Just Smiled But Said Nothing More

"Just Smiled But Said Nothing More"

What brought you to RMI? Please use this space to briefly let our readers know what your life was like when you first found us, Morena, so our readers understand just what a miracle your restoration is.

Morena, how did your restoration actually begin?

My entire marriage was a marriage where I'd shed so many tears. Finally, I decided to seek help on the Internet in October two years ago when I found a light at the end of the tunnel! The light would change my history, would save and restore my marriage! My dear friend, I found my Lord that day. I'd sought for marriage help from a friend, but today I understand that it was already the work of my Friend, my dear Comforter, who called me on this journey for the restoration of my marriage, who was preparing me to live an incredible journey with my beloved and dear HH.

During our first 7 years of being married, I was evangelical, yet, I did not know and I had no idea of the God of the Impossible. I had no idea I needed to have an intimacy with God and to have a true encounter with a Heavenly Husband who was pursuing me.

In our 8th year my second child was born, and at the end of the same year, my husband left us. That day my Lord handed me a ticket to pass through the desert. As I was entering the desert, I had with me two children, a teenager who was giving me many headaches and a six-month-old baby who needed constant care. He saw to it that I would not become bored, but would be desperate what my God wanted to teach me. Even though I did not have the knowledge of this ministry when I began my journey, I always believed that God would one day help me.

I wandered for years in the wilderness because the time of God is different from ours, moaning and weeping in fear, despised, humiliated, rejected, shamed, discredited by all especially my close relatives. Until one day exactly 6 years of wandering, such a long period of waiting, when I found the truth, the Ministry of Restoration, RMI!! Every day I was spiritually fed the Word of God, the courses oh my Word!! I was to finally feed myself and my children through the joy I'd found. The day I discovered your site, I ordered the book "How God Can and Will Restore his Marriage " to hold in my hands, devoured the eBook the instant it downloaded. And then God sent an angel to mail me another book! A Wise Woman, which was absolutely fundamental for God to surprise me and completely turn in my situation the minute I finished the last chapter!!!  

How did God change your situation Morena as you sought Him wholeheartedly?

First God began to transform my heart, had to break me because I was a woman quarrelsome, contentious, arrogant, selfish, woman. So it took God with his infinite mercy to break the vessel and transform me into a meek and quiet spirit. Next, I had to let go of everything that occupied the first place in my life and put my dear HH in the center of my heart and my life.

Dear Brides, it is so natural for us to focus on the things that are around us (whether good or bad things) because this is our nature. But our HH wants us to have His nature and have His perspective in all things. He wants us to know Him and He uses the very things we focus on to bring this purpose to pass because He loves us.

He so wants us to experience Him personally that He uses these very things we deem of importance to bring us to a place where we can experience Him and so believe Him for great things. To us, it brings a level of discomfort, and pain at times, but if we would push through with Him by faith, holding His hand, we will see that this is the only way we can truly experience Him personally and be in a position to believe Him for the impossible!

What principles, from God's Word (or through our resources), Morena, did the Lord teach you during this trial?

The main principles were to first "let go" next to fast from Facebook and all social media, and finally to dedicate myself to reading through the bible— feeding me morning, noon and evening from the Word of God. My HH became my safe harbor. Next, I devoted myself to the books and courses "How can God and will restore his marriage "and" A wise woman " and then Finding the Abundant Life. Without really knowing Him as your HH you are not ready for restoration because it's harder than you imagine.

I recommend and read each of these today and without any plans of ceasing, in order to remain uplifted and in love with Him.

What were the most difficult times that God helped you through Morena?

At the dawn of my journey, I groaned and cried with so much pain, contempt, humiliation, the shame of being discredited and judged by relatives. Endless moments of financial lack, sick children, lack of food, but at these times God surprised me, honored me, did not forsake me and I multiplied the oil and the flour of my jar.

"Weeping may last for a night, but joy comes in the morning." Psalm 30

My journey became much easier and believe it or not enjoyable once finding my HH.

Morena, what was the “turning point” of your restoration?  

My husband began to visit frequently, making our house more than just a quick stop. Then he began to stay throughout the weekends. Then as things were going well, a test (or temptation sprang up). My EH had a disagreement with his mother, but he did not say anything at all to me. By this time he had been home for two weeks when his mother called me and said what had happened? I wisely remember God's promises Matthew 19: 6 "What God has joined together, let not man separate" and just smiled but said nothing more.

God was already working, when a few days before the holidays, he told me we need to go get his clothes from his mothers (where he was storing things) and I thanked my HH and realized how God loves to surprise us and to be ready for our final test.

Dear Brides, going through the courses, pouring your heart into each journal at the end of the lesson, will solidify the basic principles to transform you into the princess your Bridegroom longs for you to be. This is not just something beautiful in His eyes, but it is also something to protect and relieve you of your burdens—giving you the wisdom and freedom to live a life in a light manner, as His brides should live. This truth is so needed for us as women, so let the Lord speak to your heart in His gentle way and ask Him to be your Husband.

Tell us HOW it happened Morena? Did your husband just walk in the front door? Morena, did you suspect or could you tell you were close to being restored?

I did not suspect anything at all because my husband always said that it would never happen. I also thought it would take longer, at least a year or two after coming here. And to be honest, I was not in a hurry for him to come back once I found my HH because my journey had become so enjoyable. Yet, He promised that He would restore, in His time, and whether we want it or not.

Would you recommend any of our resource in particular that helped you Morena?

All the materials I recommend. Each resource you offer is well worth reading and rereading and especially to be sure to spread among your friends who are desperate and who have already lost hope.

How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage was fundamental and in order to restructure my life as a wife A Wise Woman. To begin to enjoy your journey, there's no doubt the entire Abundant Life series, beginning with Finding the Abundant Life Course.

Dear Brides, the more you follow the plans of the Lord for your life, the more you will bear the fruits of a real relationship with Him. And also you will be able to live in a proper way, free of shame or guilt. You will find peace and the wisdom that will make your life better and will bring the results you always desired. Don't continue to seek restoration for your marriage, leave that to God. Focus on your Beloved HH.

Would you be interested in helping encourage other women Morena?

Yes, I really want to help. Already I look for women to help, sending them to HopeAtLast.com.

Either way Morena, what kind of encouragement would you like to leave women with, in conclusion?

God surprises us! That's why you must never give up, never doubt the power of God! He is powerful to change any situation!! What would be impossible for you, for our dear and beloved God and the God of the possible, He is our refuge and fortress very present help in the hour of trouble, with unparalleled love and wants you to put your HH first in your life.

Let your HH become you Friend, Counselor, Prince (of Peace), the Father of your children! I thank my Beloved that I know full well His Love for me. I love You so much, my Darling.

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