At a homeschool one of the moms noticed that one of the other mothers who was a regular at their homeschool meetings had lost a lot of weight. However, later when she complimented her, Patrice broke down in tears, saying it was because she “couldn’t eat.” Her husband had left her and her six children six weeks earlier! Thankfully the homeschool mom had heard about How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage from another home school mom who was now in a restored marriage. So she told her to ask that friend for it.

When she saw the small book, she doubted that it could help her. However, when she read through it, she found that it answered all the questions she had, and with Biblical answers. In the past she had often tried to “fix” their marriage troubles with her husband based on other marriage books she read or advice from her friends. And she said, “Everything that she'd tried made things worse.” Patrice was so desperate for the truth, and when she read the verses, she knew she had finally found it.

Patrice said it didn’t take long to read through the book several times; each time she said that she became aware of something new. The turning point is when she said she stopped “trying” to get her husband to come back, but concentrated on the verses of Scripture that she highlighted in her Bible.

In less than three weeks, when her husband finally came around to see the children, he was amazed at the change in his wife. She had lost over 50 pounds since he had left over two months earlier! But the most amazing change, he later said, was her countenance and personality. The once angry contentious woman was now sweet, gentle and kind to him even though he had left her without even a good-bye!

After a full day of observing her, to make sure it was real, he decided to stay the night. Her husband never left again!!

One Sunday morning the homeschool mom, who had told her about the book, saw the entire family of eight eating breakfast at a local restaurant. They were attending a new church and she said the entire family looked so different—once sort of a sad looking family—they were happy and laughing together!

Patrice in Alabama, RESTORED

Another Marriage Restored in Florida!

We just spoke to a couple in Florida. They have a restored marriage due to the wife reading and applying the Restore Your Marriage book!!! Our publisher called and asked us to call them. They had contacted our publishers to ask permission to translate the book into Spanish since she wanted a Spanish version for all the ladies she knows who can’t read English. (The Lord did not use this couple for the Spanish translation, but instead a professional translating ministry did it for us!.)

They promised to email us their complete testimony but unfortunately, we never got it.

Peggy and Juan RESTORED in Florida


Brought to Tears Restored “Suddenly”!!

After two years, “suddenly” a young married woman wanted to stop the divorce proceedings she initiated against her husband and work things out!!! She said that she didn’t know how or why but her feelings for her husband had returned. Her mother in-law contacted us who has been believing God for the restoration of of her son's marriage said, “I am just amazed and awed by the power of the Lord Jesus Christ!”

Aren’t we all?!! Praise the Lord for His faithfulness to His Word and His Promises!! Don’t let ANYONE tell you that God cannot or will not turn the heart of your spouse or family members. He does it ALL THE TIME!!! Who cares about the will of man, when God in His mercy created all of us with a heart that HE TURNS whatever way He wishes?!?!

Barb wrote, “We had such a precious weekend, two full days with my husband. We literally spent most of the weekend side by side. He had me over for dinner Saturday night and then again Sunday night. Later, both nights I ended up staying with him. However...THE ULTIMATE thing happened Saturday before we went to sleep. He said, ‘We should pray.’ He took my hand and he prayed and thanked God for His working in our lives. This brings me to tears.”

Barb in North Carolina, RESTORED

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