Shandricka RESTORED in Kansas

God Works Behind the Scenes

All praises to God for all that He has done! Words cannot express the joy in my heart. On August 19th my husband put me and our children out of our home for the OW. He told me he didn't want me anymore and he was going to file for divorce. My 4 girls and I moved in with my mom and dad. I spent a lot of time crying and looking for answers as to why. Then God begin to deal with me. I started reading the Word all the time and attended church. I begin fasting and praying. A dear friend of mine and my pastor also fasted and prayed with me.

There were times that things looked so hopeless. There were no calls, texts, or anything from him. Even when I tried contacting him he would treat me badly and told me to leave him alone. Well, I never gave up on God. I knew God hates divorce and I was determined that somehow God would fix it. Reading the testimonies and praying helped me make it through the hardest times.

On September 22, late at night, my husband texted me. I was asleep so I didn't get the message until the next morning! He just texted me out of the blue--I was not expecting him to tell me he wanted to work things out. He told me he didn't want a divorce and he wants to work things out!! He said he was no longer with the OW. And he does not want to lose me. I was so overjoyed.

The girls and I are in the process of moving back home. I would definitely recommend RMI's resources and I want to encourage other women as well. For those that are standing for their marriages--Do not give up! GOD is able to do any and everything! He is able! Do not give up hope no matter how hopeless the situation looks. God works behind the scenes.

~ Shandricka in Kansas RESTORED

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