When I discovered RMI and your materials I was very young, and we already had two small boys. We got married because I was pregnant while still in high school. I know my husband always felt trapped, and after he had left me, he told me to move back to my mother's. Not only had my husband left me and our two boys, but I also heard that he was actually living with another woman who had recently had his baby, a family he moved in and why he'd asked me to move out. To say I was devastated doesn't come close to how I felt. Everyone knew and everyone began telling me what to do. I was confused, broken, and it was worse when I looked at my two boys playing knowing that whatever choice I made would affect them for the rest of their lives.

My parents made us all go to Sunday school but I never really knew why I was there to hear the same stories over and over again (which is why I never planned to send my boys). But when my mom offered to take them on Sunday I let her, and while they were gone, I got on my knees and began to ask the Lord for help. The next Sunday my mom asked me to go with them, and I went. Right after the service a couple in my mom's church came up to me and said they were praying for me. That's when they told me that they had a restored marriage and told me about the Restore Ministries resources, and said that they would help me get through this.
They bought the books, and I began to read, then they'd invite me to meet with them regularly to pray. They would never let me talk about anything having to do with my husband because they said that "God knew the details" and we'd "do better to leave all of that with Him." We prayed together often, sometimes praying for specific things, but most often we prayed for His will.
Praying specifically helped at first. After praying for my sons and me to move back home, my husband called one day and told me I could move back home, but then I found out it was only because he was moving with the OW and was moving with her to another state.

It was soon after reading How God Will Restore Your Marriage and the Wise Woman workbook for women, that I began to apply the principles on fasting with prayer. Not only did this not help, but soon after I added the fasting, things got much worse the more I prayed and fasted. One morning when I answered a knock at my door, I was shocked when I saw a sheriff and was "served with divorce papers." I was shaking when I called to tell my prayer couple what happened, but they told me fasting with my prayers was just moving things to a close faster.
What I didn't know was how right they were. I found out later that at the exact hour in another state, my husband was packing his bags. He was staying in a motel room, and after he had thrown everything into his suitcase, he told me later, that he got in his truck. He pulled out and headed south then came to a fork in the road. He stopped his car in the middle of the deserted road, and he asked God to steer his truck—either to the right (which would bring him home) or to the left (which would bring him back to join the other woman.

All my prayers were answered — the truck pulled abruptly to the RIGHT!

Back at home, instead of falling apart the way I would have before I became spiritually strong by fasting, I hung up the phone and grabbed the D papers in my hand, grabbed my keys and drove over to the couple’s house to pray. The three of us stood together with the D papers on the floor. We held hands and prayed together against those divorce papers using dozens of Bible verses letting them do the talking and what they were meant to do.

Four hours later I was at home when my husband's truck pulled into the driveway. I saw him pull his red suitcase from the back of the truck and walked to the front door as I threw it open. We were hugging each other when our boys' school bus pulled up, and they came running up to us. To say that was the happiest day of my life can't describe how I felt then, and now when I look back. I'm only sorry I didn't share my story sooner so it could help women who may be facing things like what I had to go through.

Once my husband was settled down being back at home, I knew it was time for me to talk to my husband, telling him about my prayers, how I'd fasted, and most importantly about my new relationship with the Lord. I explained I had become a Christian while he was gone and I began to share my faith with him. He didn't say much, but I left the details with the Lord. I didn't want what happened to be a secret, and I knew that my husband needed the Lord just as much as I did back when I discovered Him. By coming back to me he'd lost his job, so this was a perfect time for me to help him like that couple had helped me.

The following Sunday, my husband was dressed before I got up, sitting at the table with an old bible placed next to his coffee. So we all hurried and dressed and went to the Sunday service, and right after the end of the service, my husband went to the altar himself and accepted the Lord. That night our pastor asked us if we'd be willing to share our testimony and I was surprised when my husband said yes. That night we each told our half of the story with our very huge church congregation. About a month later, my husband asked me if I'd renew our wedding vows, which we also did in the Sunday evening service.

About a year later I met the couple again and told them I was on a prolonged 30 day fast. I told them that the Lord had impressed upon my heart to adopt my husband’s baby girl. We had heard that the baby had been left for months with friends of ours while the other woman went overseas after joining the service. What we heard and what everyone was saying is that she had "lost interest in her daughter soon after her lover had gone back to his wife." My hope and prayer are that God will do a miracle and we can adopt my husband's little girl. Due to medical issues (I'd had an abortion after my sons without telling my husband) that left me unable to have children again. God had forgiven me, and I felt this was the girl I'd always dreamed I'd have some day. ~ Lindsey in Florida, RESTORED

UPDATE: We heard from this older prayer couple that they were able to adopt the little girl and who looks just like her two brothers. And whenever anyone comments how much they look alike, Lindsey loves to share the testimony of who she is as an opportunity to share the Lord with people. What they are amazed the most about is how she explains how they encourage her "real mom" to visit and how they were able (as a couple) to share the Lord with her and she'd given her heart to the Lord!


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