My parents were divorced after my father had committed adultery with a lady at work and decided to leave his family. Several years later, I bought How God can and will Restore your Marriage and the workbook for women Wise Woman for my marriage because I knew it was shaky. As I read the books, I thought how wonderful it would be if my parents “got back together.” After I read both books a couple of times (probably more), I then felt impressed to pray, “Lord, whatever it takes, bring my father back home to my mother!” What it took was my father losing everything! The first to go was his health when it began failing him, then he lost all his money. That's when his girlfriend left him, and finally the trailer he lived in burned down — my father actually left the burning trailer wearing only his pajamas and a robe! He lost everything he owned in the trailer!

When my father called his ex-wife, my mom, from the police station, I was there with her. When my mom got off the phone she said, "he finally asked me for forgiveness"! 

~ Rose in Kentucky, RESTORED

Ministry Note: Erin was blessed to see a picture of the happy couple together at their recent wedding standing between their five grown and married daughters, which we were asked not to make public. 


"My Mom Returns Home after her Fifth Husband!"

I'm submitting this testimony for my mom. She'd told all of us that her marriage to my dad had never been what she had hoped. Soon after her second child, my sister, she began looking around at other men. It led to her thinking about, but never committing adultery. But as soon as the last of us was in college, and her "children were grown" my mom said her inhibitions diminished. One night she did what she had been thinking of for years—she committed adultery. Soon my mom and my dad separated, and not too long afterwards, divorced.

My mom moved in with the other man she'd met, but the relationship soon ended. So my mom said, she looked around again, began sleeping with another man, soon moved in with him, but again, it was over very soon. Then she met a fourth man... this time it eventually led to the altar. They married. My mom had hoped that the marriage would help us, her children, to accept this new man, since each man she tried to make us meet, we had refused to acknowledge the other three men. My siblings and I, both of us are married and have children, lovingly refused to allow my mom to bring any men into either of our homes. From the beginning, we would meet with my mom alone and, in spite of everything she'd done, loved her unconditionally. But these men, married to my mother or not, were not our father, nor our children’s grandfather. No men my mother was involved with had anything to do with us, so we agreed that by "accepting" them as part of our family would be dishonoring my father.

This put strain on my mom's new marriage and very soon, it ended in divorce. But my mom wouldn't stop, soon she became involved with and married two more men. But, finally it happened as we warned her it would. My mom's fifth husband began beating my mom violently, and she ended up in the emergency room. When my mom called, we all came to the hospital and lovingly asked my mother, “Mom, when are you going to repent and ask Dad to forgive you? How much more will it take?”

My mom asked us to call my dad. My dad came into the room and almost didn't recognize my mom, but he did hear the words he had only dreamed about (my dad had remained single hoping for my mom to someday return home to him.)

I'm thrilled to say that my parents remarried and now we are able to be together for holidays and all our birthdays, all three generations, as a complete and healed family. THANK YOU GOD!!!

~ Jessica whose parents also live in Florida, RESTORED

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