Better Than Before

I’m submitting this for my precious best friend because she does not have computer access. She and her husband had been separated for 3 years —and she had no clue her husband was leaving, he just left. So I gave her the RYM Book and the WW for us to study together.

Needless to say she was devastated, crushed, and brokenhearted! She went numb. The enemy lied to her telling her she wasn't worth loving. No one would ever love her. Not to mention she was way too old for her very young husband, over 15 years difference.

Well God is no respecter of race, age, of persons! God had plans for these precious people of His!

My friend turned all her being to the lord. She sought people to “love on” because in her brain it helped her get her mind off her broken (unworthy to be loved) heart. She started ministering in addiction recovery classes in her church because she'd turned to food to help ease her pain as well. Three long years of not hearing from her husband for months on end, then she hit bottom and everyone pressured her into filing for divorce.

My friend went to her husband to get his signature, but God had other plans. Her husband was going to sign it because he thought he had to (being as he was so young he didn’t know what was going on, other then he was out in the world), but the notary couldn’t accept his signature—he wasn't allowed to sign because his driver’s license was not valid!! God made it impossible for signing of any divorce papers!

So they once again went about their separate lives, then finally, one night, he hit bottom in the drug scene—praise the Lord for bringing him to himself! Praise the Lord for using that whole horrible drug world (Satan means for destruction and God used it for his glory!) That night he called home and told his wife he couldn’t handle that kind of life anymore. When we heard, we prayed huge warfare for him that night; for God to remove him from that world. The next day he called her and said his grandpa was dying and he had to go to Arizona! God took him out of that world in less than 24 hours!

My friend was miserable saying she didn’t mean for God to move him out of the state, but God moved him to where he had to get a job to be able to stay with his grandparents. And his grandparents are God fearing—it was the best place God could have moved him!! That’s when she pursued the Lord as her Husband more and more. God was healing her so she could be the Godly wife He called her to be and what her husband would need.

When she was ready is when God finally brought her husband back to Idaho. He kept saying he needed to get a job, but he knew he couldn’t because he couldn’t pass any drug tests. God allowed him to become so miserable to the point that he had no food. God’s Word says if a man does not work, he does not eat. God’s Word says the wicked shall not succeed. He got so miserable, hungry, and sick! Praise the Lord! He was so miserable that one day he cried out to the Lord and was completely set free from the drugs!! No withdrawals at all!!

One day he saw a dump truck driving down the road, so he decided to followed it not knowing why, and he pulled the driver over and asked if they were hiring. The driver said, “Yes, here’s a card, get to the office and you'll start Monday.” He passed the drug test and he’s been working for more than 2 years straight now and is providing for his wife financially (where as before he did not do that). She just told me she has fallen in love all over again due to him being clean from drugs and faithfully working!

With this new man God has blessed her with, my friend can do nothing but praise Him and tell everyone she meets that God can do the impossible! She tells everyone about what happened, and that her husband’s body has a new man inside that is totally “loving on” his new Godly wife! They are behaving like newlyweds—all romantic and flirty! God’s love is overflowing out of them! God promises He'll restore what the enemy stole from us and better then what it was! They are showing God’s promise! Glory be to God!

Thank You Lord for this restored (better than before) marriage and they will serve You, Lord, all the days of their lives together as one! Amen! And thank You for using me to give my friend the truth when she needed you the most. I know in the past I told people the wrong thing, because I was ignorant. Then even when I knew the truth I'd keep it to myself. Thankfully I realized the truth was not mine to hide away, but to share it with everyone in trouble. Thank You for finally helping me to help others!! 

~ Chizette in Idaho

Just Married!

Praise God! My marriage was restored!!! We were legally married again after three and a half years of divorce! I never saw him, didn't know where he was, but this ministry told me none of that mattered if I just made the Lord my Husband.

Praise the Mighty name of Jesus Christ my Heavenly Husband. All praise and glory belong to Him and as RMI says, Nothing is impossible with God! Amen and Amen!!!

~ Sharon in California

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