Six months ago, I called the publisher of the RYM that I found in the front of the book, Mt. Zion. I'd called to let them know that they sent me the How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage by Erin Thiele about a year prior and I wanted them to know how this book affected my life. My husband and I had been divorced for nine years and in all those years, I had not seen or heard from him. I didn’t know where he was living, if he'd remarried or even if he was still alive. I explained that I'd just felt like I should ask for this book along with a few other books Mt. Zion offered for free, and then when I got it I just felt like reading it for some reason. And just as I do with all the books I read from, I decided to believe what it said because of so much of the book being simply God's word, His promises. I decided that if those promises were for everyone, then maybe those promises were for me too.

The promises stuck with me and I was also wondering how I'd stumbled on to this book when I wasn't unhappy with my life at all, and I never considered reuniting with my husband after we mutually separated. Then one day something amazing happened, I got phone call and it was from my ex-husband. And this is exactly what he said, “I called to tell you that I am interested in restoring our marriage." Then he asked me, "What do you think?” Quite honestly I really couldn't think at all, I was simply too stunned to think or say anything. So much for my faith believing He is the God of the impossible.

When my ex and I met, I took my book out of my purse and showed it to my ex, and explained about the promises. That's when he opened his bible and showed me that many I highlighted were the very same verses He had marked in his bible!!!

So I called your publisher (over and over actually) thanking them for their part in helping to get How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage into the hands of those who need hope, even when they don't know they are looking for hope!!

Praise the Lord! We were remarried in Hawaii with our two sons who sang at our wedding. So please pass this on to Mrs. Thiele and let her know I just had to write to thank her personally for what she's done for our family!! 

~ Joanie and Doug in Delaware, RESTORED 

My EH at Door with a Suitcase!

About a year ago, when Erin was speaking at our church, I sat there listening in awe as she shared her testimony. Afterward, I went up to the product table and bought the book
 How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage.

Even though I had plans to join a friend for lunch, I called and told her I had to go directly home, but I didn't tell her about the book I'd bought. I went home so I could begin reading the book over and over and over again! Then less than a month later, late at night, I heard a knock at the door. Not even thinking, I opened the door, and I saw my husband standing there!!! And my husband was holding 
his suitcase in his hand. My husband had been gone for over eight months, and there he was just standing there at my door!! He said he just decided to come home!! Praise the Lord!! 

So I am writing to ask if you still offer the free packet for couples who are restored?

~Breanne in California, RESTORED

Ministry Note: We do offer a couples packet (one Wise Woman and a Wise Man) but normally we ask they fill out the full Restored Testimony form before we send it. Though Breanne said she'd fill it out, we never got it back, so we decided to go ahead and share her email to us with you.

Spanish Couple in Florida!

While visiting family in Florida, we ran into a couple who said they have had a restored marriage for many years, due to the wife reading and applying the principles she read in the Restore Your Marriage book!!! They said they had contacted RMI's publisher to ask permission to translate the book into Spanish years ago (she wanted a Spanish version for all the ladies she knows who can’t read English) but at the time nothing had worked out. I was so happy to tell them the book did get translated after all and that it was available in our bookstore along with many other books in Spanish. And that it's been translated into at least 10 languages now.

The Lord did not use this couple for the Spanish translation, but instead He opened the door for the book to be professionally translated by a ministry who did it for us for free, even though they first quoted us over $5,000 to do it!!!

This couple promised to fill out a Restored Testimony form and share all the details of their testimony. We promise that when we get it, we will post it right here just below this one!

Mariángel and Thomas in Florida, are RESTORED

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