About two years ago, it became necessary for my husband to leave his job and start his own business. I had been a full time home school mom and now I was needed to leave the home and run my husband’s office – we had no choice. My Lord knew it was my heart’s desire to be home with the children – but I had also learned the hard way it was His will and not mine that I needed in my life – so I waited.

My husband came home one night and told me that he had shared with a group of colleagues that his business was ‘killing his wife’. Then he told me that they had responded with the following, ‘no, YOU are killing your wife’. He couldn’t see my face so I just smiled and walked away before I said something silly. This had to be God.

Not long after that, one of his best friends called to say he needed to look at an opportunity that had become available where he was working. We had considered an opportunity at this same location several times in the past 15 years, but it did not fit our financial needs.

Without telling me, my husband made several trips to this location (about 2 hours away) and started negotiations for a position. He finally told me what he had been doing and mentioned what they were offering and asked me what I thought. (I used to negotiate these offers in my previous career) I would mention something they had left out and he would come back and tell me no problem they added it. This went on for several weeks until they had offered more and above we could ever imagine. Then he struggled over telling them of some very damaging slander against him - that had resulted in some sticky legal issues. When he did – they thought nothing of it and were confident my husband had not done the things he was accused of and even offered to defend him. Wow.

When he asked me what he thought we should do - I was terrified, he would listen to me and not God. I simply said, “I know you will make the right decision for our family”. Then I would pray that God would close all the wrong doors tightly and open wide the right doors for our family. His will be done.

The next thing I know – we were closing the office and I was told to start packing the house. Our lease on the office and the house had not yet been renewed for the year so we gave 60 days notice and preceded to go forward with the move. My husband started his new job and I continued to go to work at the office and wind things down. However, we still did not have a place to live. He was staying in his friends RV during the week and searching for a house.

When he came home on the weekend he noticed I had not started to pack and was not too happy. He told me “I had not prepared the fields” so God could not bless us. He was so right – I was concentrating on the overwhelming “in the flesh” job it would be and was paralyzed with fear. I started a major clearing out the house of junk and if we hadn’t used it or worn it in 2 years, it was gone! The very next week we had a possible house to move into.

We took the kids to go see the house and the town. The house was over 100 years old and was half the size we had currently. It had not been lived in for over 10 years and was being used for a youth hall for a local church and had been a parsonage years before. It was a mess and my girls cried over the filth. The whole town came together for our family. The mayor painted the house, they moved out all the furniture and junk, they stripped the carpet out to reveal beautiful hardwood throughout, they put on a new roof, and they cleaned out the barn and turned it into a club house for the kids. 

The day we were packed and the rented truck was in the yard – our movers stood me up. The truck had to be packed and at the new house the next morning so the hired help could unload (we had been given a moving allowance – but it was small). A good friend who with me was going to take the kids for the day and she mentioned the garbage man looked pretty strong. I ran down, stopped him, and asked him if he would be interested. He told me he would be back at 3 pm with some friends. He came back with three friends who were professional movers and they loaded the whole 2-story house in 2 hours! They were blessed with cash and all the beef in the freezer we could not take with us.

The old house was dark with many small rooms and the older girls were living in basement rooms with no windows. Now we have fewer but huge rooms with 15-foot ceilings and my husband and I can be in the bathroom at the same time. The girls have to share but their room is the converted porch with wrap around windows! The fireplace is marble with brass fixtures and the kitchen is a huge farm kitchen with lots of counters. They had all the church socials there so we were blessed with cabinets full of garbage bags, paper products, and silverware. With a family of eight and no dishwasher – what a blessing!

Behind the barn, the kids found old tetherball poles and volleyball poles. Our side yard is a pecan orchard and the church maintains the grounds. We were worried about the rent because we have so much debt from the past and we had been paying $1,250 a month.

When they told us it would be $350 a month we burst out laughing – we covered the phone of course. God is awesome!

For the first time in 17 years my husband has his evenings free from a cell phone or beeper. He even comes home for lunch! We are praying for a new table to sit us all together – because we finally have a room to fit it in and a family to sit at it together.

Our new church is in the very town that our previous pastor grew up in so we were welcomed with open arms from a congregation of over 3,000 to a loving family of 300. God is good!

My oldest daughter was feeling down about having to give up an annual drama camp she had been going to at a prestigious children’s theater. She had saved up over $300 for the past few years and God had somehow gotten her to this camp every year. I told her it just could not be done this year –we were two hours away. I told her to pray and we would look for something local. It turns out - in this little town of 650 (now 658) people is one of the best junior colleges in the state and it is most well known for its theater productions! They were offering for the first time ever – a drama camp - one block from our house! The director of the drama department used to work at the same children’s theater where my daughter went to camp.

We are 20 miles from everything and one hour from an interstate – but we are surrounded by His love and becoming a family again.