A month ago, we received this email from a woman who had gotten How God Will Restore Your Marriage and was greatly encouraged. 

Dear RMI, I purchased your book and began sharing the book with other ladies I began meeting with. I knew they needed help in their marriages and a friend I knew had a restored marriage from reading the book. One night at my church, I met a woman who began crying and told me that her husband had just filed for divorce. So I gave her my copy and the woman told me later that she immediately began reading How God Will Restore Your Marriage, and then purchased your A Wise Woman workbook for women. Was I ever surprised when she told me that a few weeks later her husband commented and said “I see you've changed” and then he said he decided to drop the divorce proceedings and move back home!!! 

I just felt I needed to write to you to thank you personally. Though I've never personally been through any crisis in my marriage thank God, I know so many women who are going through all sorts of things in their marriages and felt (and still feel) that as women of God and Christians, we all need to do more. Just making this book known to everyone can do much more than anything I could ever imagine. So I am careful to always have at least one copy of your book with me. So again, thank you for this amazing book.

One more thing, I also wanted to ask about your Wise Woman for single ladies. Many younger unmarried women began coming to our WW class with their moms and soon many began bringing their girlfriends. So I was hoping this book was available. Can you please let me know? Thank you again.

Thanks to ~ Madeline in Kansas for helping to RESTORE a marriage and being a Titus older woman  

Ministry Note: A Wise Woman SINGLE is in the process of being completed. Please watch your Encourager for when this book and course is available.

Another Marriage Restored “Suddenly”!!

Hello. I'm writing to let you know that after two years, I “suddenly” got the urge to stop my divorce. I filed against my husband and just felt that we could somehow work things out. I honestly had no idea why I felt my heart change towards my husband. You see, he'd left me for another woman, but then came home suddenly with no explanation and also NO apology, which is when I filed for divorce against him. What I didn't know is that my mother-in-law had been believing God for the restoration of our marriage. I believe she may have written to you. 

It was after spending such a wonderful weekend with my husband that I felt I needed to write and thank you myself. My husband and I literally spent most of the weekend side by side. Then he had me over for dinner Saturday night and Sunday night, and both nights I ended up staying over with him. Then the most amazing thing happened Saturday just before we went to sleep. My husband said, ‘We should pray’ and he took my hand and he prayed and thanked God for His work in our lives. This brings me to tears again just as it did that night. So again, I'd like to thank you.

~Barb in North Carolina, RESTORED 

Ministry Note: Barbs' mother-in-law had emailed us and her email said, “I am just amazed and awed by the power of the Lord Jesus Christ!" 

We searched to see when she had purchased the RYM book and it had been about eight months earlier, but assumed the book was for her, not her DIL. From what we read, it doesn't appear she ever gave the book to her DIL, but obviously "stood in the gap" for this couple.

We all need to Praise the Lord for His faithfulness to His Word and His Promises!! This is a lesson to all of us that we should never let ANYONE tell us that God cannot or will not turn the heart of any husband or wife or both. As the book says, who cares about the will of man, when God in His mercy created all of us with a heart that HE TURNS whatever way He wishes!!


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