Clear Vision

Job 33:14-18 says, "For God does speak-now one way, now another- though man may not perceive it. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls on men as they slumber in their beds, he may speak in their ears and terrify them with warnings, to turn man from wrongdoing and keep him from pride, to preserve his soul from the pit, his life from perishing by the sword."

My husband first contacted me in August after he left in May more than 3 years ago!  Right before he called, I highlighted and dated this scripture above and just a few days short before the New Year, His promise to me has come to pass!!

My future husband called and told me that he woke up with such a clear vision of me sitting beside him, telling him that he needed to call me. He said that he woke up and even walked around, and it was still as clear as could be.

Since that night, he has told me he wants to start working on things and that he no longer (or really ever) thinks of me as his ex-wife! He told me he would like to see me again, and to please come back to the state that he’s in for a visit so we can begin getting things back together! (I haven't seen him since he left, we live several states apart.)

Several other concerns and prayers were answered for me throughout our talks. He told me I didn't have to refinance the house to put it in my name because he thinks we should probably put it up for sale by the end of the year! I have been praying about this because I couldn't afford to pay those fees, and most likely wouldn't qualify for the payment. He stated that he is open to remarriage, but would like to "see changes in me" first!

He said that once we remarry he would like to look for another house back in Michigan! (I just started praying for favor to go back there. My rebellion caused us to move to Missouri, and eventually lead to the destruction of my marriage.)

He also told me he will never use an attorney again because of all of the wrong and hurtful information he received!! Thank goodness I didn't get an attorney and cause more pain for him!

Many more praises could be given. The Lord really has passed on so many blessings, and in all of this, paid attention to every detail! 

~ Jen in Missouri

He's Going Back Home!

I've known my friend for many years, since middle school. We both got married around the same time. He's 28 and decided that after 4 years of marriage he didn't want to continue his marriage.

He and his wife had been having problems and instead of working out the situations he was deceived by Satan. He would talk to me sometimes and I would tell him not to give up trying to work things out. I didn't think that he was taking my advice until one day out of nowhere he came up to me very happy telling me that he was going back home and he appreciated the advice that I was giving him!

The day before that, he was in a taxicab and the cab driver just so happened to be a pastor. He told me that the pastor started telling him about his situation not even knowing him. He also said he felt that was God talking to him through the pastor and he was going to obey God!

He gave up the other women and told her he was going back home! I was so happy for him and his wife who is expecting another child.

~ Cathy in Michigan

God Fixed It!

Before RMI I didn't know "how" to be a wife. Married for 6 years, I let negative thoughts rule my mind. Instead of "letting go and letting God", I wanted to fix things myself. And you can't fix it yourself. You have to step yourself out of your situation and let God totally fix it Himself.

To not think negatively is how I was changed, to remove myself and allow God to do His will. My husband and I got back together the week after Christmas 2004, after being separated for a month. Not long after, we found out I was pregnant! We just had our third daughter this past June, we praise God! God is Awesome!

The principles God taught me were to think outside the "what about me" box. To be what I should be, and not what I was. The turning point of my restoration was letting God ... We have to put our worries on Him, and do it. We can't just say it, we have to do it. We have to give Him all of our burdens.

God gave us another baby... :) And a happier, healthier marriage!

Melissa in Texas

God was Always There!

My husband has been home for two weeks and says he is "happy" with me! I feel happy too.

It has almost been three years since the break up, but there were troubles through our fifteen years of marriage.

I wanted to be married so bad that I walked into a situation unknowingly, falling for a separated man. My optimism was dashed over and over with the problems of this involvement, but I didn't understand why.

Once I had worked through the RMI materials, reading them over and over, I had a chance to put them to practice since we stayed in touch. There were still long gaps in our progress.

In the middle of our struggles, how mind boggled I was and how not knowing. No matter how I used my own understanding, I got nowhere. I came more and more to understand my Queen Esther destiny, and stuck to it.

God was always there. My Lord Jesus always looked on me with His compassion. The Word was my lifeboat! I learned to see with different eyes!

I don't know what is in store but I keep my eyes on Him.

Thanks to RMI, my ePartners, my home fellowship partner, and the praise reports! Pray that this will always be a happy marriage, as God's will.

Karen in North Carolina

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