When I found your ministry I was horribly distressed over the separation from my husband. Crying out to God to show me what to do, I divinely met a woman who was restored and back with her husband. When we sat down to talk and she began sharing some of the principles in How God Will Restore Your Marriage all I could say to her was cry because I'd done everything wrong! I just did not know!! The restored woman (I'm embarrassed because I don't remember what she said her name was) gave me a book from the backseat of her car and told me to take it home and "study" it. 

I have to say, the more I read and studied it, I learned so much more but the more I cried and repented to God because I never realized how little I knew about what the Bible said!! Though I could have become even more deeply depressed I chose to become enthusiastic instead, knowing now about God’s ability to turn things around in my marriage just as He had in the sweet woman's restored marriage.

The following week, there were many more tears when I ran into the same woman (she must think all I do is cry). But this time I had tears of joy as I ran towards her! I had to tell her that everything had completely turned around with my husband. My husband said that because of the changes he had seen in ME in the two weeks after I got the book, he knew that our marriage was going to work out. He told me that very day he had dropped the divorce for our final hearing!!!!! Talk about discovering the truth just in time. Crying my eyes out (when he told me) I looked down at my husband’s hand and saw that he was also wearing his wedding ring!!!! He's never worn his wedding ring since the day of our wedding!!!!

The contentious woman I used to be was gone. It's been three years since I buried her in the truth. The gentle and quiet woman a man longs to have, a wife who is submissive instead of bossy is a person any man would want to stay married and faithful to. Thank you all for the work you're doing so save marriages by writing this Restore Your Marriage book. May God bless you!!!

~Jan in New Hampshire, RESTORED

The OW TOTALLY Out of the Picture!

We received a letter that said,

Good morning RMI. I'm hoping you can help me. I'm the mother of many children that I'd been a homeschooling mom and I heard Erin Thiele speak at a conference last year and was hoping to get further help. At the conference I bought your book How God Will Restore Your Marriage book and have read it numerous times. My situations if a very very painful situation. My husband has been committing adultery for years, but it's gotten much worse. He's forced me back to work, putting our children in school, which only increased his unfaithfulness to me. Now he's involved with another woman, a woman whom I worked with. One night a few weeks ago my husband and the other woman came into where I worked, sat passionately together, and even kissed right in front of me! Others I work with saw it too.

As the book says, I remained quiet and said nothing to him. Then things got worse when my husband couldn’t find an apartment for himself and his girlfriend, so he came home one night when he was very drunk and demanded that I pack and leave and take the children so the two of them could live in our home. I had simply become so weary that I began to think this might be for the best. But the Lord faithfully revealed the truth to me in time. When I realized that this was surely a trap and scheme of the enemy, the children and I knelt down and began to pray to be able to stay in our homes, ending by singing praises to the God Almighty! That night my husband came home (it was actually 4 in the morning) and said that he didn’t want me (us) to go. Is there anything more I should do?

We wrote Cindi back with just a few words of encouragement, "Cindi, just continue to believe and trust God. Listen to His leading you" and also felt led to send her both the Wise Woman and Wise Man. Then we explained she should study the A Wise Woman but the A Wise Man was for her to pray over, but not to show or give it to her husband. We asked her, instead, to put it in a safe place out of sight.

Within a week’s time, we received another letter.

Thank you RMI, I have received my miracle!!! My husband is now home with us and the other woman is totally out of the picture!!! Praise You LORD. And this isn't the end of my praise. One day I went into our bedroom and I saw the WM Men’s Manual lying open on his side of the bed!! I had NO idea how he'd found it. The most amazing part is that my husband is not even a reader! Praise the Lord for His faithfulness!! Blessings to all of you for what you're doing to save families!

~Cindi in Pennsylvania, RESTORED

EH Girlfriend Moved Out!

Another letter we received was from Brenda in northern Alabama. She was asking us to send the book,
 How God Will Restore Your Marriage for her daughter who she said had a marriage that was in trouble. When we followed up a week later to make sure she received the book, this was what the next letter said we got four months later:

Thank you all for what you've done!! I'm so excited to hear from you. I'm sorry I didn't write back sooner. I am so thrilled to tell you know that my daughter received a phone call from her mother-in-law telling her that her husband’s “girlfriend” had just moved out of her husband’s apartment. Then the very next day my daughter moved back in! This is nothing short of a miracle and it's due to all of you. No words can express how I am feeling at this moment. 

~Brenda in Alabama, is RESTORED


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