I read a similar testimony from RMI when I first came that I was fascinated by, but never imagined I'd ever submit one myself so much the same. One night I woke up with a desperate feeling to pray for the OW my husband was involved with. I had been desperately seeking help for my own marriage and had purchased and started reading and rereading How God Will Restore Your Marriage and the workbook for women (this was before the courses were available). So it was crazy because that day was the third day of my fasting, so as the book says, and while on the fast, I'd been praying the prayers in the back of the RYM book over and over. The night I got that urge to pray, I was surprised I was able to stay up all night until the sun came up. Yes I was exhausted, but I soon fell asleep for a couple of hours until my alarm went off to go to work.

That very day I received an angry phone call from my husband at work, the OW had left him! So very angry, yelling, he shouted why I had gotten in touch with his girlfriend. Thankfully I could honestly say, “I never contacted her, not ever” and asked why he was asking me. He told me that his girlfriend had come into his office that morning, shouted and said they “were through” and then the OW began rambling something about him “lying" about his wife. My EH said he'd told her that I didn’t want him anymore, which my husband knew was far from the truth. Unfortunately being part of a standers ministry in the beginning, I was very vocal about our marriage covenant and about how God was going to bring him home, but that made him move out and in with his girlfriend and not speak to me again. So I was shocked when he called me at work.

My EH went on to say his girlfriend didn’t stop there by telling him off and breaking up. The OW marched in and confessed their relationship to their boss (it is against office policy since he's her boss) and she demanded to be transferred.

Again I assured my EH that I had not said a thing, nor did my friends or family because I cut all of them off when I began my RJ knowing they would tell me things that went against the Bible. So my EH hung up, not angry with me, but still very shaken and not knowing how this would affect his job.

Two days later he called again after hearing the whole story from a fellow coworker. It seems that on the very night I felt the urge to pray, my EH's girlfriend had a terrifying dream. In her dream she said, “I saw his wife crying because she wanted her husband back.” When she woke up, she was so shaken she didn’t think she could make it to work that day but went anyway. And as soon as she clocked in, she went straight to the coffee room and she asked another woman if she knew what their boss's wife looked like. When the woman began to describe her (me), this girl began to shake again. The description she gave of me was exactly the wife in her dream who was crying. The girlfriend told her boss that she was totally “spooked” by the whole ordeal and wanted to get as far away as she could.

When my EH heard the full story it sent my husband back to God with a new and permanent “fear of the Lord” he said. It totally changed him and now he is fully committed to me and our children.

~ Bunny in Mississippi, RESTORED

"He Saw Her Wonderful Change"

A month ago, I emailed RMI for help and bought a How God Will Restore Your Marriage and was very encouraged about my marriage. So I began sharing the book with several others I knew who were either separated or divorced, and I began a local meeting for everyone in our company who needed help. At first we had men too, but then I heard how dangerous that could be so we started meeting on different days. 

Then one night at my church, I met a woman who told me that her husband had just filed for divorce. Later I saw her again and she said she'd been reading How God Will Restore Your Marriage, and as I suggested, she also purchased the workbook for women from Amazon. So I was shocked when she went on to say that her husband commented on the “wonderful change” he saw in her and.... he decided to drop the divorce proceedings and move back home. What began with just me, then our company, has now spread to helping women in my church! I'm not sure how they will react since I know my pastor is on a second or third marriage and thinks trying to restore a marriage is wrong. So I hadn't said much, only very carefully to women I felt I needed to share the truth with. Who knew our GOD would use me by just being willing to open up and share the truth with women I knew might want to hear the truth!!

~ Madeline in Kansas, RESTORED


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