Chapter 5                   

Financial RESTORED


“And I will restore or replace for you

The years that the locust has eaten—”

—Joel 2:25 AMP


He Takes Care of Everything!

I have been praying daily, asking for God to "set a watch before my mouth" and "keep the door of my lips." I was listening to the Wise Woman audiotapes, and Erin speaks about a time when she was hemorrhaging and had to be on bed rest and how God sometimes uses situations to help us be still.

Little did I know that I'd be facing a similar situation only a few days later. I had so much blood loss that my lips lost their color, and I am extremely weak. I was told by the doctor's office that I had to go in, but I was concerned because we have no insurance and we are so behind on all our bills already.

I was crying before leaving for the doctor's, and all I could do was cry out to God. I didn't even care what happened. I was just begging for Him to be with me and to let me feel Him with me because I knew I could get through whatever came as long as He was with me. I confessed every sin I could think of, and begged Him to just let me feel His presence.

At the doctor's office, I explained my financial situation to the doctor, and he explained the seriousness of my condition and that I urgently needed surgery. He said that he would work with me on his part of it as far as the financial aspect was concerned, and that was such a relief.

During the visit, not only did I have a complete examination, but also an ultrasound and lab work. When I went to check out, the lady at the desk said I had a credit and that I owed nothing for today! I started crying because I knew that God was with me just as I had asked Him to be and that He had caused me to have favor with the doctor!!

Even though I am facing surgery, I now have such assurance that God will be with me through it all and that HE is in charge of whatever financial burden it may incur. All my trust is in Him!!!

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for all Your love and care.

~ Pamela


He is the God of the Impossible!

Good day to all of you at Restore Ministries, and many blessings to you! I have received not only hope from your ministry, but a new way of living. Thank you for all you are teaching me.

Because of the teachings on tithing, I have been tithing the full amount, and by all ways of figuring, I should be much worse off because of it. Instead, I am at the break-even point! I was in need of some money to balance the checkbook and make my house payment, and I was given — as a gift — just the amount I needed! Bless the Lord!

I do not earn enough to pay all my bills, buy food, and make the house payment. Still, I have not gone without, nor have I gone deeper in debt. Because I have learned to tithe!! By the world’s standards, that is impossible! I am so glad that our Lord is the Lord of the impossible!

Thank you so much for teaching me about this principle. I know that the Lord is moving in my life and touching those around me. Restoration is coming, and my life will never be the same. Thank you!
~ Gertrude Jensen

Belated Tithe

God is sooo good! For months now, my daughter and I had been praying that her new husband would be given a job that he can do, so he could provide for his family. He kept going to interviews, but kept getting 'let-go' after being hired. My daughter received A Wise Woman workbook at the beginning of the year and her husband received the man's workbook. I KNOW she has been in hers because she is doing what the book says and we are praying together about things.

Finally, things are looking really good as he has decided to start his own business fixing people's cars. The calls just keep coming!! He is able now to take her to dinner, pay their bills and schedule work around appointments. They are both so thrilled to see God working in their lives! (And so am I!) I had asked the Lord to lighten my load a bit financially—boy, does He know how to balance things! The wonderful thing about this is that it's all on the up and up. He got a business license, is setting apart what he may owe for taxes to the state and so forth. I would like to say I am so proud of him, but I won't. I know better now. I am astounded, humbled and sooo grateful to God for what He is doing in their lives. There’s more…

I was messing around with my new computer and came across some Christian financial principles that sparked something in me. Here I thought I was paying the full tithe because it was off my GROSS amount and I completely missed the fact that my employer is matching 25% of my contribution to my 401K!!!!!! Hallelujah!

I was robbing God of the tithe for the past couple of months but God showed me what needed to be done. He is SOOOO good! The wealth of the wicked really IS laid up for the righteous!

You know what else He showed me? The 401K account made $4.36 (I think) in INCREASE and we are to give the increase, so I sent that along too with my belated tithe. I normally wouldn't email anybody because I know God likes us to do things in secret but I am just so astounded that I completely missed this and He is so faithful to show it to me!!!!!


~ Mary in Washington


I just wanted to let everyone know how God has blessed me in the past week! I am about to move to a new place in a couple of weeks and it had crossed my mind that it sure would be nice if I could get the month of August rent free so I could move in at my leisure. I hadn't really prayed too much about it but since it crossed my mind, I asked the Lord to make it happen if it was His will.

I was prompted that night to give an offering to your African Missions trip. I would not normally let my left hand know what my right hand was doing by telling anybody, but I feel led to let you know because of what God did for me the following morning!

I went to bed after working all night and when I woke up, there was a call from the apartments I will be moving into. They let me know I could move in there in August RENT FREE! I would also save $350 off the rent for September and $350 off rent for October! The Lord just gave me a windfall of $1000!

If you are struggling with letting go of your money as the Lord leads, let Him know (He knows already) and take that little step of faith. No one who puts their trust in Him will be disappointed!

~ Mary in Washington

Same Interest

I want to praise the Lord for He has been blessing me financially! Now I realize that in the midst of adversity the Lord showers us with abundant blessings!! You see, I had a credit to pay for my 3 last years of college. I was supposed to pay for this during the 3 first years after I graduated (and now it’s been 4 years since I graduated), but I had not been able to do the monthly payments due to a variety of reasons.

Well, in March of this year (when I separated from my FH), I asked the school for the balance of this credit. I thought the balance would be around twice what I first owed, taking into consideration that there would be a penalty for not having paid on time, and because the monthly payments due are calculated based on the current fees for the semester.

It took a lot of time for them to send me the balance, and I was actually getting anxious because I did not know how I would be able to pay for it.

When they finally sent me the report, I found out that they had not charged any interest! Not only that, the balance has the charges not in the current fee, but at the fee that was current when I was studying! When I told some of my ex-classmates what had happened, they could not believe it! They had to pay a lot of extra money for theirs!

God is so good! He knew I had no way of paying, but each month, He has been providing for the credit payments, and He also continues to keep the balance free from interest! He told me He would be my Provider and He has been faithful to take care of me, even though I know I do not deserve any of His blessings! Thank you Father for all your love and mercy!

~ Leslie in Mexico

More Grateful and Appreciative

When it comes to rip-off con-artist contractors who prey on us women who temporarily live alone—this is one time we should call on the Lord to be our Husband.

I live in a condo where the kitchen and bathroom floors are not exactly level, plus the hot water heater began leaking and needed replacement. I contacted a contractor who does under-the-building (mole work) and he told me that there was no vapor barrier underneath, plus my floor was rotting where the hot water heater was leaking and was about ready to fall through. It had leaked over to the next-door unit (owners do not live there, it's their weekend place), plus the dividing wall was collapsing—and that I would be responsible for the neighbor's floor and wall!

He quoted me $6,800.00 and said it could go up even more once he opened up the floor. This price included replacement of the hot water heater, floorboards, dividing wall being jacked up, and neighbor’s kitchen floorboards, oh, plus vapor barrier, which was another $2,000.00.

He promised he could go to work right away, like in 3-4 days, and suggested I ask my neighbors since they don't live there if I could use their bathroom facilities for two weeks, possibly their refrigerator and stove, since these would be moved away from the wall for the 2 week duration.

He further told me that his work would be by the hour and he had a partner, so it would be two times the labor, and the quote could go higher if he discovered more problems once the floor was opened.

I was so depressed over that, thinking I had to go to the bank and take out a second mortgage of around $10,000 to cover everything.

I told the lender not to write me up a loan, I just wanted approval before this contractor gave me his final bid once the floor was opened.

I got the approval, but a still small voice told me, through my daughter, to a second estimate.  I had prayed and asked God to 'go easy' on me, and I knew that things wouldn't be as bad as they seemed.

In the meantime, I called my neighbors whose facilities I would need to use. They quickly said, “No problem," but they also showed up that night.

The husband went under the building with his big light, and when he came back up he said, "Janice, that guy is a liar!"  My neighbor told me there was no collapsing wall, there was no damage to their floor, just a little bit of wetness.

He frankly and soberly said, "Janice, you need a husband." He told me to please get another estimate. So I did.

One was from someone I knew personally who had used this particular contractor repeatedly for their own home repairs. After this guy removed and replaced the hot water heater, he said the floor looks fine from above.

I asked why the floor was not level, and he said it is normal for the age of the building. Then, 'out of the blue' I had bugs.

I went to the yellow pages and found a pest control company that had a fish symbol in the ad. I called them, and upon further reading in the ad, they also happen to lay down vapor barrier, and install insulation under the floor at the same time.

They came out and sprayed the bugs for free; the estimate for vapor barrier was $300.00 and $550 for the addition of insulation.

Praise the Lord, I don't even have to get a line of credit or a personal loan—I have that in my emergency fund money market account!

Oh, by the way, the name of that company was "Integrity Pest Control." Praise the Lord! He sent me bugs who were in their worm stage before turning into little moths (meal worms).

