After 23 years of marriage, which included 12 years of ministry throughout the United States and Canada, my husband left our home on October and the divorce was final eight months later in June.

Seven years does seem like a long time, but God has changed us both in many, many ways for His kingdom, and for our own personal growth and dependence on Him. Nonetheless, He has never failed neither one of us nor our three children. Our youngest was 12 when he left, and is now 19. So the years do pass, but the healing is all in God's hands, and it takes only a moment when He is in charge of it all—as He always is — and things suddenly change.

One Sunday my husband came over and as usual we were just talking about "stuff," and then he somehow steered the conversation around to asking me to marry him! When it finally happened, it was gentle and very pleasant and sincere. Even though my children knew I believed that God would restore our marriage, it came as a real shock since there were no signs at all! It was very unexpected for all of us! Even though I had told most of the people at work that I would be getting married to my husband again (but didn't know when), each one started screaming when I told them when I went to work the next day!

Several of my friends have actually wept tears of joy and thankfulness, shouting, "God is so GOOD!!!" And now every time I read of someone who is hurting over a wounded marriage, it now just comes naturally for me to pray a mighty blanket of God's healing hands to be placed over them and for me to share this ministry with them.

At first, we wanted to just go to a Justice of the Peace and get married immediately, but our children said we should have a nice wedding. When I thought about it, I had to agree—these “restoration weddings” need to be a public witness to the mighty power and goodness of our wonderful God—He gets ALL the credit and glory!!!

Yes, I bought all of Erin's videos, and all of her books, which all helped to put me in the right frame of mind and begin to know the truth. Over the past seven years, God brought me to a place where I had to literally lean on Him completely, which was the first step. He takes each of us on a very unique journey—no two are alike, as Erin has said. So, even though Erin's materials helped me very much, I knew not to lean on them, nor on the stories in them, but to completely lean on our wonderful God and just seeking His face every single day! 

Did I give up? Oh yes, many, many times. But almost instantly, God would put something in front of me to bring me back to His way of thinking. He is so good at turning the heart of mankind. It's all HIM!!! He is so faithful and good! I praise His wonderful name!!! And may God bless this ministry because it helped me finish this very long race!!!

As I said earlier, God changed me by bringing me to a place of total dependence on Him. I started out very much indoctrinated by "religion" and thankfully, it was here that I was able to let go of religion and focus on my relationship with Him. Due to my relationship with Him, He brought me around to His way of doing everything!!! :) God changed my situation but nothing was really visible, it was entirely spiritually appraised. God taught me two important principles I'd like to share with you:

1. To take your eyes off your husband and the situation, and to keep them on God, then to find a Husband you can trust, the Lord.

2. To return good for evil—the single hardest thing that Jesus has asked us to do and what He did in His life.

From the beginning, God gave me the desire for a restored marriage and He kept that desire alive throughout my very long journey. He also kept me from dating others even though many encouraged me to do so. And, again, it was HE who changed me during this journey! I did not think I needed any changing when my husband divorced me—that was the Pharisee spirit in me. One of the ministers at RMI told me that she sensed a Pharisee spirit in me and I was so grateful because it helped me a lot to know the truth and to change.

Although RMI’s materials are excellent, and very Bible-centered, as I said, I had to learn not to rely on them, but on the Lord alone! Coming from a very strict religious background, it would have been so easy to fall into relying on RMI, because RMI “had the answers.” So God took me along a much longer journey so I would learn—only God has all the answers I need!  For a time I even had to pull back from ever reading anything from here because I knew I'd become religious again. So, simply seek after God and just TRUST the LORD THAT HE ALWAYS KNOWS WHAT HE'S DOING!!! :)

~ Joan in California

Home in His Heart!!

Praise the Lord!! My husband has been home for the past three months. And when he's at work, he calls me throughout the day, five times a day, just to say hi!! We are making plans to move to a new home very soon and I know it's all in God's hands. I'm just letting everything fall into place, not taking it into my own hands and moving ahead of God like I always have!!

I'm writing the last paragraphs on how it all came about and how God is so faithful. I just had to write and give God glory and to tell all you women that nothing is impossible with God!! Please don't ever give up, follow what you're taught here and God WILL move in His perfect timing— just move forward and let God be God! Just stand in awe and be amazed, it will happen!! PTL!!!

~ Mayra in Texas

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