My testimony is short but I hope it will help a few woman who are sure that because your husband don't see the changes happening in you, it's why you can't be restored. You are wrong. The first fellowship meeting I attended, there were several women who were sharing the many ways they were handling their wayward husbands. I was holding the book How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage that I was given at the door the first time I came. And I had been applying the principles that I read and reread in the book, but unlike the other women, I had not seen or spoken to my husband in well over a year!! So, finally I raised my hand and told the women that there was no way my marriage could turn around when there was NO WAY for my husband to see the change that God had made in me! I said I wasn't the woman he had left. God had transformed me as I read and applied the principles from the RYM book. I wasn't like any of them!

That's when another woman stood up, she said that her husband had returned home after two years of separation and a divorce (my husband and I were not divorced). And she said to me, “Even though you have no contact and no way to show your husband how you’ve changed, God sees! You and I know from the book that if we delight ourselves in the Lord, He will give us the desires of our heart! It doesn’t matter if he sees the change in you; God sees them, all of them! And when God does move, I believe that it will happen suddenly!” 

That woman was so right! God did see and because the Lord was finally first in my life and my heart, within only a matter of 3 weeks, while I was at work, I got a call from a man who started a friendly conversation with me and because I thought it was a client I was also friendly. The man asked how I was, how work was going, and then he said, “You don’t know who this is, do you?” When I said, “No,” then he suddenly said, “It's me. It's Don” I was about to say “Don who?” - but something stopped me, some One stopped me. Immediately I realized it was my husband!! That's when he asked if he could meet with me. Because I'd started to shake I said something like, "Oh, sorry, someone just came in to my office, can I call you back in about 10-15 minutes?" and quickly hung up before he even had a chance to answer!

Immediately I hurried to my prayer closet with my book. The private restroom in the back of our offices that no one really used, is where I'd begun to go whenever I felt rattled. At that moment I was more than rattled, I was in shock and knew I needed to find my HH waiting for me there. Before I ever had a chance to open my book, I could hear my Husband speaking to me, and He reminded me of all His promises, which He said were about to be fulfilled because I had waited, content with Him only. Only a few minutes later I 
called my husband back, then he asked me out to dinner that evening if I didn't already have plans. At dinner, after we ordered, he began by saying something I'd never imagined or dreamed he'd say. He said, “I have done everything to get away from you Margie, but I can’t stop thinking about you. I want you back. I want our family back. I want to restore our marriage!” 

God is so incredible! “Restore” is the exact word that my husband used! Seriously, who uses that word apart from the women (or men) who read the RYM book? This isn't a word that we use often. Most of us say, getting back together or starting over, but not "restore" and it's just one way I'd call this a miracle!

It was the Lord who'd turned my husband's heart and Who had also put a love and yearning me, which my husband said he "could not escape"! So I am writing to say to each of you, you must have faith. Believe! Just like the book says, 
“…without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him.” Hebrews 11:6. God is able to work exceedingly above and beyond what we could ever hope for, ask for or imagine, once you fall in love with His Son, your true Husband! The Lord found me and He'll find you too. Just cry out to God like I did and have your heart open to accept the Love of His Son.

I'm also here to say, stop worrying if you haven’t seen or heard from your husband, no matter how long. Since sharing my testimony I've heard of women whose husband contacted them out of nowhere, husbands who hadn't seen their wives in many years!! Trust the Lord to turn your husband’s heart and even to set up a chance meeting, like I heard from other women. Just make sure you are ready! Study A Wise Woman, so few women do, and that's when a husband will leave. I heard many woman warn me of that too. And if you're focusing on your HH there is no doubt He will make it happen once He knows you're all His.

Back to my testimony. That night my husband did almost all of the talking. What a change from the woman he'd left. Though I listened, I was also continually talking and listening to my HH, which has continued since being restored for more than ten years now. The night we went out to dinner, the moment I said yes, I also wanted our marriage "restored" as quickly as he did. My husband came over, got all my stuff (even packing most of it himself, which means God changed him too!) and he moved me in with him. A new place, far from the OW, and later he told me he'd quit his job to get away from her! 

Not only was she gone, but a week after he moved me in with him, he began taking me with him on frequent little “trips,” each were sort of second, third and fourth honeymoons! This was without a doubt giving me the desires of my heart after I knew I'd completely forgiven the OW. During our separation I'd heard from many people (people I soon distanced myself from) that the OW was taking my husband on business trips with her (she'd been her own boss). It had made me so angry and jealous, but due to the book and spending time falling in love with my HH, those feelings were changed to me actually feeling pity for her. I'd begun to pray for how lonely and needy she had to be to prey on all the men who worked under her (mine was not the first husband she'd gone after). So I knew it was my change of heart, a heart of compassion, while helping other women I'd overhear speaking of things like this with friends. I'd share my testimony, how I'd been a contentious woman who tore my house down, and always had a ready RYM or WW to give them. God had seen and rewarded every change in me that the Lord had brought about in me due to His love!

One last praise. Another thing I'd taken to the Lord was the issue of unpaid bills. Not more than a week after moving to my husband's home (which everyone said is where "they" were moving together that was all a lie), my husband asked me if I had any bills that needed paying!! In one day he'd paid ALL my past due bills. Most were so overdue that there were fees and he paid for them too, without me saying anything!

~Margie in Utah, RESTORED

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