First, Vicky from Kenya just submitted her Restored Marriage testimony. When I wrote to her about the new member in Kenya, she wrote me back with this:

Hello Erin,

It is so good to hear from you. I have been doing well in the Lord and have really seen His glorious and mighty hand in my life. He has really been good to me. In all my trials He has been my strong hold. I have continued to patiently to wait for Him. I have gone through lots of trials like, I was told I was to go back to work a few days after your visit but it never happened. I receive a call from my boss that I was to be laid-off. It has been stressing but I continue to praise God. Though at times I ask myself so many questions (I have been jobless for many months) I am still hoping for a miracle.

It's not easy considering my husband is jobless too, but I am not complaining because God gave me what I have really been praying for, my HUSBAND! YES, he came back home six months ago, and said that he was sorry and that he want us to bring up our children together. I have not posted my restoration yet because he said the same thing once before but left after a month. I didn’t want to be anxious, but I promise to be submitting my testimony very soon.

I have been observing him and have seen a lot of change in him. About Milka I will call her and meet now that I have a lot of time.

Otherwise, may God give you a rainbow for every storm, a smile for every tear, a blessing for each trial, a sweet praise for a sign, and an answer for every prayer. God bless you and your ministry. Miss you.

~ Vicky in Kenya

My response was:

Hello Vicky!!!

I am so glad you wrote and told me what has been happening in your life!!! After I read that your husband was home, and you are both out of work, I felt led to wire you some money as a gift, but when I checked what I had to give you, it was not as much as I wanted to send.

What I feel that the Lord would have me to do is to ask that you submit your restored marriage testimony and then I can post it with a link for the ladies to also have the opportunity to give to you and your husband as a blessing from the Lord. They will be able to use their credit cards, and then I can wire the money order via Western Union to you. I have done it before when I sent a widow some money in Tanzania, Africa. If you know of a better way, write me so I can look into it, but first, send me your Restoration Testimony.

Also, I don't think I ever thanked you for the African outfit you sent. THANK YOU!!

Love you lots!

~ Erin

Here's what Vicky submitted.

"My Victory!"

My problems began when I started suspecting my husband was in adultery. I was not sure but he had changed. So like all women do I started going through his stuff to see what I could find. One day he came home drunk and I managed to get hold of his cell phone. That’s where I found the truth. My whole world came crashing down. I didn’t know what to do. I talked to my friends who, as usual, told me to confront him, and I was a fool and did whatever I was told by someone who didn't know what the right thing was to do.

I confronted him and that’s when all hell broke loose. He told me he was seeing this woman and no one or anything would stop him because she was pregnant with his child. I didn’t stop there. I then foolishly went and told his parents but nothing changed.

My situation got worse. He moved out and started living with OW. He told me I could tell whoever I wanted but no one would help me. That’s when I came to my senses and remembered that actually there was Someone I could tell and He would help. I turned to God and asked Him for help.

I started reading the Bible and praying for God’s guidance. I felt at peace in my heart though it was broken. One day I was on a bus going home from work and there was this lady holding some papers. The heading was praying scriptures for your marriage. I got eager to know what it was and the next day I went to the Internet and Googled the heading. I found so many websites about marriage restoration.

That is where I found YOU! I found out about the RYM book. I read the book and even before I could finish the first chapter I saw what kind of a wife I was. I knelt down before the computer and asked God to forgive me and asked Him to give me another chance in my marriage. I started applying the principles in the book and I felt that the time was coming for my victory. I didn’t care whether the OW was pregnant or not but I knew my victory would come in handy. I used to pray and cry, but this time, I was crying to my God for His mercies.

One month had passed since my husband moved out. He used to come home while I was at work to see the children but all this while I had not seen or talked to him because he told me not to call him. I obeyed like the RYM book says. I kept telling God that I needed to see my husband so he could see the changes in me.

One Sunday morning God remembered me. I received a call from my husband. He wanted to know if I was at home because he wanted to come and pick some of his stuff from the house. I started praising God for I knew it was His plan. I knew it was His plan because my husband would always come in the house during the day and pick whatever he wanted when we weren't home, but this time he wanted to come while I was at home. PTL!

The reason he came however was because he had lost his job. He wanted me to loan him some money (which I did because as you taught us, we were still married and that is being submissive). That day we talked and had fun, enough that he didn’t end up taking anything with him! When he lost his job, it was the beginning of his troubles with the OW, and the beginning of my victory!

The OW I am sad to say had abortion. I later found that she got pregnant so that my husband would marry her and so all his money would be hers, but now he didn’t have a job so, no money. She became sharp like the book of Proverbs 5:3-5 says. They began fighting and my husband would come over to see me. One time she hit him with a stool and broke his hand. He came over and lied that he had fallen down while on the bus. That’s when he realized she was after his money and there was no love.

He was ashamed of coming back to my house completely so he rented another flat where he lived alone. He told my cousin that he had said a lot of hurtful words to me and he felt embarrassed. He said I was treating him well, but he had hurt me enough, and everything I and his family had warned him of, had come to pass.

