When I found RMI I am ashamed to say I filled out my questionnaire saying emphatically I did not want my marriage restored! I know that seems crazy, but at the time I was nothing but angry. I saw the FREE Marriage Evaluation and just thought it was a good place to vent. I thought with all the details of what I'd gone through, the horrible way I'd been treated, like everywhere else and everyone else they'd tell me the same thing, to move on and find someone new. I wanted a divorce so badly, but something kept stopping me. Now I know it was God who was blocking me and finally led me here. 

There's no way to count how many times I said I hated my husband and I'd tell anyone who'd listen so many details. Little did I know that once I got to the first few chapters of the course, that I would see who was in the wrong. It was me! I was the contentious woman and none of my marriage issues were my husband's fault. There was no way to please me and I believed a man's entire existence was to please his wife. How wrong I was. I was a Christian and very involved in my former church. It took letting go of my church to finally change fully. Now it's hard to believe that I was openly bashing not only my husband but my parents, everyone, and not one person told me how wrong I was! I'd even said I would never forgive anyone and still no one cared or loved me enough to speak the truth to me. Not until I came here.

The RYM book says that God said, “man plans his way but God directs his steps” (Proverbs 16:9), and that God can change the heart “whichever way He chooses” (Proverbs 21:1). And also if we believe we can “move mountains” (Matthews 17:20) it will happen! The woman who gave me HopeAtLast.com believed these and all the other verses in the Bible. Thank you Michele for believing! I was certainly a mountain of anger, but His Word says that nothing is impossible for Him (Matthew 19:26)! Though my plans were to divorce and find someone new, GOD redirected my steps, turned my heart and moved the mountain of anger I once had toward everyone and everything, sending it to the bottom of the ocean.

By the time I'd found my way here, my divorce papers had already been filed. And believe it or not, while I was still going through the first course, our initial court hearing was scheduled. Even though to those watching, each step I continued taking looked like a defeat, another marriage destroyed, God had His way, and things totally turned around right outside the courtroom. Based only on my attitude change, and how my husband said I looked different, I was beautiful again (he told me later) he suddenly had a change of heart. Walking over to me, he said, “What are we doing here? Let’s go home.” I said nothing, I just smiled, and together we walked away from the courthouse holding hands. 

What happened? How could everything change so rapidly? Only God! A month or so later, after my restoration, I finally finished my courses. I'd thought about stopping because I was restored, but the woman who sent me here said that without finishing and going through Course 3, studying A Wise Woman, I'd find myself turning ugly again. I looked so different that many friends and even family didn't recognize me. Everyone told me I looked so beautiful and all that changed was that my anger and hate were gone from my face. If you want to have a complete makeover from the inside out just as it says, pour yourself into the courses that will change your life just as they changed mine. Be sure to begin with How God Will Restore Your Marriage, but never stop until you've made it through until the end.

~Leslie in West Virginia, RESTORED

Ministry Note: Since Leslie was restored, we added courses to help train beyond Course 3, in order to help women learn how to minister to other women. Leslie has sent many women to HopeAtLast.com, and many were from her former church. Others came after Leslie found and prayed for them on a variety of prayer websites, which she wrote and told us later anyone can do. We agree.


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