Patrick RESTORED in Australia

Hostility until the DAY of My Breakthrough!

Failure of my marriage was sealed when I continued to have a secret and habitual sin of pornography. This eventually led to me being adulterous. I was always too proud to seek God to help me, even when my wife confronted me. I shifted the blame from myself and denied it every time I was caught.

The first time I sought help from a Christian counselor, my wife and I were going through a divorce. The Christian counselor told me that God had allowed me to be exposed not to destroy my marriage, but to restore it and to save my life. After our conversation I went online, typed “restored marriages" into a search engine, and found Restore Ministries (RMI). It was very confronting to confess what I had done when I filled out my forms. However, I was so tired of cover-ups and lies that I confessed. I wanted to change. I received my marriage evaluation back from RMI, which really lifted my spirit. The RMI books were very difficult to accept because I saw my failures even more clearly with every page.

Yet that’s when God began changing me. I got into my bible like I had never before in my life. I started to pray twice a day for about 30 minutes, and just praising God before my prayers. I sang my favourite hymns and found myself listening to nothing but Praise, Worship and Gospel music. I started making immediate changes, and found a new church and bible study group. I became so changed that even I could not believe it was me anymore! I received even more help from a Christian ministry in dealing with my desire to look at porn. I didn’t stop there; I kept going. I got amazing support at my new church. God is so amazing because only He could have directed me to this church. God became my sunrise and sunset.

During my trials, God taught me two big lessons; having faith and staying consecrated. So many people, even close friends and family, told me to give up, move on, and find another girlfriend. I told one friend that I was standing for my marriage and he called me "delusional". All through this my wife continued to be really hostile towards me. There were no signs of progress at all. It seemed as if there was a large army assembled against my marriage being restored, but I kept praying and making changes.  In the midst of all of this, I learned to keep thinking "But God is greater than all these things” and to carry the word of God in my heart for all these situations

The most difficult times that God helped me through was dealing with my wife. Sometimes, as if my wife was not hostile enough, she would be even more "over the top hostile". Her words crushed me. I sometimes felt that my wife would make seeing our children really hard for me. I kept turning the other cheek and remembering that Jesus stood falsely accused by the Pharisees in front of Pilate yet said nothing. His Love kept silent. So I stayed silent.

Because of my wife’s hostility towards me, I did not suspect that my restoration was close. There were no signs of marriage restoration until the very end. In fact, the opposite was true. Dealings with my wife got worse for me and it seemed that she became even more hostile. She kept confessing how much hatred she had for me and how much we would "never ever" be together. Her friend, at the time, from her church was only too happy to serve me with divorce papers.

I continued to pray even after I signed divorce papers. I did everything in faith and trusted that the divorce would not pass. I planned to have "marriage restoration party" and did not plan how we would split the little we had. I was living with non-Christian roommates at the time, and they openly confessed that they thought I had "cracked".

Suddenly, out of the blue, my wife asked how to restore a marriage when I was picking up the children one Sunday morning. I told her a bit of what I read about in the RMI books and other resources I had been using. She was skeptical, but the hostility ended that very day. She called me the next day and we started spending time together again. My wife just started speaking to me suddenly. At that point; picking up and dropping off children had descended into a " wordless transaction" but from that day we spoke, the phone calls became more frequent, and she started asking me to her house for dinner in order to spend time with her and help her with the children.

At this point, I am interested in helping to encourage other men, and encourage them to never stop seeking the Lord. Please don’t ever stop praying, worshipping or seeking the Lord in His word. Because I stopped and fell back into adultery, I now watch out for that devil who is roaring and looking for prey . My wife and I are still together, and we have more community at church to help us get better at our marriage.

My men’s bible study group, which I still attend, carried me and prayed with me during that time. I have podcasts in the car and have just replaced all my secular habits with Godly ones. So, don’t let your guard down for a moment, and have a men's Christian community even when your marriage is restored.

Here is his wife’s Testimony that she submitted a few months prior that I hope will also encourage you. Remember, she came and asked me for the RYM book.

Jodi RESTORED in Australia

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