RMI, I had to write to thank you so very much for your birthday gift. I had not been on your site for a while due to so many things going on in my life, and one of those being that I'm now restored to my husband!! I apologize for never submitting a testimony but wanted to thank you because I have moved back to where he is this last December. We’ve been back together since that time, give or take a few months.

I came to see my husband when he asked me to visit, it took him a bit to make up his mind about our future, but I knew it would happen in His timing. A few months later, we were making plans for me to move to be with him.

If there are typos please forgive me. I had eye surgery recently and can't see too well currently. The Lord is faithful in all things, He has shown me this many times over the past few years, and thanks to what you taught me, I understood how everything happens for a reason.

My thoughts and prayers go out to those who are still in waiting for restoration and I want to thank you, your partners and all the ministers for caring enough for us that you devote yourself to His work and sharing His love with those of us who are hurting and who everyone else is misguiding. 

So, please let everyone know, if you follow and trust what you say in your books and lessons—restoration does happen. It's not a fairy tale or wishful thinking ... God wants us to be with the love of our youth, as well as with HIM once we become His bride. GOD restores. God Bless you all!!

~ Linda in Illinois


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I joined RMI in June 2004 and told my sister-in-law about it. She joined in November 2004. It had been three years since her husband had lived with the OW as well as had a child with her.

We began to pray a hedge of thorns around the OW as well as fasting, binding and loosing, even though there were numerous attempts by her husband to go ahead with the divorce.

On Thursday, we fasted and prayed a hedge of thorns around the OW. That day, her husband came home to his wife at 3 a.m. in the morning, throwing up everywhere. He confessed and apologized for everything. He said that he had made a terrible mistake and wanted to come back home! Only God can do this! It is complete—he does not want to have anything to do with the OW! God is so good! He said that they had begun to fight and quarrel all the time!

Please be quiet and pray and fast. Ask God to send confusion into that relationship and pray a hedge of thorns over the OW, and bind your husband's flesh to the will of God. God is so awesome! No counselor, no friend, no pastor can restore—only our Heavenly Father can restore! Amen!

Please be meek and quiet, because when God sends trouble, your husband will come home looking for peace!!!!

~ Lisa in Canada 

The Lord Changed Me!!

I will never forget November 11, 2000. That was the day my life was changed forever. My husband and I split up after nine years of marriage. I was six months pregnant and used my "condition" as an excuse to torment my husband emotionally by nagging him and being a very contentious woman.

Now that I have been “through the fire”, let me tell you what the Lord can do—He changed me!!! I was a liar and an adulteress. It took my family being separated and my house being torn down by my own destructive hands, for the Lord to get my attention. I was so desperate to find answers for “what the devil took away from me". But the devil did not steal anything—I gave it to him!

I was searching another Christian site and there was a reference to RMI—that was when the Lord began to heal me. Erin, I can't thank you enough for helping me through this ordeal!

God, through Jesus Christ, changed me and stripped me of all the things I was hiding behind. I hid behind the lies I told everyone: what a terrible man my husband was, how he abandoned me when I was six months pregnant with his child. But when I got a hold of RMI and began using the biblical principles and verses that Erin wrote in the book, it made me repent. I had to go back to the same people I had lied to and tell them the truth—I threw my husband out.

I was a very prideful woman who always "loved" the Lord. But I was not willing to obey what the Lord was saying to me. I am considered "gifted" and the Lord has always guided my life. But if the Lord told me to do something, I would not do it. I would even lie to Him and say “Lord, I will obey” but He knew my heart and He knew I was lying before I even uttered the words!

Now, I know better and some of the Scriptures that helped me were “faith without works is dead”, and “it is impossible to please God without faith”. After I learnt this, when the Lord told me to do something (such as to stop lying and tell the truth), I obeyed immediately.

I sought answers from the RMI books and website, and also from Scriptures. When the opportunity came for me to be loving to my husband, I obeyed and the hate wall immediately fell down! I could not believe it!! Let me also add that when I did not obey the Lord, my husband fell deeper and deeper into adultery. He eventually moved in with a married woman and lived with her for four years!!

Ladies, I am telling you to obey the Lord, be anxious for nothing and hold fast to your faith! I am not just telling you what I heard, I am telling you what I lived! The Word of God is alive!!! My husband has now been home for three weeks! I know that the OW is calling his cell-phone, but my trust is in the Lord who has removed her.

I pray everyday that she finds peace and her marriage is also restored. I have a calling on my life—I believe I am being led to ministry. I do not know how or when the Lord is going to use me, but I am waiting to hear from Him.

Be blessed! May the work of God sustain you, my sisters and brothers!

Erin may the Lord bless you continually for all the marriages you have saved!

Tracy in Louisiana

Be Still and Know that He is God! 121

My husband and I where going through a terrible separation because of adultery. We were separated for five months.

Now we are back together because the Word of God teaches us to forgive and now we are stronger in our relationship with God and each other.

Forgiveness is one of the keys to every lasting relationship.

We are back together due to a lot of fasting and praying, which is the main key.



Roxanne in Florida

I'm Taking Back My Home!

Many changes have taken place in my life and I thank God that His mercy endures forever and He is a God of second, third, fourth and so on chances.

My husband had left me for another woman back in April and has been back home for about a month. When I first found out about the adultery my first reaction was to kick him out of my home. I don't believe it was a mistake because in that process I came back to the Lord and found myself learning about who I am in the Lord and the strength that He has given me to go on.

I also let my husband go! I never called him and I showed him love unconditionally. This was very hard for me because I always wanted something in return. Even though he was gone for those five months he never stopped providing for the family. He always deposited his whole paycheck into my account so that the bills would be paid.

Thank God because He was just taking care of me. It wasn't an easy process but I know He guided me every step of the way. I backslid right before my husband came home and began to take things into my own hands. There were areas in my life that I thought were dead but I believe God brought them to the light.

He put me through the fire to burn the impurities so that I can become a vessel of splendor, a royal diadem in His hands. I have been taking small steps to getting aligned with God and praying for the salvation of my husband. There have been severe attacks, which at some points I just feel like giving up on everything but I have been able to stand through the grace of Almighty God. God has been giving me His word and I would like to just share it with you. His word is righteous and true and it’s a lamp unto my feet. Be blessed.

I told myself yesterday I'm taking back my home. Me and my house, we shall serve the Lord! This is a battlefield. The enemy doesn't just come in nicely, he comes to devour! He's tried to devour my family, my husband, my home, my children and my destiny! He's not trying to be nice.

You have to understand this is a spiritual battle. The Lord told me that the other day. He told me He didn't bring me this far for me to lose. He's showing me how to fight. He's preparing me for greater battles that are ahead of me. He brought me to the story of the Ark of the Covenant and when the glory of the Lord departed from it because they were disobedient. In the first battle 3,000 men died. Then second 30,000 men died. Imagine looking onto a battlefield and seeing 30,000 dead bodies on the ground and all of them being men.

When the men die, the women suffer, their children suffer. That is why Satan is after the men. God commanded Adam and gave him dominion over the earth. Not the woman but the man. I refuse not to believe that God cannot change any circumstance or anybody. I believe in the power of God. His word says that nothing is too hard for Him.

His word has to come to pass. He's not man that He should lie. He changes the heart of stone into the heart of flesh. He says, "If my people would humble themselves and pray then I will heal their land." I will heal their family; I will heal their children. It's His word, not mine. That is the vision. He wants us to speak to every mountain and every hill in our lives prophetically! Why prophetically because His word shall come to pass. Not mine, but His.

~ Millie in Pennsylvania


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