He asked my cousin for advice and she told him to do what the prodigal son did but he couldn't. He thought if he came back I would laugh at him because I had won. He stayed alone for quite some time, but because he didn’t have a job, the burden of paying his and my rent became too big. God turned his heart and he finally decided he needed to move back with me and kids!

He called all his family members and asked them to forgive him and he accepted his mistakes. He told them he had learned his lesson and he was starting all over again... if I was ready to accept and forgive him. He wanted us to be a family again. I told him I had forgiven him and I asked him to forgive me too for I was contentious and I was not a good wife to him; we were given his parents blessing!

It hasn't been easy since God restored my marriage. It is not easy because the devil always reminds me of all the pain my husband caused me, but I have learned to overcome him with time with the Lord and my prayers.

My husband and I have become true friends. He began to tell me all his troubles and his plans, which he never did before. When I am not in the house and he wants to go somewhere, he calls or writes a note so I can know where he is and I do the same. It is not always smooth but I am sure that good times are ahead. Even after I lost my job I have something to thank God for—my family is together and complete!

I have learned to be content with what I have and am trusting God because He promised He will supply my needs according to His riches in glory through Christ Jesus (Phil. 4:19). Also, knowing He is my Shepherd, I shall not lack (Psalm 23:1).

I thank God for fighting on my behalf. There are so many things He did for me behind the scenes. I thought my husband was happy with OW but I hear he had been regretting everything he had done from the beginning, especially after God said it was time for him to see the changes in me.

God is faithful to those who wait. Ladies, wait patiently on the Lord for He is true to His promises. He will answer your prayers when the time is right. It might seem long, but He will eventually hear your prayers.

Thank Erin also for her ministry. God bless you for using you to show us the truth. I thought I was a perfect wife but I was wrong. I have learned to listen more than talking and I am submissive. Erin, may the Almighty God reward you for your great ministry.

Ladies always look at Jesus and not the water when He asks you to get out of the boat. Because, if you look at the water you will sink, but if you look at Jesus you will walk on the water!!

God bless you all. AMEN!

~ Vicky in Kenya, Africa, RESTORED

Right after I posted her Restored Testimony, we were able to send Vicky enough money for about SIX months average income for Kenya! Praise You Lord!! 

And it also enabled her to continue her work rescuing babies off the streets of Nairobi! She and a friend rent a house and care for the infants, just the two of them.

South Africa: His Perfect Timing 

My husband and I had a troubled relationship. There were always screaming matches if I did not get my own way.

In December, I found out that my husband was seeing another woman. Desperate to save my marriage, I placed many prayer requests on different websites, hoping that God would save my marriage. It was not long afterwards that I received an email from a lady named Hilary encouraging me, and asking if I was willing to follow God's principles to save my marriage. Hilary sent me the book “How God can and will restore your marriage.” When I began reading the book, I realised how much I was doing wrong in my marriage.

In February 2004, my husband moved out to be with the other woman. Please remember I was not a Christian before this. When my husband moved out, I had no one, only my Lord. I had asked Hilary if she would be my encouragement partner and she agreed, but I changed jobs and lost contact with her. I could not ask my friends to pray with me because they did not believe in God. Erin's book and the Lord kept me sane. I began reading and praying in ways that I never did before. Psalm 23 became my salvation.

The first thing God taught me was to stop talking about my situation. He then taught me to listen and be humble. The Lord was so good to me, He showed me all my faults and what I had done wrong in my marriage. He taught me how to be a biblical wife.

My husband and I had no contact when he left—we would see each other on the street and it was as if we were strangers. One day, I received a call from my husband asking for my mom's number so that he could speak to our daughter. I thanked him for remembering our daughter, and gave him her telephone number. Soon afterwards, he began to call whenever he needed something. We slowly became friends again.

Through Erin's books and the Bible, I learnt to put my tears in a bottle. I learnt to trust the Lord to take over my problems and situation. As hard as it was, I learned not to call my husband.

I remember a rainy Saturday when my husband came through and he started to dismantle the bedroom set to take it with him and I asked him how could he take something we had bought together to live with the OW. Then and there, he broke the furniture and left. I remember asking the Lord, "Now what?" Instead of ranting and raving, I got on my knees and prayed to the Lord for help. My Saviour gave me peace that day and showed me that He was there to carry me even through the mistake that I had made by saying something like that and trying to stop my husband.

There was not really a turning point I think because my restoration was all so unexpected. My husband and I did not really see each other at all. I avoided him whenever I could because I was scared of hearing him tell me that I was desperate to have him back. The last time we had spoken, he had made it very clear that he was in love with the OW and that he would not return, but we should just remain friends.

Then last Thursday, when I was at work, I received a call from the downstairs reception saying that there was a gentleman at the reception to see me. When I went to see who his gentleman was, I saw it was my husband! He told me that he had lost everything and wanted to work at his marriage. He had no place to stay and could he please come back home?

My husband brought all of his things home and I am so thankful to the Lord for restoring my marriage. We still have a very long way to go but I know that the Lord will not let me down as long as I keep doing everything the same and allowing Him to finish what He started.

I know that God can move mountains, and nothing happens in my timing but in His timing!

~ Charlotte in South Africa, RESTORED!!

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