"Near Fatal Accident Caused Husband to Come Home"

It's hard to know where to begin and also not to slander my husband. He had always been a heavy drinker and soon after we were married also began using drugs. My husband had lost job after job and soon I became the breadwinner of our family, which made him use substances to escape feeling ashamed. Desperate for money of his own, my husband (unbeknownst to me) began dealing drugs. When I found out, I'd had enough! I told my husband we were through and to get OUT! After my husband moved out I was clearly upset and a friend gave me my first glimpse into the truth, the Restore your Marriage book. Not able to get enough of the truth, I ordered A Wise Woman, the women’s workbook companion.

I was shocked by learning the truth because EVERYONE had told me that I was “right” for ending things and throwing him out, but the Scriptures I read in the Restore your Marriage book said something completely different. Under a heavy cloud of conviction, I reconciled with my husband, even though by now he wanted nothing to do with me. Through my kindness toward him, which I learned by reading the book, my husband went into a christian rehabilitation treatment center thinking it would please me.

Things went well for a time; but soon I slipped back into my old habits as a contentious woman. As before, my husband then began falling back into his old habits of drugs and drinking, which this time resulted in his committing adultery. One day I came home to find my husband packing his bags. He said he was leaving me for another woman! God knew it was what I needed. The shock of this statement caused me to go running back to God, His Word and the Restore your Marriage book and the workbook for women, which are BOTH filled with all of God’s principles, and my only way out of the mess I'd created!!

What it took was fasting and prayer, renewing my mind and allowing my HH to completely change me—then, when my HH knew He had my heart, God finally moved on my behalf. One night my husband had a near fatal car accident. It shook him up and he went running back to God and our family. This took place over fifteen years ago! Today my husband and I are happily married and my husband is now active in our local church.

~ Natalie in Louisiana, RESTORED