband. Another friend told me she heard she wanted her husband to come back and was trying to get back together with him. But all of us knew that about 2 months after they separated, her husband had met someone else. So our friend demanded their pastor call her ex husband and force him to work on their marriage. Her husband refused and then about two or three months later he married the other woman.

So, I know this doesn't sound like a happy ending, but God did bring more calamity into our friend's life. After her husband remarried, our friend got breast cancer. Though it sounds horrible it's almost like it's what our friend needed. It broke her like nothing else could. A month or so later I thought I had seen her at the mall shopping, holding hands with her ex husband. I texted my restored friend because I just knew it had to be her!

What my restored friend told me was such a shock. It seems that our friend still had your book How God Will Restore Your Marriage we gave her way back when she didn't want us to bother her. And one night she just began reading it. Even though she was the one who'd done everything wrong (for such selfish reasons too), she believed God could still restore her marriage. She asked God to change her and He did.

God also made sure that her ex husband's marriage didn't last long at all, I believe it was only a few months when his new wife cheated on him and left him. So the last chapter (that God always loves to write) is that when I saw them in the mall they'd already remarried. Our friend's health is also good, so I was wrong when I told my restored friend it was too late.

Our friend ~ Lizzy in South Dakota, is now RESTORED and healthy

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