My testimony begins shortly after my husband and I had only been married a short time. We were both excited that I had become pregnant right away but unfortunately it resulted in a horribly tragic miscarriage. Soon after by only a few months I found out I was expecting again but again I carried this baby only two short months before I miscarried again.

My husband and I were living overseas because my husband was in the military. It helped both of us to find close friends, another military couple that lived on base, that my husband and I became very close to.

Soon, as before, only a few months later I was again expecting for the third time. This time both of us were very hopeful since I made it to the end of my second trimester. Then one night I fell asleep on the couch while our friends were visiting late. When I woke, I was paralyzed with shock....there across the room was my husband and the other woman kissing!! Her husband had apparently gone home and left his wife and my husband alone. Needless to say panic struck hard and I was shocked, I hadn't even screamed or yelled out. Not knowing what to do I decided to move around to alert them that I was waking up, I saw them both jumped apart and then they pretended that nothing had happened.

The next morning after my husband left I contacted my in-laws because they were Christians and they began to pray with me. Suddenly in less than a week my husband was transferred back to our hometown for more training at a local military base. God had intervened just as my FIL had prayed would happen! So being away from this couple I thought my whole nightmare was over until I noticed an email from the other woman addressed to my husband. I almost fell over when I read the love letter that included a plan for them to “run away together after the baby is born”! My head began spinning... so again I called my in-laws for help and was relieved they had personally called the head of Restore Ministries. I didn't know that they'd been close friends years before and it's why they knew what to do. Within two days, they had given me the How God Will Restore Your Marriage book and also the women’s workbook that they told me I must read. They told me they'd both read and reread the books for years and it was my only hope. God could intervene but that He wanted me to know His truth. I'd never believed in God much, but right then I knew I needed something.

So I was surprised that my FIL went against the principles in the book and he insisted on confronting his son about his behavior and against what my MIL said. My MIL didn't try to stop him, but right after this ugly truth was out, it only encouraged my husband to outwardly pursue the woman he then said he felt he was “in love” with!! When they contacted Restore Ministries again, Erin simply told them it was clear that they would need a miracle, and only God could and would fix my marriage.

My miracle came after much prayer, much crying and after our first baby was born. My husband wasn't there but soon after our daughter was born, my husband agreed to go to church with his parents (we were separated). That night he went again and I heard that he ran to the altar and he repented of his sin of adultery to God and stood up with a new heart toward me.

~ Paige in Florida, RESTORED

Update: Paige and her husband have three little children now. They had a temporary setback about a year after their miracle when the other woman resurfaced in their lives. Paige confessed that she had “backslidden” and stopped following the principles in the RYM and workbook. But as soon as the OW showed up again, it sent her back to her reading and rereading everything with a renewed spirit! Paige said she would be staying in the book for her entire life, which has caused her to walk the principles out daily to protect her marriage from adultery she said. Thank you Lord!!

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