I was so thankful to the Lord for watching out for my finances. The thing that made me even much more grateful and appreciative, was that in my work I was talking to this nice woman in her home who began telling me how she did get ripped off for $30,000 by a contractor who didn't do the work right, was brand new, his subcontractors left the job, and to top it off, he underbid the job. But because of a law in his favor, she had to pay him $30,000.

She also went on to tell me how a used car salesman ripped her off— two cars in a row.  The first one made it one block down the street. The second one she took to a mechanic who checked it out AFTER she signed the contract, and informed her of all the problems.

I'm glad that I was on a personal relationship level and praying terms only with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and Mediator who bids us to come boldly into the throne room of grace.

~ Janice in Washington

Roadblocks Everywhere

Isaiah 44:3 says, “For I will pour water on the thirsty land, and streams on the dry ground; I will pour out My Spirit on your descendants and My blessing on your offspring.”

I have always been a mother who worries constantly about her children. Over the past year, the Lord has changed me and I do not worry so much. However, my heart still aches when they are in need.

I have a 20-year-old son that goes to college in a town approximately two hours away. A big point of contention between my husband and me, in the past, was that I wanted to assist my son financially. As a matter of fact, I told my husband he had to change in his thinking on this, if he wanted our marriage to work. This was one thing that drove a wedge between my husband and I, and I eventually asked him to move out.

My husband has been back in the home now for about seven months. It is not technically restored since "the ties that bind have not yet been broken." However, it is giving me a chance to learn submissiveness to my husband. It is more difficult than I realized, especially where my son is concerned.

My son has been having a very difficult time financially. We received some of his mail from college recently and it threatened to suspend his financial aid for this upcoming semester.  He had roommate problems and found himself suddenly without a home. I am so thankful that he had a friend who allowed him to move in with him. Money has been severely tight for him.

He was recently hired to work for a slaughterhouse and was to start work last Tuesday. (My son is a brainiac and this type of labor was abhorrent to him. However, he was reduced to living on peanut butter and jelly, bologna, and ramen noodles. He was now realizing that he would take whatever work he could find!)

He went for his physical the day before he was to start, and their tests indicated that he could have early signs of carpel tunnel. He was unable to start work the next day unless he had a release signed by a doctor. He would need to find a doctor that accepted our insurance, as well as one who would accept a new patient. It seemed that he found financial roadblocks everywhere he turned!

He was able to borrow $10 to get home for Christmas, which I am so thankful for. We were unable to give my son the monetary gift that my husband and I had planned on. While he was home, he wrote a check for $25.00 for gas. He received $20 in a card from a family friend while he was here, but still needed another $5 to cover that check. I had just $5 and wanted so badly to give it to him! However, I wanted to respect my husband so I did not offer it.

I had been feeling hurt inside because, in the midst of his financial crunch, out of respect to my husband, I had to remind my son that he had agreed to pay his car off back in August with financial aid. Since it was not done at that time, I advised him that he really needed to find a way to get that done.

After he left to go back to college, my mother called to tell me that family friends had sent a card for him home with her and it had $30 in it!

My son called home the evening that he got back to college. His car payment had been returned in the mail, so he now had money in the bank to cover the check and to pay off the fines that would hold up his financial aid! He also discovered that he had received a letter in the mail.

He WILL receive his financial aid by January 6th if not before, as long as his fines are paid before then! With this aid, he will be able to pay off his car and have money for rent, groceries, etc! Praise God!

In the last few days I have finally realized what the meaning of faith is. I have been praying that God reveal the difference to me between faith and just believing. It hit me yesterday that it is total and complete trust in Him to provide in all situations.

I had heard the meaning, but never really got it until yesterday. It was a terrifying moment and I did not know if I was up to the challenge! I decided to trust God today to take care of my son, and look what happened! All the glory is His! My son went from being basically destitute to blessings galore!

I could go on and on about His goodness and all that he has been doing in my life lately, in the middle of a serious situation, but I will save that for future praise reports!

~ Sara in Kansas

All My Needs!

I, like most of us, have problems with money. Money in general has been one of my struggles for all of my life. It was also a huge issue in my marriage.

I have been praying for a while now about mostly just being able to pay my bills and, on occasion, be able to get groceries also. I do not make enough money to do this but somehow it always works out.

Well, I have personal property taxes to pay and am behind on my bills again and some things are getting ready to be shut off so I have been praying for leading on what to do about it.

My God shall provide all my needs! My boss buys back sick days I do not use at half pay (I had not thought about this) and just last night it occurred to me that with this check and the normal pay check I will be getting enough to get caught up, pay taxes and maybe even get groceries!

Normally I would have been stressin' by now but He has been faithful to get me this far why start to worry now!

~ Nani in Missouri


It's me again, Anna, and do I have a testimony for you! I'm sure you can relate when I say that I hardly had any money for Christmas! Well, I gave it all to God and not only did He open up the heavens, He made it pour!

First of all, I received a 500-dollar check from my church. Friends of mine are lawyers, and I stuffed about 90 envelopes for them and they gave me 100 dollars. A local Catholic church gave me groceries. My FH's cousin and wife sent a 100-dollar gift card to Walmart for the kids. Another local Christian church invited us to a Christmas party and the kids will receive gifts.

And not that all of this isn't incredible, but SS Peter and Paul's church came over on Tuesday and brought so many gifts for me and the kids, but the woman handed me an envelope and inside, are you ready for this? 1000 dollars in cash, a 500 dollar gift card to Walmart and 500 dollars to Target and 500 dollars in gift cards to a local grocery store!

How's that for God's blessings! He is the coolest dad we could ever have! And by the way, the night before this happened I asked God for batteries for my kids' toys and my daughter said, "Oh brother know she's asking God for batteries!" Well guess what was in one of the gifts bags that the church gave? Yep! BATTERIES! Every kind you could imagine!

Now any of you think God can't do all things? He can and He will! BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD! PSALM 46:10

LOVE YOU ALL!                      

~ Anna in New York

Servant to the Lender

Although I have not "seen" the financial blessings as yet, I know they are just around the corner. My finances are being tested at this point as my rent is overdue one month which is $400, my car had to have some work done for $1,500 and I accidentally burst two tires which cost me $400.

I did not want to accept credit as God's Word says, "the borrower is servant to the lender." Although I am concerned, I have this AMAZING PEACE that my heavenly Husband is going to provide and take care of all the above needs.

Thank You, Lord, for being my provider.

~ Sophia in Barbados


God is soooo good! The Lord prompted me to take a look at the amount I had paid for Federal Taxes around October of 2005. Turns out I had overpaid by a few thousand dollars. I went ahead and ran a scenario to see what amount I might get back.

I was prompted to use the children as dependants (legally I can). I just got back my tax return today even though the IRS computers' had 'frozen it' because the amount was so large.

As I was struggling along last year, listening to His voice telling me to pay the WHOLE Tithe and to assist the children financially, I had no idea that these two things would reduce the amount of my taxable income thus allowing me to receive a larger return.

In one check I was able to wipe out a former federal tax bill from a previous year, pay off my computer, send a very large amount to my final credit card and give the children even more money to help them out. (He who gives to the poor, lends to the Lord and the Lord WILL REPAY him for what he has done.)

~ Mona in Washington

Me, a New Job!

Our house has been in foreclosure and one of my jobs has been over for sometime.

God gave me a new job! One I do at home on the weekends!

Then He protected my other money that could have been taken by the state. He gave me just enough to pay the back payment and back taxes on our home!

God is so good! Thank You my LORD!

~ Esther in Rhode Island

Able to Make It

I just have to tell you, I may have been a bit of a doubter regarding finances, not intentionally or even consciously, but I see it clearly now. I haven't had any problems paying bills since my husband has been gone thankfully.

However, for about the past year I have become very lax about recording things in my checkbook. I have many things on "auto pay" through the bank, so I don't worry about remembering to pay things.

Well, it caught up to me. I received an email notice that said my account was below $100. I knew something was pending that would send it into the negative zone. I kicked myself for being irresponsible, but said, “Well, God is convicting me here, I need to change things.”

I have been tithing, and as I was sitting realizing that I would need to get some groceries and fill the car with gas before payday this Friday. I initially panicked! Then I remembered I had $35 in another bank account that I used for my Mary Kay business.

In addition to that, someone who had ordered some things from me gave me a check for almost $60 for her order, and I discovered a birthday check for $15 that I hadn't cashed!! GOD IS FAITHFUL!! PTL!!! I had completely forgotten about this account. Now I will be able to make it through the week! GOD is so awesome!!

~ Kim in Minnesota

I Had the Job!

Hello Saints. God has provided for me in the most special way!

My husband recently filed for divorce and stopped all financial support. Well, during the week he filed, I got a great new job. I put it this way:  I thought about it on Friday; I called on Monday; I interviewed on Tuesday and interviewed again on Wednesday. Then on Wednesday by 11 AM, I had the job!

This job met my salary requirements and worked around my other job perfectly. God gave me exactly what I always wanted. I was so specific in my request, and God honored all I said I wanted. This job is also in the new neighborhood where my husband now lives.

