Merry Christmas. It's been almost 5 years that I heard the words that no newly married woman wants to hear from her husband. One morning as my husband left for work he said, “Today during my lunch hour I’m going to find an attorney to file for divorce.” Praise the Lord! My husband NEVER kept that appointment because that day I cried out to the Lord for Him to help and he sent a woman, an angel, to help me get through the scariest week of my life.

As soon as I got to church for my weekly bible study, I almost immediately ran into the ladies room and began sobbing. I was sitting on the couch in the lounge when I know God immediately heard my cry and sent a woman who saw me crying my heart out. She sat down and wrapped her arms around me and without even telling her why I was crying, she began to comforted me, telling me that everything would be okay and that my marriage would be fine, not to worry!!

Seeing me so pregnant anyone else would have thought it was my baby who I was crying about or me just being hormonal, but this women knew. Once I calmed down she reached into her bag and handed me the book How God Will Restore Your Marriagethen she took my hands and we prayed together. That very night my husband became violently ill.

The very next morning my husband got ready for work, but when he left he said, “I won’t be keeping the appointment with my attorney like I said.” THANK GOD, God had turned my husband's heart just as the woman prayed would happen!

So I thought my miracle was complete but it actually had only begun. My trials were actually far from over. A month later I began to lose our first baby. I was rushed to the hospital after calling my doctor to let him know what was happening. One thing I need to mention, I was pregnant when my husband and I got married. We were going to the church and we'd met in the college and career group. Soon after meeting my husband and I began dating and I'm ashamed to say we didn't remain pure. When I realized I was pregnant, I told my parents because I didn't know what to do. My father had me call my boyfriend, and told him to sit down and then told him we would marry. So I knew my husband always felt he was made to marry me and I'm sure regretted being forced into it.

Though I was so scared I'd lose the baby and that my husband would be relieved he could just walk away from me, I also felt that it was my punishment for what I'd done. But God is so good, He had another reason for me almost losing our baby. While I was there in the hospital for those two weeks, my husband’s attitude totally changed towards me. One night when they thought they couldn't get a heartbeat, my husband dropped to his knees by my bed and pleaded with God to save the life of our baby girl.

Only a few days later I went into labor, and praise God we received another miracle. Our little girl was just fine! She was a healthy baby and she weighed a full 7 lbs.—not the premature baby the doctors had said she'd be!

Six weeks later, together we stood together at the altar dedicating our precious baby girl to the Lord. And as we prayed I looked up to see the woman who'd prayed for me that day sitting near the front row. I could see there were tears streaming down her face as our eyes met. No one but the two of us knew there was more than one miracle to be thankful for!!

~ Faith in Australia, RESTORED

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