True and Intimate Friend


We recently began getting restored marriage testimonies in different languages due to our FLM “Foreign Language Ministries” having courses in many languages. Thank You LORD. So now the fruits are coming in. Today’s RMT is one of those. This testimony is a woman who never filled out a MEQ “Marriage Evaluation Questionnaire” but simply found the courses in Slovakia and began her RJ ‘Restoration Journey.”

Coming soon is another RMT from Isabel who submitted her RMT in Portuguese that we’ve translated for your encouragement!

"True and Intimate Friend"

I am a wife who is living in RESTORED marriage, for 4 months already. We have three beautiful daughters.

We separated in July 2015, because I had suspicions that my husband was unfaithful to me and became to treat me and our daughters differently. Then three months later I found your site online.  I started to pray from the bottom of my heart for marriage restoration and I am so thankful to the Lord for answering my prayers and saving me. I immediately started to read your resources and also prayed for healing of my family. I started fasting too.

My husband returned home half a year later, it was right before Christmas. We really had blessed Christmas time together. First I was afraid if I did not let him in too early, but now I see, it was the Lord leading me and helping me to accept him back. My husband started to change - slowly but obviously. The Lord is so faithful and He is working on my marriage. I can see he is treating me nicer, he respects me more, he is spending more time with the kids. We even went to church together, as this never happened before. He is also coming back from work on time and is not working weekends.

I am so thankful to Jesus and also to this ministry. I bought three books for women, How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage,  My Beloved, A Wise Woman and three for men, How God Will Restore your Marriage, A Wise Man, My Beloved and I am trying to live out all these principles.

I also started to tithe faithfully. I see such a blessing in tithing and this principle is also the one which I am trying to spread around for others to see the importance of tithing.

I am trying to submit to my husband so the Word of the Lord will not be dishonored. I am also trying to teach my daughters based on the teaching of WW.

I want to encourage others that the same way how the Lord worked in my marriage, He will work in yours. If you have a problem, seek the Lord for answers in His Word.

Even though my husband is home, I believe only the Lord is the true and intimate Friend, Lover and He is the One who helped me in the most difficult time of my life. And He is always at hand.

~ Ivana in Slovakia

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