Says He's—
Home to Stay!

In October my husband came to me one day and said he wasn't happy in our marriage—he told me that he was going to leave. He left and during this time we only talked if it concerned bills or something of importance.

Then one day he came over and admitted he had been in adultery and now there was a child. I was devastated because we had tried to have children and it hadn't happened yet. I didn't think I would be able to go on with my life! I didn't know which way to turn. I was down and depressed. When I went home for the holidays, my cousin took me to speak to a pastor friend of hers. As she talked and told me “all things were possible with GOD” and we could ask “anything in HIS name and HE will do it,” my eyes began to open to GOD!

I began to read Scriptures and the Bible on a daily basis. I read so many books on marriage based on GOD'S Word. Then after the New Year, GOD lead me to the Restore Ministries’ website just by searching the internet one day. The resources helped me because they opened my eyes and showed me that “all things were possible with GOD”! I now knew the truth; that I had a to believe God for my marriage! You showed me that GOD loves marriages and wants to heal and restore marriages. The book HOW GOD CAN AND WILL RESTORE YOUR MARRIAGE really helped me and the WISE WOMAN workbook was so helpful! 

Your PR were very helpful, and reading words of encouragement during this time helped me move forward. I could always count on my Encourager to help lift me up. It helped having others who understood the things you're going through and how you feeling but are able to overcome all the hurdles of restoration while looking up. I began praying for my relationship with GOD, myself, my Husband and lastly, my husband and our marriage—believing that it was possible for me to have a restored marriage as well so many others, but only after I became His bride! 
I began to read HIS Word and look to HIM for guidance, for love, and He helped me to see my own sins and things that I did that were wrong. I confessed and repented. I even asked my husband for forgiveness when God provided an opportunity. GOD showed me how to have a gentle and quiet spirit due to my Husband's love to me. HE helped me to become stronger and look to HIM when faced with something difficult or especially when I was hurting. I learned to come to HIM with all my concerns and depend on HIM only and most of all to trust HIM for everything, not looking to anyone else. I learned to agree with my husband even when I didn't want to. I learned to submit to my husband and support him. 

As I began trusting and believing GOD, my husband began calling me more and coming over to see me. Then it got to the point where he would come over to stay. He still wouldn't say whether he wanted us to be together or not, but I kept on believing and trusting GOD because the Lord is who I wanted and needed anyway, so this made it easy. Then it got to the point where he was calling 3-4 times a day and staying over at least 2-3 times a week. Whenever he needed something he would call me for help. It was like he always wanted me around and would find an excuse for me to be around.

As I said, I learned to have gentle and quiet sprit and how to submit to my husband even when I didn't want to, but to trust GOD and rely on my Husband's love that kept me filled. I learned how to believe in faith and believe GOD no matter what was said and done during this time and to let go. I learned to depend on GOD through it all no matter the situation and to thank and praise HIM for the good and the bad. I learned to let my husband be the head, since we were still married, and I was to be his helpmate. Not to return evil for evil but return evil with good.

There were times when people were telling me he was with someone else, even my own family kept pressing me about it. But I continued to trust GOD because I had a Husband! Sometimes I would be so down and out that all I could do was call on the name Jesus and He came to bring me through. During nights like that is what got me to sleep. Especially through holidays or special occasions. But no matter what, HE was right there beside me and brought me through as His bride.

About 3 weeks ago his sister found out she had to move, which meant my husband did too because he lived with her. So he was in search of his own apartment. He even asked me to help him search. and I didn't really like the idea, I did it anyways and continued to focus on my Husband who went with me (us). My Encourager helped me to hold on and believe even more that He was all I needed and that GOD can and will turn situations around when you least expect it and no longer want it! That’s the moment when my husband asked me if he gave me the money would I go pay his deposit because they were going to move on Friday. So I did that on Thursday for him. During these 2 weeks or his morning, I began to feel anxious and felt really bad about him moving to his own place and didn't know why. But I had to continue trusting and believing GOD had a perfect plan and that He said I needed to move through it.

I went out of town after I paid his deposit, THEN on my way back, my husband called and asked me to call and said get his deposit back because he thought of something else and we would discuss it later. So I did and I still didn't ask him what he intended to do. We went to get the car washed and he looked at me and said he was coming home to his wife and make things work and that he truly loved me!! He apologized for leaving and said he didn't know how to stay with me and face me knowing what he had done. And that he was home for good this time and there was no more messing up. 


 ~ Kim in North Carolina, RESTORED!

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