I had been submitting my resume to jobs in the area where I live, but I received not one return phone call. Jesus is smooth in all His dealings!

I'm happy and grateful every day for this provision. Initially, I was going to file for spousal support, but with this blessing, I don't need it!

~ Kay in California

I'm so Blessed

Thanks to all of you! God blessed me yesterday with $700 and this morning with $160. God is awesome!

I'm so blessed to have found this website. I'm still in the process of reading Erin's book. It has literally changed my life! God bless Erin and her family. I pray they continue to prosper in everything they do.

~ Penny in Indiana

The Bill was Reduced

Last year I had surgery, a breast reduction due to severe back and neck spasms. I had to pay the surgeon up front with the possibility of having the money refunded if the breast tissue weighed a certain amount. My money was refunded and I healed well from the surgery.

Recently, a nurse reviewed my surgery for the insurance company and the surgeon had to send the money back to the insurance company due to her review. He then asked me for his money, which I sent him. I then received a bill from the hospital for $13,333.00 along with $1,000 anesthesia and $200 for pathology. I said in faith to God, "I am not going to worry but trust you with this situation."

Last Thursday I woke up praying for God to help me know what to do about this bill and the Lord spoke to me that the bill would be taken care of but not the way I thought. I talked with a lady in the insurance office where I work and followed her advice to call the hospital.

I told the lady in accounting at the hospital my story about and the fact that it was never mentioned to me that I might be responsible for this huge bill if the surgeon was not paid by the insurance. The bill was reduced to $1,250 from $13,333! Praise God!

~ Helen in Alabama

Making More

I have not submitted a praise report in a very long time! This is way past due.

I must start by saying that God is not slack in anything! I have said time and time again that I feel like Queen Esther going through a yearlong beautification. Well.... today was the first day of my new job. It has been almost one year to the day that I have worked full time! In that time there have been some struggles, but the Lord has provided for me and protected me through it all!

Not only do I have a new job, but I will be making $8,000.00 more than I made at the last job! In addition, the benefits package is outstanding! Not only that, but I will be working with a lot of godly people!!!

God has been doing so much that I cannot take my eyes off of Him! He is just too beautiful! Who can romance and comfort us like He can?

All praise to Jesus Christ because He is pure LOVE!!!! 

~ Betsy in California

He Knows What We Need

I went to my mailbox the other day with a strange thought in my mind. "It would be nice to have an unexpected check waiting for me today."

Low and behold, not only was there a check for $180.30, but a few days later when I went to reconcile my bank account online, did I find that there was a miscellaneous deposit of $79.00. No explanation, it was just there!

I have never had unexplained funds deposited into my account. As far as I know, the only ones who know my full account number are God, the bank, and myself!

I have been under tremendous stress lately, waiting for God to move in my oldest daughter's life. The baby and her husband and she are living with me. I guess I was in violation of my lease, so I was asked to put them on. The manager told me up front that any criminal history whatsoever would disqualify them. I only have until tomorrow and the Lord is telling me to wait. They decided to try and find a place of their own, but have been rejected left and right because of former and very old mistakes.

I am having a hard time hearing Him and all the scripture I get does not seem to apply. I know this too will pass, but it is extremely frustrating. I can't see through this cloud, but He can see me, and He knows what we need.

He is never too early and never too late. He saw this coming before I did. I can't even seem to get an e-partner to respond, so I have given up that avenue.

I can't wait to tell you how this one will be resolved, mainly because the peace that will come at the end of this storm is greatly anticipated.

~ Mona in Washington

God Will Fill in the Gap

Lately, money has been "tight". However, despite what the bank account says, I refuse to rob my God by not tithing 10% of my first fruits.

Due to my children's illness and field trips, I missed some days that were deemed "docked days" as I did not have the sick/personal time to take them. Yet, as God is grooming me to be a mother of virtue and purity, and not one who is concerned with, "do I have enough sick time to stay home today with my child?" or resenting my children, as I once did, when they became ill as it was an inconvenience to me and my career.

Instead, I look to God to fill in the gap, and I joyfully stay home to nurse my little ones to health. When my children have events at school, I gladly take off to share in those special moments, even though I know I won't be paid in money---I am paid more richly with the smiles and hugs of appreciation my children give me when they see me in the audience.

Today, I was expecting to get a small check because of my unpaid leaves of absence. I was somewhat fearful as I overlooked my May car payment and with all my other bills, I could not afford to have a short check. Well, when I looked on my account today, I had just what I needed to meet my financial obligations!

Although, I did have to juggle around the payment dates to coincide with my next pay period, my children and I are just fine! Our pantries are full, our home is peaceful, we have our library card for our entertainment purposes, and we are singing praises to the Lord all day!!!

God provides my needs, and He has increased my faith by not allowing me to accept any government assistance, as is the custom in my family when times get hard. God has impressed upon me that I am His and He is mine, and whatever I need, He will provide!! So goodbye WIC, Medicaid, food stamps, and other assistance programs, I have the best assistance in the world---God Almighty!!

Be blessed and tithe, even when the bank account says otherwise---you'll be amazed at how God will reward you!!

~ Lindsey in Oklahoma

End Up Broke

Yesterday I was driving along when I stopped at a robot. Right next to my window, there was a lady begging for money. Now, here in South Africa, we have many beggars on street corners, including blacks, whites, children, men, and women. If you were honestly to give them all money every day, you would end up broke within a couple of hours (no exaggeration).

In any case, you generally brace yourself and try to look the other way. Maybe you select one or two a week. At the moment I stopped my car, I heard, "...did it not for the least of these, you did it not for me."

Well, needless to say, I burst into tears, grabbed R50 (that’s approximately $7.00 - but does not buy much here in SA), rolled down my window and gave her the money. She thanked me profusely. I cried even more and the car next to us thought I was a total Looney Tune!!!

Well, I was off to the shops and was out to buy me some Christian fiction novels. I love to read when my husband and children are not home. After I had chosen three books, I went to the counter and paid.

When I looked at the total the lady had given, I discovered it was half the total I was supposed to have paid. Gently I told her she had made a mistake and this wasn't the correct amount. She pointed out the store was having a 50% sale and that the price was correct!

Being obedient to God is something we are not supposed to think about; it is something that we are supposed to do regardless of what or how we feel.

50% is a huge discount, ladies!!! And believe me it was no coincidence.

~ Carrie in South Africa

Husband Moved to Tears

Praise God! My finances look crazy right now, but the Lord is my helper, I will not be afraid, what can man do to me?

About 4 months ago my husband announced he was going to divorce me for the second time. I was enthusiastic and offered to comply in any way possible to expedite matters---my husband was moved to tears.

Since my husband did not get the panicky, angry, frustrated response he was expecting when he announced the divorce to me, he decided another strong arm tactic by rightfully giving me my portion of our consolidated credit card debt, to the tune of $14,000!

Again, I enthusiastically responded and complied with his demands. Now I am faced with ruining my credit as I simply cannot afford to pay $600 a month for debt payments in addition to mortgage, childcare, food, utilities, etc.

I am in an impossible situation, which means I have to go to the only One who can overcome the impossibilities--The Lord Almighty!

I want to cry, as I feel so overwhelmed with debt, household responsibilities, maintaining a career, and trying to disciple my children for the Lord, yet I know that God's grace will abound--it must!

I know this doesn't sound much like a testimony, but it is. You see, I could have used the credit card checks that came in the mail and, at least caught up with my car payments and paid for back to school expenses, but instead I tore them up.  I see these credit card offers as the trap satan designed them for---to keep God's saints in bondage and drive women out of their homes so he can devour the children.

I could have said, "Oh well, I'm already in debt, $800 more dollars won't hurt," but that is how sin begins, with just a little and then the next thing you know, your life ceases to glorify God but then resembles a deep, dark pit of anger, frustration, and depression, no thanks!  So, I wait.

I wait for the financial breakthrough, instead of having a nervous breakdown. And while I am waiting, I am learning to cook better with few provisions. I am making breads with just flour, cornmeal, and water ingredients. The children and I are inventing new recipes and naming them after each other (we really liked Chicken de la Chelbie), and we are also learning that the things we thought we needed, we really could do without.

As we learn to be more frugal and eat less meat (as it is not in the budget) we are like Daniel and his friends, our minds are clearer, our countenances glow, and my unwanted pounds are disappearing (bye, bye Weight Watchers, another expense I found I didn't need anymore).

The Lord is good and I will WAIT to see Him deliver me out of this mess, instead of doing it on my own with man's provisions.

Oh, and this year the Lord put it on my heart to cut up every credit card and trust Him to provide for me when the "emergencies" hit, instead of Citibank!(I wish I would have had this revelation before I became in debt to the tune of $30,000--but that is another hole that the Lord will have to dig me out of).

So, in faith, I have lived the last several months credit card free, and even when the "emergencies" hit, I trusted and believed God to provide and He did each and every time!

