Mum and Daughter's Marriages—
RESTORED in Africa!!

A young woman wrote to us from Africa requesting help for her marriage. She also shared that her mother (“mum”) had already filed for divorce against her father. The rate of exchange is so high in Africa that a How God Will Restore Your Marriage book would cost $60, not including the shipping charges! The Lord led us to send her two books as a gift: one for her and one for her “mum.” Within a month we received a praise report that her mother had dropped the divorce and her parents’ marriage was restored. Hallelujah!!

Then she went on to say that right after she first wrote to us for help, her marriage took a major turn for the worse — her husband filed for divorce! But PRAISE THE LORD - he suddenly dropped the divorce and now is home!! To God be the glory for the great things He has done!

This testimony has sparked a large following in Africa. God is moving all over the world!!! Right now we have translators working to translate the Restore Your Marriage into Afrikaans! This proves it is a "God thing"!

~ Julie and her mum in Nigeria, both RESTORED

We Aren’t Fighting Anymore!

Samantha sent us a short email to tell us that she thought she had a wonderful marriage, until her husband confessed to her a major sin that he had been hiding. It was then that everything started to fall apart. They fought continuously. Eventually her husband backslid and became suicidal.

Then she ordered the book How God Will Restore Your Marriage. She began reading the pages earnestly and faithfully keeping the “Personal Commitments” that she signed in the back of each chapter. She then purchased the workbook for women and did all the homework pages. She also increased her prayer life and found one friend to confess her faults to and pray with.

Just today she wrote that she has a NEW marriage!!! Even her children noticed that “Mom and Dad aren’t fighting anymore”! She has just ordered 10 more books. She said, “I know so many women who need this message!”

~ Samantha in Oregon, RESTORED

Other Woman TOTALLY Out of the Picture!

A woman with a “quiver full” of children wrote to us. She was in a very painful situation. Her husband was committing adultery with a woman whom this woman worked with. One night her husband and the other woman came into where she worked, sat passionately together and even kissed right in front of her!

The fire was turned up when her husband, who couldn’t find an apartment for himself and his adulterous woman, asked her to pack and leave with all their children. His wife had become so weary, she thought it might be “for the best.” But the Lord faithfully revealed the truth to her in time. When she realized that this was surely a trap and scheme of the enemy, she prayed to be able to stay. That night her husband came home and said that he didn’t want her to go.

Within a week’s time, we received word that her husband is now home and the other woman is totally out of the picture! She also said that when she went into the bedroom she saw the Men’s Manual lying open on his side of the bed!! She had NO idea where he got it. She also said, “My husband is not even a reader!” Praise the Lord for His faithfulness!!

~ Cindi in Pennsylvania, RESTORED

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