Best Friends AGAIN!

I dealt with a lot of what is considered "unacceptable" behavior in my marriage. I did not know how to cope with it in the right way! I had to pray for my husband's salvation and deliverance.

I prayed for courage, healing in my situation, and joined many prayer chains. I sowed seeds for my marriage and prayed for my husband to change. But it all began with me learning how to act correctly, and to not REACT! Thank you for your resources, I would share them with anyone! I prayed for others, but I did not have an e-partner. I believe your ministry helps all of us when we all prayed for each other!

I learned that I am still learning, whenever I do go through difficult situation with my husband, I go to prayer and ask God to guide me and to teach me how to treat others. I ask Him to show me how to let go of fear—to let go of my rights and not stand up for myself.

I know I am never alone, God is for me and my marriage and no one can be against me because God moves mountains, and does the impossible! All I can say is, normally I would be yelling, screaming, and reacting negatively; now I love my husband unconditionally—no matter what he says or does! I give him to God.

I also know that God will come through for our marriage, which is faith! He will protect our business, finances, and provide a home for us again.

Thank you so much for your ministry! I learned a lot about healing, forgiving, and not setting boundaries with God --there are no limits with God! I learned how to let go. Most of all I learned to trust in God with all my heart, soul, and mind.

God transformed, renewed, healed, and forgave me so I could forgive my husband! The Lord taught me that God is for us so who CAN be against us? It is my choice to live in happiness or unhappiness, I choose happiness! To do this I must stay focused on the Lord at all times!

 He showed my husband and me that we had, and still have, a good life together. This is because the Lord brought us together, and only the Lord can take us apart! We can love each other unconditionally, regardless of the circumstances! I learned to not let people, places and things come between us!

Thank you God for my wonderful marriage! I know You will keep it in Your good will, and Your way! You will work out and move mountains every day to answer our prayers!

Trust in the Lord and He will lead, guide, protect and show us His will at all times! He is healing my husband right now from adultery, (and other things) but most of all, from drinking! I am aware all this time we have been apart is to teach me to trust and lean on the Lord at all times. I have learned how to forgive my husband (and myself).

I do not have to let fear control me, I do not have to allow people, places, or things control me! Bad situations are temporary; faith is believing what is unseen. Restore Ministries really helped me with my healing. To live in the present, let God do the confronting, and not me! Just like in David's prayers, God is in control at all times, God has given us everything we only receive what God has for us in the first place. Seek the Lord's Kingdom, God's Word, walk in it; live in it. There you will find happiness!

Yes, even so, my husband's adultery was very painful for me. I denied it, he denied it, but then the truth came out. I gave it to the Lord, and the Lord is making everything right! He is making sure my husband stays faithful to me right now, (He has already put closure on the OW, and her control and manipulation). Now God is helping my husband to do what is right at all times.

Also, my husband is standing up to the OW! He is seeking to protect himself and OUR marriage! He is also protecting our business, and our assets that the devil has stolen from us. My husband has received the Lord's salvation and deliverance! Because of my healing, I can communicate today and enjoy my husband and he can enjoy his wife! Right now we are learning to grow, change, and live together again as husband and wife! 
I was restored when I realized I was doing the same thing over again and expecting different results. It does not work your way; doing it God's way works! My husband realized that he was being used and used emotionally, spiritually, sexually, and financially by the enemy! My husband knew he had a wonderful beautiful wife at home and he was hurting her. He wanted to be responsible and accountable to God and his wife. My husband realized that what he was doing was wrong and sinful, against our marriage, and against his wife, while living in adultery.

Everything was suffering: our marriage, our business, and our home! We have to leave our home because the OW drained us financially, she was out to destroy! (God has intervened though, when we said: "satan we rebuke you against our marriage in the name of Jesus Christ right now!") Now God is in control, no weapons will form against our marriage or my husband! Nothing will be able to stand against us ever again, that is God's promise, our Lord's promise!!

 Our restoration really began when we started talking and seeing more of each other, and as I started applying your restoration principles to my spiritual life. Bad doors closed and good doors opened, that’s when we started trusting and loving each other unconditionally. Most of all, we live in the present, share beautiful moments, and learn to solve our problems effectively. We focus on the solution with God, not the problem itself!

Instead of fighting, we have peace and great special times together—every experience is a learning experience! We are learning to be best friends again through God. Most of all we are building a wonderful life together! My husband now believes as I do—that what God has put together only God could take apart! Love is kind, patient, understanding, and forgiving!