Well, during my past two marriages (to the same man) I was always blamed for handling finances in a frivolous way. Although I am an accountant by degree, I am not trained in budgeting money well. Now that I am the sole income provider for our family, it has become vitally important that I manage money in a judicious way.

Due to the hurricane funds and income tax return refund my account has had some padding, so the extras our family needed was always taken care of, until recently. I have depleted our savings and money market accounts and now I am down to less than a $100 to my name! Wow, for the first time that I can remember, I have to literally watch every penny or we will truly go under.

Yesterday, the light company sent a disconnect notice and I have no idea how I will come up with the money to pay that bill, the mortgage, and my car note---but God does! In fact, I actually overspent this last week and before I got stuck with a bunch of bounced checks, God intervened.

My husband (who is in the process of divorcing me) came over Sunday night. We played Old Maid with the children and had a good time. Before my husband left, he handed me a check for $200. If you know my husband, you would know that this is a miracle, as he has NEVER given me more than what he was obligated to give me through child support!

Little did I know that the next day when I want to deposit the check, after my debit card was declined at a store (very humiliating), that my account was overdrawn and that by depositing the miracle check my account was back in the black!  God is truly amazing and will provide for ALL our needs when we trust and obey and not walk in fear.

~ Kelly in Tennessee

She is Covered

Hallelujah! Another Praise Report! Let me tell you how He has taken care of us this week.

After my daughter was diagnosed with cancer, she was cancelled from Social Security coverage. I felt led to add her on my insurance at work. I got the paperwork and the lady in HR asked if she was already on it. I said, "No, I don’t think so" (because she was not living with me for the past couple of years).

I got home and checked the website for our insurance and sure enough she is covered!!!

Then, I went to check my mail and got a car insurance quote for $30 less per month than what I am paying right now! Then, I got an email to check my cell phone bill and I have a $90 credit! Is God good or what?

Although, let me tell you, these blessings did not come without trials. First, I found out my daughter almost fell into a waterfall. She was being held by a tree root that had wrapped around her leg half way down the cliff she fell off, but she was saved by a young man who was around.

Then, I was told that my granddaughter may have been sexually abused this week. I was also rebuked for writing down information on someone else’s Machine Report at work last night when we had an issue with that machine. (And I thought I was being helpful…Ooops). I also went through a couple of days of the enemy telling me how worthless I was. It was excruciating.

Trials are just blessings in disguise. No one can protect us, take care of us and love us the way He does! No one. Not even ourselves.

~ Mona in Washington 

Former Feminist

For many years, I was a "know-it-all."  Even when I didn't know it all, I acted as though I did because my pride would not allow me to humble myself to admit I didn't know everything. Well, I have been humbled in more ways than I can count. So I can freely and honestly say that I don't know how to manage money.

As a former feminist, I sowed much into my career and reaped many financial blessings and awards. Yet, my children and home suffered. Now, as a woman after God's own heart, I have exchanged the title of Accountant/Teacher for that of "Mommy!"

There is no other name that sounds as sweet as mommy, and now I am blessed to hear my 9 month-old son exclaim, "ma-ma" when he needs to be soothed and comforted. If anyone reads the praise reports regularly, you will know that I am in a financial bind since I've changed careers, and the Lord continues to show up when I need Him the most. When my account was padded and I had extra money each month, I had no need to call on God because I could afford my needs and wants. Now I call on Him daily!!

My daughter was scheduled to go to camp with the youth group this week. The $100 balance was due on July 21st and I didn't have the full amount. As a good Christian, I called and left a message with the Children's Pastor and informed him that I would not have the full amount and asked if I could make payment arrangements until the balance was paid in full.

I didn't hear anything back, and I began to think that maybe she wouldn't be able to go. However, when I checked my voicemail a few days later, I had a message from the Pastor's wife who informed me that the church would cover the remaining balance and all I had to provide was spending money for the trip! Wow!

Again, I was able to share with my daughter how her Father took care of her. He gave us favor with the church to bless her with this camp experience. FREE! I almost didn't want to accept the blessing. I thought it was "getting over" because I did come up with the money. However, my Husband explained to me that it was His gift to me. The money I would have used to pay for the camp trip could now be used to buy those school supplies and clothes/shoes that our children needed so they would look and feel like children of the King of Kings!

I love my Lord more and more each day! I couldn't ask for a better Husband or Father.

~ Casey in Colorado


Stretched to the Max

Ladies, waking up and talking to my Husband is the best way to start my day! Lately, I have burdened myself with the ways of our wicked society.

As I seek to raise my daughters and son to walk in righteousness and guard their purity, I am besieged by family and friends who, mainly out of jealousy, want to see them go through what they went through growing up---lies, deception, break-ups, fornication, adultery, pain, sorrow, etc.

Although I know it is ludicrous for me to think that breaking these curses that have been passed down for over three generations would not cause the devil to become angry, I still get discouraged.

Next up are my finances. Before my former husband divorced me, he demanded that I take my share of the debt, which amounted to over $14,000. I accepted enthusiastically and agreeably. Now the divorce is final and I am looking at debt payments amounting to over $600 a month in addition to the expenses of maintaining a home/car and raising three children!

I was feeling so bombarded this morning and a voice kept echoing in my mind, "I hate my life!" I knew that the enemy was planting that seed so that I could be depressed, but I couldn't stop "the voice."

This morning I laid my burdens down at the feet of my precious Lord and Savior and told Him of my struggles. In the midst of my "counseling session" with my God I became lightened in my spirit as He listened patiently and gently.

Unexpectedly, the phone rang, it was my former husband. After answering with a merry "Good morning!" my former husband said that he missed us. After chatting a few minutes, him mainly doing the talking, my husband announced to me that I would be getting over $400 next week in child support payments! Wow! before I talked to the Lord I had only $120 to my name and didn't know how I would make my monthly obligations.

Although I am stretched to the max, I refuse to seek man's provision in the way of government assistance, as so many in my family have---even to this day (consequently, they have been cursed with poverty and suffer lack as they seek welfare to provide their needs instead of God).

Hallelujah! Within 30 minutes of talking to the One True God I was healed of my depression and able to regain my joy and strength to be the godly mother my children know and deserve.  There is none like Him!

~ Renea in Maryland

Everything Worked Out

I just have to submit this praise report this morning. The Lord has brought me to tears. I am sitting in my office just amazed at how wonderful and loving He really is! My God takes care of me like I've never had ANYONE take care of me and oh I have robbed my life for so long by not turning to Him before now. He is truly all I want and need.

I just started a new job. Again, the Lord opened this door and gave me the courage to walk through it. He blessed me with a substantial salary increase. Well, I signed up for direct deposit and I knew the first check would be a live check. However, it turned out my last paycheck was also a live check. I thought it was going to be direct deposited into my account so I called my mortgage company and gave them permission to withdraw the funds.

Well, it didn't happen that way so I went to the bank to cash it that same day. It has been a while since I have actually been inside the bank because my paycheck has always been direct deposit and my bills are set up for auto withdrawal.

Well, I didn't know about this two day hold on a check. Although the check was deposited, the funds were not available so my mortgage check and some subsequent debit card transactions bounced. This was the first time something like this happened and I was so upset. I called the bank and they told me about the 2 day rule and they agreed to put a portion of the money back.

Well, I just told myself I learned a lesson and I tried not to get upset. In the past, I would have called the bank and acted very ignorant and used language like you would not believe. Not anymore. That person is dead. She no longer exists.

Well, because I have my bills on auto withdrawal, everything deducts from my account. I just always make sure the money is there and there's never been a problem. So I thought I had considered everything, except my cell phone bill. I forgot about it. It caused my account to go below again by a few dollars. I just cried. Why was this happening to me? But I wiped my tears and I said it's going to be ok. I remembered that my best friend owed me some money for the cell phone bill because I have had them on my account for years and they pay me each month for their portion.

Well, I called her and told her what happened and she told me to come over to get the money. I told her it was no rush. I would be over tomorrow.

This morning I told God, "I understand there is a lesson in all of this and I am going to be patient. I am not going to worry about my finances. If something bounces, I'm not going to stress. I will be getting paid this Friday and I've verified my direct deposit is set up. There has always been enough money to cover the essentials. You have always been there and you have always taken care of me. I have had my share of financial struggles, especially recently but it has always worked out. This time is no different."

Well, I decided to look at my account online. Everything is ok. The bank had made a mistake and took out a charge twice. So my account didn't go into the negative! And now today, I will be depositing over $100 from money that friends owed me. Through faith and belief that everything was going to be ok, everything truly worked out. For me, this was a true test of my temper, my patience, and my trust in Him and He blessed me because I turned to Him and I believed in Him to resolve it. I praised Him even before I had any clue it was going to happen.

Thank you, Lord, for your faithfulness!

