Peace and Strength to Persevere

Peace and Strength to Persevere

Jewel how did your restoration actually begin? *

Before God led me here, I was a contentious wife. I wanted things to be done my way or no way. my husband's siblings were staying with us. this made things worse as they also put a strain on our relationship. my husband started seeing another woman.

our relationship started sinking because it was build on sand. I was saved but I didn't have a relationship with my HH. I didn't know about the adultery until he confessed to me that the other woman was pregnant. all I wanted was revenge. I was hurt and I wanted him to feel the same pain. I was talking to him the way I wanted, without any respect. he left that woman and moved to another one. I searched his phones and found hurting messages. I confronted him and it made things worse. he started coming home late, until he left to stay with the other woman.

How did God change your situation Jewel as you sought Him wholeheartedly? *

I was in another marriage restoration group but we were talking about what our husbands were doing. that was our focus. then someone in our group sent all of us the How God can Restore Your Marriage book. I started reading it and I was convicted. at that time there was no communication between me and my EH. after reading it he called to come home and I asked for his forgiveness. he didn't say anything and left. he called and told me that he loved me but wanted to sort himself first. he came home and stayed for few weeks but left again. He started to come and go where I even lost count. Everything he was saying was just a lie. One day he just called to say I should come fetch him in town, he wanted to come home. I drove there and found him on the street with a plastic bag full of his casual clothes. the formal clothes the other woman burned them. this broke him.

What principles, from God's Word (or through our resources), did the Lord teach you during this trial Jewel? *

I learned to be submissive and have a gentle and a quiet spirit. I also learned that I should win him without a word. I stopped arguing and talking too much. I took everything to God in prayer. my HH gave me the peace and the strength to persevere. I told myself that no matter what happens, I will hold on to my HH until the end. it was not easy, but MY LOVER is taking good care of me. sometimes it hurts so much, but the resources have helped me to stay focused on my HH and not on the storm.

Jewel what were the most difficult times that God helped you through? *

when my EH was still staying with the other women, he asked to take the kids to go visit his parents. I didn't know that he was going with the other woman. the kids sent me a message and told me that their father is with the other woman. I was mad, I nearly drove there myself. But I decided to leave them alone after talking to my HH. that was the most painful thing.

the other one was when my car broke down and it needed repairs and I tried calling him, he didn't answer. I sent him smses and still nothing. I even went to the bank to apply for a loan that I couldn’t afford. sometimes we slept without food and my neighbour helped as my younger daughter told her when she drove them to school. Through this I learned not to go to anyone but God, He is our provider, He changed everything when I finally put all my trust in HIM.

The other incident is when the other woman sent me the picture of her ring telling me that they were engaged. I was so devastated as my husband also told me that he want out, as the relationship is not working for him. Then i found out it was all a lie the OW had made up to hurt me.

What was the “turning point” of your restoration Jewel? *

Letting go of my husband and not contacting him at all which was because of my HH. once I did this, he started fighting with the other woman. I learned to fast and pray for my marriage. my pastor also encouraged me to wait upon the LORD and never think of leaving our home. Then, my husband just decided to come back home

Tell us HOW it happened Jewel, did your husband just walk in the front door? *

NO. He called me and asked if I could come fetch him because he was left with nothing. I agreed to go fetch him and he slept the whole day. the other woman had burned all his formal clothes. he had to start afresh. I didn’t say anything when he was talking about her. I just talked to my HH knowing He was handling everything.

Jewel, did you suspect or could you tell you were close to being restored? *

NO. During the week before he came home, he tried to accuse me of being pregnant, claiming that he dreamed about it and his dreams are always true. During that time I just told him to leave me in peace and focus on his adulterous woman. when he called and said I must come fetch him I was so surprised and just asked my prayer partner to pray as I was driving there.

Would you recommend any of our resource Jewel, any in particular that helped you? *

YES. I already recommended this ministry to my two colleagues who are also in the same journey. All your resources are an eye opener, as we always say we are saved but acting in an earthly way.

Do you have favorite Bible verses that you would like to pass on to women reading your Testimonies? Promises that He gave you?

My favorite is "Greater is He that is in me than the one that is in the world". 1John 4:4

Also Proverbs 3:5 "Trust in the LORD with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your path straight."

Would you be interested in helping encourage other women Jewel? *

Yes. I’m already doing this now, as i mentioned before and will continue sharing this good news with everyone.

Jewel do you have any encouragement you would like to leave women with? *

Never give up on your marriage. The enemy will try by all means to destroy it and discourage you. trust in the LORD, He is able. He did it for me, He will do it for you. Remember Luke 1:37 “For nothing will be impossible with God.”

~ Jewel in South Africa

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