Raeesa RESTORED in England

RESTORED in England

After 4 years together and 2 children my husband and I were finally married. Then just 10 weeks later he announced he didn't love me anymore and he was leaving.

In just a few weeks he changed completely, so much so, that I didn't recognize him. He soon became involved with a woman at work and we barely spoke other than arrangements for our children.

This is when I began to seek the Lord, after my husband left— I was desperate and alone. Slowly I became stronger and began to watch Erin's Be Encouraged videos and absorbed all her wisdom. After watching them over and over, I was no longer angry or bitter and instead I used my time and energy to pray every day for my husband's safe return and salvation.

The principles the Lord taught me during this trial was that without Him, life is pointless. He needs to be the centre and focus of our existence and no matter how we are hurting He can always heal our pain and deliver us from the enemy IF we stay close by Him and trust in His direction. Sometimes it seems you're going off course, like letting go, but if you stay connected to Him, He will carefully guide you.

The most difficult times that God helped me through were the many times I was so low, so close to the point of giving in to what the world says to do or how I felt. I begged the Lord often to take me away and stop the misery I was living in. At one point I didn't care about anyone or anything anymore.

That's when I came to the “turning point” of my restoration. As my focus began to turn solely on the Lord and nothing else (as Erin and this ministry tells us to do but few do) my husband started to come by more and called often. Instead of getting too excited, I remained friendly and didn't reject his interest—but remained focused on the Lord. Throughout my trials the Lord told me to hang on for 6 months and to trust Him. That date came and went, but He still remained with me.

Please understand that many times things seem to get worse the closer I got. I would get word of him and the other woman and so very nearly gave up, but each time the Lord delivered me. My husband came by one evening 6 months to the day he left just like the Lord promised and suggested that we could try to work things out. However, that's when things got really difficult, since he remained very clinical for a while. But I remained calm and did not challenge his requests. Then just 3 short weeks later, he returned home. He has since cut off contact with the other woman and to help stay true, changed jobs. Although our marriage still has a long way to go to fully be what God designed, I am confident that we will only become stronger.

I would highly recommend staying steadfast and true to the Lord and also Erin's literature. If not, I would not be where I am today. When I asked my husband what brought him home he answered that I had changed, something about me drew him home and he couldn't explain what it was. You see it was the Lord within me that drew my husband to my side. Also, without my acceptance of His love and allowing the healing that needed to take place, this would never have been possible.

Now I am very interested in helping encourage other women. Let me begin by saying to each of you:

Please please never give up no matter how the enemy taunts you or hurts you. Instead keep your focus on where you need to be with your focus on the Lord and the truth of the literature from this ministry.

~ Raeesa in England RESTORED


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