~ Rennata in Kentucky

Whatta Day

Wow! Whatta Day! I finally felt like it was time to see my mother after a year of allowing the Lord to help me 'cut-the-apron-strings'. She had always been there for me, even financially, for as long as I can remember. I have lived under her roof without being under her roof for so long. She was an apartment manager and I always lived on her properties to the dismay of my husbands. (I have had four)!!!

This always obligated us to do things around the property and basically emasculated my husbands by not allowing them to take care of me. I always had my mom to fall back on. I let her play the Abigail role in my life.

When the Lord removed my last husband, I was living on her property and was immensely blessed as she let me stay there for what I thought was 'rent-free'. Since last year, I learned that she was paying my rent and had gotten herself into debt very deeply by helping me and my other two sisters. (I catch myself doing that now with my own daughter and her husband, so I have been asking the Lord to take care of their needs, and He has).

Today I went to visit her and she let me know that I am not obligated to pay her back. That all is forgiven! (We are talking about a $10,000 debt!) I got to share with her what I have learned about the whole thing and we were able to have a very nice visit.

When she was showing me around her place, she asked me if I knew anyone who wanted this gorgeous credenza that was sitting in her dining room. She is GIVING it away. I told her I would like it and now all I have to do is get it here. I have always wanted a nice antique credenza. What a dual blessing!

My mom said I was glowing! She said people are noticing as I noticed complete strangers really looking at me in the grocery store, not just glancing, but looking. It's so nice, yet unnerving, since I prefer to remain anonymous and invisible. I can see what the Lord is doing in my life. Being invisible will not be an option for long. He does not hide His lamps!!

So, Praise God yet again for another financial blessing and it's all because of who HE is, not because I deserve it.

~ Mona in Washington

If You Believe

I applied for a job that was a promotion of two levels higher than my current job. I met with career counselors and prepared my résumé.

Before submitting it to the Human Resources Advisor, I called my husband and asked him to pray with me. He asked, "Right now?" And I said, "Yes." He prayed for me while we were on the phone together, and once we finished praying, I submitted the résumé.

Of the over 75 résumés that were submitted, only about 35 were accepted. Of those 35, only 7 were screened in. Not only was I screened in, but after the interview and test, I won the competition in first place!! First place!!!

The glory belongs to God!! I told my husband that I would testify to God's great power once I received that job. My résumé had a weight on it that no other résumé did!! I told God that if it was for the best, then I would get this job, if not, it just meant that God had something better in store for me.

God is so great!! I went from a salary of less than $42,000 to over $51,000!! Praise the Lord!! If you believe, you will receive anything in life!! Keep your faith in the Lord!! Everything is possible with Him!

~ Anju in Canada

NOT Defeated!

I'm writing this because I've shared this testimony with my epartners (earlier). My gas service has been suspended for several months and my daughters and I have been without hot water and have been using my stove to heat water to wash up with.

My husband and I have been separated for over a year now and he says that he will assist me, but I don't want to rely on him because that was the biggest issue we've had in the past. I've prayed about this burden and asked my prayer partners to stand and agree with me.

To make a long story short, a woman that I've been emailing at the gas company contacted me about my account and wanted me to call her. I was unable to contact her by phone and requested her to email me instead. She said that she needed to talk directly to me so I called her right away.

She told me my balance was $413 plus a $44 reconnection fee which made the total $457. Well, the company has a program that would pay $165.00 of that, leaving $292 for me to pay. Then, there was also another company that would apply $50.00, which would leave $242 as the balance. And, some other organizations that would pay the remaining (if I'm still not able)!!

It's such a BLESSING because I had No clue what was to become of that bill because I've been trying to maintain other bills in my home and keep a roof over my children's head (WINTER is fast approaching).

I emailed both epartners and was told to send in this praise report. Hopefully soon, I'll be submitting another praise report about my husband and myself, but until then....PRAISE GOD for the "little" things!!

I am still separated but NOT defeated!

~ Nina in Indiana 

Before We Ask

God has blessed me in a financial way today. I was down to less than two dollars in my account with a couple of bills past due. During this time and with the Lord's help, I am trying to learn about finances. I really don’t want to handle money things because I keep having problems no matter what I do.

It is a struggle when I know I am faithful to tithe at least ten percent to where I believe God leads me to tithe. I am trying to get out of debt and not use credit cards at all. I just looked at the few dollars in my account and asked the Lord for help to catch up.

I never know where or when extra money is going to come. I came home from work and my father-in-law called and said he wanted to send me money.  In the past, he has sent money for the kid’s clothes and school supplies. However, out of the blue, he said he just felt inside that he wanted to send me money right now with no other explanation.

He didn’t say how much or when he would send it. The very next day, a check was in the mailbox postmarked the previous day. Since it was later in the afternoon when he had called, I’m not even sure how it made it to my mailbox that quick (by noon of the very next day). It must have flown on an angel’s wings. I’m amazed all the time by these things. Praise the Lord!!

I had just been reading the verse in the Bible that says that our Father in Heaven knows what we need before we even know or ask for it.

Matthew 6:8 reads, "Be not ye therefore like unto them: for your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask him."

I am just so very thankful. I actually jumped for joy that HE had provided for me with this money and in a way I did not expect. Praise our Lord for His goodness and daily benefits!!

~ Anita in Georgia


This is just a quick note to tell about the Lord's blessing on me. He truly hears and answers our prayers.

Lately, my light bill has been at or just over $300 dollars every month. It is so high because I need repairs done on my AC ductwork but have put off doing it due to the heat and having to pay someone extra due to "season." Also, I guess it's because I have been preoccupied with other bills and repairs.

Lately, I felt the Lord was leading me to give money to an organization. While I was getting ready to open my light bill, I sighed and told the Lord to "please" let my light bill be under or at $200 dollars and I would give to that organization. I opened up the bill and it was for $120 I even had a credit of $197. The company put a "bill corrected" stamp on the bill they sent to me. I know just who "corrected" my bill.

Thank You Lord for blessing me in order to bless others.

~ Michele in Florida

Good Beyond Measure

First of all I want to thank God, for being so FAITHFUL, MERCIFUL, AND FORGIVING. Jesus has truly stepped in and changed my life.

I am twenty-four years old and most of my life I can say that I "knew of" God and Jesus, but I didn't "know" them. I have made many mistakes in my life, which I'm not proud of, but I'm glad that God is loving enough to forgive and still bless.

This past year has been real rough for me. Since October of last year, I've had four jobs, none of which lasted more than two and a half months. I kept losing my job. I have a three year old son and had to move from my own home, to my father's house, to my aunt's house, and now I'm living in my grandmother's old home alone with my son.

I have a broken relationship with my son's father, but I'm praying for God to restore and I know he will. Recently, I received a job, making more money that I ever have made. I am so thankful to God for being merciful, and providing a way for me (while I'm alone) to provide for my son.

I have done allot of changing, through the work of the Holy Spirit and the love of Jesus. It is so true that sin (when we live in it) blinds us to the truth. When I look back on my past, I wonder how could I have done such terrible things, but again I thank Him for being faithful to me, when I was unfaithful to Him.

The road has been long and hard, and the devil has fought me in every way, but I have entrusted my WHOLE life to Jesus. I know that He will make a way out of no way. One thing I would like to share with everyone who reads this is... Don't try to understand why things go wrong in your life because you will end up frustrated and upset. Instead entrust yourself wholly to the love and grace of Jesus Christ, Who will go to battle for you.

Remember if Jesus is battling, then you should be trusting. Jesus is more than able to handle any and every situation in your life. Just trust Him, please. For your own sake, trust when you don't feel like it. Trust Him when you're scared or alone, and I promise He will be faithful to you. He is the truest love that you will ever have. He will never leave nor forsake you.

My family has not been made whole as of yet, but I have to praise and glorify His Holy Name now because of the things that He is doing in my life. He is good beyond measure. I love Him, trust Him, but most of all I praise and thank Him. I pray that the living God grants all the desires of your heart, blesses you abundantly, and restores your covenant.

~ Candace in Tennessee

Embarrassed and Hungry

Last week I went to a drive-thru to treat myself to a meal that wasn't cooked with my own hands. For the last year, eating out has been a luxury for our family as funds have been tight because most of my income goes toward tuition and daycare costs. Well, when I went to pay with my debit card, it was declined.

Embarrassed and hungry, I had to drive off with no food. When I called the bank to find out about my checking account balance, the automated system told me it was overdrawn nearly $200! My heart sank as I had written a check earlier and I didn't know if my tuition payments had bounced.

God knew the situation before I did, and in His protective nature, preserved my credit and name by supernaturally putting a $500 overdraft protection plan on my account. When I went to the bank to apply for this overdraft protection, I was told it was already on the account! How could that be? I didn't remember ever applying for overdraft protection because, up until recently, I always had any overdrafts automatically taken out of my savings account.

I didn't question the bank representative, I just knew that God was looking out for me and I appreciated Him greatly!

~ Rory in New Mexico

Yahweh is so Faithful

Praise Yahweh and His blessed Son Yeshua! He is so FAITHFUL! Our family is Messianic Jews and each year we celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles by camping for nine days in accordance to the commandment in Leviticus 23. But this year after my husband left and filed for divorce, I knew that we would not have the finances to join our friends for this commanded feast. I prayed and Yahweh was so faithful in providing a sponsor who paid the $600 for the three of us to attend.

However, as the time drew close, I realized that attending the feast would be financially impossible for us, even with the sponsorship. I would have to miss so much work that I wouldn't be able to make my son's November school tuition much less buy food for my children or gas for my car. My credit cards are all maxed out and I have $0.55 in my bank account. My kids don't have warm clothes or even jackets to wear and I used my last $5.00 for bread so we that we could make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. My gas light just came on in my car and it is a five hour drive to get to the feast!

So I have been praying, fasting and laying my burden at Yahweh's feet, claiming His promise to be a Husband and Provider for us. Also, my husband loaned me $100 when my car broke down last month and I paid it back to him last week knowing that I would be in a financial stranglehold. He told me that I could pay it back "whenever" but since money was always such a big issue I felt led to pay it back promptly and just trust in Yahweh to provide.

Halleluiah! Tonight, a lady called me and told me that Yahweh had put it on her heart to give me $500 to pay all of our additional expenses for the feast! That will cover my son’s tuition for November (what a burden removed!) and pay for our gas to Oklahoma and back. Plus, I can make minimum payments on my two credit cards. And I can buy some jackets and sweat suits for my boys. What a blessing! Talk about being backed up to the Red Sea!

I didn't talk to anyone about my financial situation. I just prayed about it. Yahweh is so faithful when we put all of our trust in Him and Him alone! And as a bonus, my husband is going to be staying at our home for the nine days that we are away for the first time in nearly seven months! Who know what wonders the Father has in store! Praise the Lord!

"And these are but the outer fringe of His works; how faint the whisper we hear of Him! Who then can understand the thunder of His power?" (Job 26:14).

~ Felicia in Texas

Radical Lifestyle

"Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it" (Malachi 3:10).

Since my Husband has released me from the workforce and allowed me to be a keeper at home and home school my children for Him, the resounding response I have been getting from my former husband and other onlookers is, "How do you plan to pay the bills?" I simply refer them to my dear Husband to which they are speechless and know not how to respond. I can't even explain it.

All I know is that I am, for the first time in my life, content and joyful. I am a mother of three beautiful children. I am no longer shackled to a forty-five hour a week job and I am able to spend my time and energy on a ministry that is bound to bear fruit--home schooling my children for Him!

I must admit that the question of money has crossed my mind, but my dear Husband continually quiets my spirit by telling me that He will provide. I tithe faithfully, so I am not robbing my Lord. He often reminds me that I wasn't worried when I was getting a paycheck twice a month. So why would I worry now when I have the best employer in the world--God?!

The mortgage was past due and a notice was sent to my home stating that if I didn't send a $500 cashiers check, foreclosure procedures would ensue. Furthermore, my car had an oil leak, another problem needing to be fixed with money I didn't have. Were these problems or merely tests to see if I would buckle under the pressure and call on someone other than my Lord?

Well, I simply told the Lord that I couldn’t do anything about it, and I surely wasn't going to run to the world to have them laugh in my face and say, "I told you so!” So I did what well-trained believers do; I waited and believed that God would bail me out. And did He ever bail me out.

When I went to open my account on what would be the day of the final deposit of my earnings from the school district, I had over $6,000 in my account! I was only expecting $800, but I got 8x that amount! "Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us" (Ephesians 3:20).

Did you catch that? He does up to what we think only according to the power within us! Most people would have panicked to think they may lose their home after they quit their job, but the power that was working in me allowed me to remain calm, and lean not unto my own understanding (to seek help, quickly!) but to rest in Him and know that He would provide. He told me to take off the rest of the year, and with the funds He supernaturally put in my account, I am financially secure and able to rest in His love and provision.

Yes, God is showing me more everyday that my radical lifestyle for Him is drawing the attention He desires so that I can point them all to their Creator and for them to know Him better and know that He is real!

Tiffany in Texas

Paid for the Service

The Lord continues to bless me as I obey his leading.

I have been tithing and sending offerings as the Lord leads. With this last offering I gave, I really felt His leading but I was hesitant because all of my bills and extras this month. I had to buy clothes for my children, pay my six-month auto insurance premium, and have my cars' routine service done.

Anyway, I sent in my offering and went to get my car serviced. They told me it would take about 45 minutes. I waited about an hour and still the beeper they gave me at the shop didn't beep. I kept waiting, trying not to become inpatient. Well, after waiting for two hours, I went to the desk to see what happened with my car. I was told that they beeped me repeatedly but I never came to pick up my car.

In return, I told them the beeper must not be working because it didn't beep. They checked the beeper and indeed it didn't work. They said they were sorry I had to wait so long and paid for the service for me!!

Thank you, ladies, for all the wonderful testimonies. I read them every day for inspiration.

Michelle in Florida

More than Expected

Many of us encounter financial difficulties and so do I. But I want to give thanks and glory to God.

He has always been my faithful Provider even when I have not been faithful. I confess that I stop tithing for a while when difficulties came my way and I started to panic. However, I had the strong desire to tithe again, but I was unable to see how I could.

Then, I prayed to God asking for a promotion in my job and told Him that I would give Him back the totality of any increase of my salary. You may have already guessed that He answered my prayer.

Then, December came with all the additional bills we use to receive in that period. I started wondering where I would find the money. The idea of using my increase for these extra bills crossed my mind but I quickly repented and turned to God. When I checked my bank account, I found 25 percent more than expected! PTL!

Later, I discovered that it was a special bonus from my employer, which is rather unusual and never comes in December. Only God can make things happen and happen at the right time. Let's all remember that our God is always on time! Isn't He wonderful, so good and faithful! PTL!!!

Elizabeth in Switzerland

December's Mortgage

“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1 NASB).

I praise God for what I know He is doing and going to do in my life. I still haven't paid December's mortgage. However, I’ve been faithful in my tithes and obedient to giving when I am led. I know that God is going to take care of all my needs!

He has already blessed me with a brand new washer. My washer died on me and I called to have it serviced. It's rather old and I bought it used. I have a home warranty which covers appliances also so I made the service call for them to repair it. Well, God decided that He wanted to bless me for my obedience.

When the service technician came, he told me that it couldn't be fixed. The Home Warranty company called soon afterwards and asked if the model that they chose for replacement was ok. Well I looked at what they were willing to replace it with and saw that it didn't have a delicate cycle—mine does. So I asked if I could get another one. The customer representative checked for me and found that I was able to get an upgrade in order to get my delicate cycle!

Praise the Lord! Not only did I get a brand new washer, but I also received an upgrade. I can't wait to see how God is going to take care of my mortgage. I know it is going to be in an awesome way!!!!

Kay* in Alabama

Closer to My God

God has been so good. He has answered every prayer that I have made regarding my financial issues. I have gone two months without a job and the Lord has provided.

The two days before Christmas, my husband came home to spend a few days with the girls and bought their Christmas' presents.

Today is the start of a new year and I know that God is working even though my husband is with the OW celebrating the New Year.

It has been a long journey but it is worth it. I am closer to my God and depend only on Him. God is good and faithful. I love You my Savior.

Cindy in Florida

Floodgates of Blessings

 “‘Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,’ says the LORD Almighty, ‘and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it’” (Malachi 3:10 NIV).

Today I am "testing" God in tithing. My mortgage is late and I have enough money in my account to pay it—if I don't pay my tithes. I will be faithful to the Lord and pay my tithes because I have faith in His promises.

This month has truly been a test for me. I have been giving what I don't have and the Lord has been blessing me for it. Now at the end of the month when it seems that I can't pay all my bills, I must tithe. I will tithe and watch God open up the floodgates of blessings.

Thank You Lord for Your promises!!!

Kay* in Alabama


God has been very faithful to provide for me financially during this time of waiting for Him to restore my marriage.

Last Wednesday was my daughter’s birthday and I had very little money for a party, let alone the outing I was planning. Anyway, while I was at the store looking for a gift, before I decided what to do, I said, "Lord what are we going to get?" He said, "Wait!"

I was upset and confused but I waited. I was focused on my misery of being without my husband for our daughter's birthday and having very little money. Anyway, this lady walked up to me and asked, "Would you like to donate to a battered women's shelter?" and I said "No!"

Immediately, I felt convicted and heard the Lord say, "Give and it shall be given unto you." So, I found the lady in the parking lot and gave her the only twenty dollars in cash that I had in my purse. Lo and behold, when I got home, I was blessed with $100 given by my grandmother. This was more than enough for my daughter's birthday outing and my husband stopped by and brought her a gift. GOD IS GOOD!!!!

Chasity in Texas

Hit the Jackpot!

Friday was our "running errands" day. We went the grocery store, and then went clothes shopping. The Lord has me in a season where I am extremely conscious about the modesty of my girls clothing (and mine!).

I have been disappointed with the sexually explicit atmosphere of the mall--so we no longer frequent there. The resale/thrift shops are not trendy enough for my 10-year-old, and I hadn't been too impressed with the prices and selection for on-line shopping--many clothiers that specialize in modest dresses/skirts begin at $60-for one dress!

We were led to visit a store I hadn't been in for a long time. We hit the jackpot! We were able to find trendy, modest dresses at reasonable prices! After an hour, I had outfitted both girls for the spring for about $120!!

The girls were overjoyed, and kept thanking me! I told them to give the credit to their Father in Heaven as He is the One who allows me to not walk in fear about finances. I am not employed; therefore, the only income we have is from child support. I have a savings account, but the balance dwindles each month. It is my FAITH in the King of the World that gives me complete freedom to purchase the things we need, and want, knowing that My Husband will always provide!

Tiffany in Texas

New Full Time Job

I'm praising the LORD for this website, it has taught me so many godly principles that I knew nothing about or how to practice.  I never had a personal relationship with Jesus before finding this site a few years ago and each day it grows.  God has blessed me and my daughter so much in all ways.  About a year and a half ago was when I first learned the principle of tithing and yes it was from this site the chapter Opening the Windows of Heaven, it was not in my Restore Your Marriage book, Erin wrote it and put it on the site, I hope it's in the book now.

Anyway I read it one Sunday afternoon and it immediately changed the way I "tithed".  That evening I went to church and tithed the way I felt God telling me to and I will tell what since then God has shown me how he can do so much with so little.  During this time I have been able to refinance my house into my own name after my divorce with my fh wanting and helping me to.  The office I work in closed down and I was without a full time job for about 3 months and right before I lost my job God opened up a job at my church cleaning part time which made up the difference in pay I lost from my job and getting unemployment.  The cleaning also makes the pay difference from my old job to the new full time job I now have, which I totally love!

At the time of financing my house there was an adverse thing on my credit report that was from years ago from a house I live at but no longer lived there but my name was on the bill and it was put on my credit, so I paid it thinking that would make it better, however they put that I only paid half of it on my credit report so I filed a claim with each of the credit agencies stating that I paid in full and the company that put it on there never responded so it was deleted from all three reports, Thank you Lord!  I was able to trade in my car that had had the check engine light on for the last 2 years I never had any problems with it, but felt it was time to get rid of it.

Some weeks I don't know how the money is there but it is and everything always works out which I know is all from the LORD.  This last fall my church was in a financial crisis and we had a meeting to discuss what to do and we came up with a plan that I believe was from God, since we had been praying about it beforehand.  And even though we didn't see a breakthrough for a couple of months we finally were in the positive at the close of the year.  I could go on and on with the blessings.

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28.  Thank you Jesus, I love you!

Tanya in Indiana

Tremendously Blessed


This weekend, God tremendously blessed me!  My car began running badly last week.  My husband took my car, traded it in for me and bought me a 2005 Grand Dodge Caravan- DEBT FREE!!! I praise God for blessing the work of my husband's hands to allow him to make a cash purchase.  I praise God for softening my husband's heart towards me and taking care of my need!

Kristi in West Virginia


 “I just want to thank God that he has provided for me during this 10 month separation. When we first separated I had no job. He provided me a job and I am living in my dad's house rent-free.

God is so good and I am believing that God will restore my marriage. Praise the name of Jesus !!!

Martha in Texas

Let Go of Everything

 “God is good!! Just trust him. I have out job for the past 5 months and My Husband My God has provided me every month, day, hour, minute and second all that I needed and need. My beautiful Father has put my dear husband to be the head of the family, the place one day steal from him.  Thanks God and RM(Erin) that showed me last March 2006 which one is my place.

Ladies just let go of everything, let God do his job. He brought my husband home this past January and his wisdom is directing me everyday. My restoration is no complete because the OW and the baby still in our lives but God promises are to be completely and perfect. He is the owner of everything and he provide of mortgage payments, bills, vacations, new clothes and more.

God is faithful. I love you my Father and I can not live without you.

Cindy in Florida


“"Ask, and it shall be given you...for every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened." Matthew 7:7,8

God has once again graced me with his goodness!  For over 2 years, I have wanted to attend a retreat with Above Rubies Ministry.  Last year, the hindrance I had was money.

This year, the retreat is being held in Texas, my home state.  Not only that, but it will be hosted in the same city my family lives in (I haven't seen them in almost 2 years)!  As I sat at the computer looking at the retreat information, my heart longed to attend.  However, the figures began jumping off the screen, and my hopes were dashed away.

However, I boldly asked God if it was in His will for me and my family to attend, to make it happen--otherwise, I was fine if I didn't (I am learning contentment in ALL things).

Well, yesterday, I received a $474.00 check in the mail from my mortgage company for an overpayment on our escrow account.  This makes absolutely no sense, as I have always been underpaid on my escrow, and have had to have my monthly payment increased to make up the difference.  Then God gently reminded me that that was the money I could use to attend the conference!  To confirm His purpose, I had 2 e-mails from the conference hostess encouraging those of us who had not registered to register!

It is all set! Next week, the children and I will enjoy a 3 day/2 night retreat at a fabulous resort.  We will enjoy the company of anointed women who will encourage us in our high calling as handmaidens and mothers.

Tiffany in Texas

The Lord Listened

I thank the Lord! I thank the RMI.  Last week I got a letter of my salary increment.  My salary has risen twice!  I have been praying for the past 6 months regarding this situation.  God has listened to my prayers.  God bless the RMI staff together with people who were praying with me at this site.  In Jesus name, Amen!

I thank the Lord, I thank you the RMI. Last week I got the letter for my salary increment, my salary has risen twice!  I have been adding prayer requests regarding this situation for the past 6 months and Lord has listened to my prayers.  Praise the Lord!  and God bless all the staff on the Ministry together with people who prayed with me.  In Jesus name, Amen

Thank you very much RMI for praying for me and Lord has listened to the prayers regarding my financial needs. I have got the money for my children's school fees and I am now renovating my house.

Sabina in Tanzania

Making More than Triple!

In reflecting back on all that the Lord has done for me, I felt I had to send in a praise report about my finances.

At the age of 17 I entered the work force making $6 to $7 dollars at a local fast food restaurant. Within a few months of being at that job I became a "shift manager". I worked there for 3 years.

By the end of my employment with that company I was making $9.25.  I know it was not a lot of money but growing up my mother lived off of less than my monthly paycheck every month. And my only education at that point was a high school diploma.

Next, the Lord put another woman in my path. We were both taking classes at a local community college. She got me an interview/job at a doctor’s office and I started out making $9.50.

I continued to work there for another 3 years while in nursing school. I learned a lot about working with patients and the doctor I worked for let me pick my own hours while I went to school and studied, which was a blessing in and of itself.

One year out of nursing school was when I kicked my husband out. At that point the Lord blessed me to be making double what I was making at the doctors office. In my distress in regards to my marital situation I was searching online for marriage counseling. I was watching TBN, requesting prayer for my marriage, not really concerned about my finances.

At one of my lowest points I consulted a psychic.

She wanted more money to "lift the veil" from my husbands eyes. She said my husband did love me and that the ow was causing him to not be able to think straight. -- Anyway I thought about whether or not I was going to return to the psychic and give her more money. I decided not to return to the psychic and instead of giving her the money I gave it as an offering to the Lord and trusted him for my marriage.  I continued to give offerings more frequently to Christian churches or organizations.

Then about 3-4 months after starting to give offerings I came across RMI online. I immediately joined. And though I had heard of tithing in the past the Lord used Erin's teachings to speak to my spirit about tithing. I have been tithing since about mid 2005. PTL. In the beginning I was scared and I had the "poverty mentality".  But the Lord continued to bless me as I tithed. My husband although not living in our home continued to pay the house payment. In 2006 when I did my 2005 taxes I got back more money than ever before.

My income has continued to increase, I am now making more than triple that $9.00 per hour I was making six years ago. The Lord has provided enough money for me to pay my 2005 corolla off in 2 years verses the 5 years I thought it would take me to pay it off.

I truly and humbly believe these blessings all started because of my tithing and offerings. I have not seen marriage restoration yet but for every thing there is a season. Ladies give and it will be given to you. I am living proof of this. Be Blessed!

Michelle in Florida

New Position

I am so thankful and Praise the Lord today. Two weeks ago I was asked at my temp job if I was still interested on a full time job and asked what I would consider fair pay. Today Praise the Lord I was called into the office and told my new position has been approved and I will be making more than I asked. God is so good. Sunday night during service the Lord moved in a mighty way and my pastor told many people they will be blessed and today I have been in a Great way.

I am believing even more today that the Lord will save my husband bring my husband home and restore my marriage in Jesus name, amen.

Kat* in Texas

Not My Yoke to Bear

“Romans 13:8 (King James Version) "Owe no man any thing, but to love one another: for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law."

Since my divorce, I have been faced with over $30,000 worth of DEBT!!  My pitiful little payments towards this mountain were actually having no real significant impact on the balance.  Many times, I wondered why I even bothered sending in a $25 or $35 payment, but felt like "it was the responsible thing to do, since I borrowed the money."  In fact, I felt like I would be stealing if I didn't pay it back.  However, now since I have more time to really commune with the Father, and embrace my NEW Husband, the Creator of the World, I am able to share my deepest desires and woes with Him.

Recently, I sent in a praise report about how He reduced a $16,000 credit card debt to a mere $2500!! I was ecstatic!!  However, I soon found out that the creditors were not all together honest with their arrangement, and had began to draft (without my authorization) monies from my checking account--Romans 3:13 (King James Version)"Their throat is an open sepulcher; with their tongues they have used deceit; the poison of asps is under their lips."  Again, I was reminded how truly naive and "easily deceived" us women folk are; and how we really need to be under the authority and protection of a man!!

When I investigated the matter, the payments were not even being applied to my balance, which had INCREASED to nearly $20,000!!

At this, I cried out to God, and told Him, "There is NO WAY I can pay this debt--it would take me a LIFETIME, at the rate I was able to pay."  Then, in my spirit, I felt Him release me from this burden--FOREVER!! He told me that the debt, which was bestowed to me as part of the divorce decree, was really not my yoke to bear.  I am a lady (although being refined daily), and my cares should be toward my home, children, ministry, and building my relationship with the Lord--not making settlements with credit card sharks!!

I had a $100 money order I was going to mail to this creditor, but instead, I mailed it to RMI!!  This happened, BEFORE I found out about the unauthorized withdrawals, which confirmed that my "debt payments" were really not producing the fruits that I (nor He) desired, but instead should be sown into holy ground--RMI!!

Erin's chapter, "Owe No Man," in her book Moving Mountains, further confirmed the efficacy of this revelation!!

Now that that burden has been lifted, I am FREE to LOVE everyone, and not worry about my credit rating!! This has ultimately drawn me closer to the Lord, as I will have to look to Him as my "Creditor" when, and if, the need arises!!

Romans 13:8 (King James Version) "Owe no man any thing, but to love one another: for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law."

One of my prayers, after my second divorce, was to be debt-free.  I was ignorant to the Truth that as Christians we are not to owe man anything, but love!  Debt was the stronghold that ultimately divided my husband from me, and kept me struggling in the workforce.  Each month, I barely made ends meet. My family was cursed with the poverty mentality as I constantly told them, "We can't afford...."

Now, as the Bride of Christ, I sing a new song!  Since leaving the workforce, and faithfully coming home to fulfill my call as a mother, God has been miraculously freeing me from financial encumbrances.  Furthermore, I no longer utter the wretched, "we can't afford it," mantra!!

Within the first month of me obeying and coming home, the Lord provided me with the finances to pay my car off 8 months early!  Now that I am obeying him in health matters, our medical bills (which were in the thousands) are gone!  We have not had a major illness in over a year!!! PTL

As part of my divorce settlement, my FH felt it only fair that I receive my share of the debt---which came to approximately $14,000. I graciously accepted my "share" knowing that God would ultimately pay it. For months, the creditors have been calling, threatening, and accusing me of fraud. However, I knew that God had a plan, and each time I was persecuted, I responded as Jesus did when he was reviled, meekly and silently.

Today, I have finally settled this $16,000 debt (an additional $2000 has been added in interest and late fees)!  God had the amount settled for a mere $2500!  By the end of the summer, I will have this account closed!  I am amazed at how God is working in my little pitiful life.  For months, I resisted other "offers" from the creditors to settle--and each time the offers became lower and lower. God is not only restoring my finances, but preserving my credit rating as well!

Where the money to even pay this amount is coming from, I don't know.  But I do know that God is in control, and wants my life to be free from debt and worldly entanglements!!

"And all these blessings shall come on thee, and overtake thee, if thou shalt hearken unto the voice of the LORD thy God." Deuteronomy 28:2

My blessings are truly OVERTAKING me, as I hearken unto the voice of MY God!!!

God has released me to move closer to my family!! I am truly excited to have my relationship with my parents RESTORED, as when I was married their was so much conflict between my husband and family that I rarely communicated with them, and visited them even less.

We put our house on the market 1 1/2 weeks ago, and I am believing that God will have it sold by the end of June!!

In the meantime, my account is getting low, and I was wondering if I should forego this months mortgage payment, since the house will be sold anyway. God answered my prayer, and yesterday I received $734 from my insurance company as a REFUND!!  This is more than enough to cover the mortgage AND pay for our weekend vacation!!

Oh, I am so in awe of how merciful and gracious God is to me--I am unworthy, and, like Paul, the "chief of all sinners"; but He has chosen me to minister to the fainthearted and use my testimonies to encourage others to simply BELIEVE in Jehovah God!!

"For your shame ye shall have DOUBLE; and for confusion they shall rejoice in their portion: therefore in their land they shall possess the DOUBLE: everlasting JOY shall be unto them."(Isaiah 61:7)

Yesterday, God released Satan to sift me as wheat, as He does from time to time in order to test the faith of his devoted servants:

"Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to SIFT YOU as wheat. But I have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith may not fail. And when you have turned back, strengthen your brothers." (Luke 22:31)

And, as God commanded, I am STRENGTHENING you, my Sisters in Christ, with the POWERFUL testimony that came from this sifting!!

Every Thursday, I received a $174.56 in child support. The child support garnished from my husband's wages (voluntarily by him--not state induced) has been my sole source of income since I came home in November 2006.

Well, true to form, once my FH changed employers, he was unfaithful to reassign wage garnishment with his new employer.  I received a notice from his former employer providing me with all the necessary information to pursue legal action in the event he does not continue his payments (he left them under dubious circumstances, as well).  However, I know that the battle is the Lord's, NOT mine, so I threw it in the trash.

"...the LORD saveth not with sword and spear: for the battle is the LORD's, and he will give you into our hands." I Samuel 17:47

However, fear and anger gripped my heart as I wondered how I would be able to support my family. I cast my burdens upon the Lord, and resumed my day as best I could. The devil began to put thoughts of homelessness and poverty in my mind, but I knew that even if it came to that, I would NEVER stop trusting and believing in God---NEVER!!

Then, my mother began to call with her child abuse and Oprah Winfrey facts.  She watches TV for ALL of her knowledge, and is convinced that since I employ the rod to discipline my children, I am going to jail, and may face felony convictions!  Furthermore, she began to draw out this "what if" scenario by telling me that my children would be taken away from me, and THEN what would I do?  Since I trust in the Lord (not the law) and my trust IS the Lord, I knew where these accusations were coming from (Satan), and I cast them down.

..."for the ACCUSER of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night." Revelations 12:10

Well, His mercies are new EVERY morning, and I woke to a fresh shower of them!

Part 2

Last night, the children went to visit their father, so I was able to spend my evening ENCOURAGING another sister in Christ with His Word and the testimonies he has given me to SHARE with the lost and hopeless.

When I awoke, I was filled with scripture and joy!!

I went on-line to look at my bank account, and found that I had overdrawn my account by over $300!! The devil is relentless, but I refused to have my joy stolen from me AGAIN.

There have been unauthorized withdrawals from a credit card agency on my account, which I thought were stopped.  The bank representative who helped me last week with this problem, was indifferent to my situation, and told me that there was no way I could have the misappropriated funds credited back to my account. Although I knew that I was entitled to have the funds credited back into my account, I humbly accepted my injustice.

Not too long ago, when I was a "strong, black woman", I would have called the CEO down to DEMAND that the monies be put back into my account--NOW! However, as the Bride of Christ, I chose to entrust myself (and my balance) to Him who judges righteously, and He exalted Himself in my meekness!!


When I went to the bank to resolve this issue, God had already gone before me!!  The NEW bank representative I spoke with was EXTREMELY understanding to my loss, and within 30 minutes she had arranged to have ALL the funds that were fraudulently taken from account put back in!!  Later on, when I went to check my account balance, instead of being overdrawn by $300, I had a $300 balance!! Is that not the DOUBLE he promised me in Isaiah 61:7 for my SHAME and CONFUSION?!!!

Part 3

It gets better!!  Before I went to the bank, I withdrew $300 from my other bank account to replace the over drawn funds.  Once I found out I didn't have to replace the funds, the Lord gave me permission to go shopping!! Yes, I was able to go buy groceries, get new clothes, AND treat myself to lunch!!  He is such a wonderful Husband!!

And He reminded me that He is ALL I need, and that He can (and will) provide MORE than my FH's child support ever could!  How foolish of me to trust in child support, when my Beloved owns the cattle on a thousand hills.

When it was all over, I ended up getting over $600 instead of the $174 I would have normally received!!  All because I chose to Trust in Him alone!!

"O taste and SEE that the Lord is GOOD: BLESSED is the man that trusteth in him..NONE of them that TRUST in him shall be desolate." (Psalm 34:8,22)

Tiffany in Texas