 ~ Jamie in Virginia, RESTORED!


God is so Merciful!

I was the model of a contentious woman, without even realizing it! When my husband left me, I was completely broken apart. I couldn't eat, sleep, or even function! I searched for advice on the web and found a secular site "Marriage Builders." Even though it was secular, it had a prayer message board and it was through that, that I found Restore Ministries! My life completely changed afterwards; I was given hope. I ordered the book "How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage" and cried through the entire reading of it. I had done every wrong thing listed not to do in the book since my husband left!

But God is so merciful! I gave myself completely to the Lord, and He started to change me. I applied the principles in the book: I stopped all arguing, I stopped talking to others about my situation, and I let my lawyer go. As a result of this, the hate wall came down! My husband started to call me just to talk!! Then he started taking me out for breakfast, then an occasional lunch, then with our sons for family outings! All this happened while he was still living with the OW!

Then he finally left her and came home, but it did not last. Even though I thought I was ready, I guess I was not! It was much harder applying all the principles 24/7 rather than just on an occasional basis. So he left again, but this time to his own apartment and not to an OW, praise the Lord. This was the most difficult time for me, but it gave me time to grow in the Lord and further refine me—as God wanted me to be refined. I devoted myself to Bible Study, devotionals, church going and singing with praise CD's. I don't think I would have made it without Restore Ministries and Streams in the Desert!

As I said before, God is so merciful! Suddenly and unexpectedly, my husband came back home again this past May. This time I know he is here to stay! We just sold our house that we had lived in for 15 years, and bought a new house. It will be a fresh start without the unpleasant memories of the previous one!  It is not easy, but I am so much better prepared for Satan's tricks now. I am a different person and through prayer and the grace of our Lord, I believe wholeheartedly that our marriage is restored for good! Praise the Lord!

~ Carolyn in California, RMI Fellowship Member, RESTORED!!


Living Proof!

My marriage has been restored! God has done a tremendous thing in me and in my life. My husband and I have been having problems since we were married in 2000. We were both adulterous, had many arguments, etc. I was very contentious and manipulative to everyone; not just my husband! My husband used to say I drove him crazy (which I did) and I drove my husband to the arms of another woman. God then brought me to this website in 2002. I bought the book and workbook and eventually God turned my husband's heart back to me!

Things were ok at first, but then I became complacent which gave the enemy free reign to play with my mind and remind me of everything that happened! I became upset and made things worse by committing adultery myself against my husband—which drove him to yet another woman. This time the woman ended up pregnant, and he made plans to stay with this woman and build a family with her.

I let him take our children because I wanted my freedom. I also wanted to be with the OM I was with and I didn't want any distractions! That is how I viewed our children at the time, God had other plans for my alone time though! The Lord got a hold of me this March and did a complete turn around in me. He changed the way I thought acted and lived! He changed my desires from what I wanted to what HE wanted. It got to the point where I did not care if my marriage was restored or not; the only thing I cared about was God's will and what He wanted for me.

I kept praying for His will to be done; not knowing what His will would be. Almost instantly, circumstances began changing in favor of the restoration of my marriage! Like I said earlier, the other woman was pregnant at the time and she ended up having a miscarriage. I didn't know what response to have to that, but I also know God doesn't make mistakes! He is not evil, so I knew when that happened He must not have wanted her to have those children.

Their relationship began deteriorating rapidly and the whole time I was leaning on God! That's a miracle because I don't lean on anyone usually. I used to be the type of woman that wanted to control everything so that's why I say that's a miracle! Then my husband began calling me, and the OW was actually bringing me and my husband closer—without even realizing it through her actions! Eventually my husband began talking everyday with me!

My husband was in a one year lease with this woman, but God miraculously broke the lease! The other woman had to move out of the house and praise the Lord she's out of our life. Praise God He removed the other woman and turned my husband's heart back to me. We also have military housing (my husband is in the Navy) so we don't have to live in the same house they lived in! He found out we had it within a week; which is a miracle because the waiting list for military housing is normally one year! We are really getting a fresh new start!!

Our furniture was stolen by the OW and God made a way for us to get new furniture! She even took the bed that they slept in and left the bed that my daughter used to sleep in, which turns out to be a better bed! She left her treadmill which my husband said I could keep, and she left her 15 cookbooks which he also said I could keep. Things have completely turned around and it is all because of Jesus! The children and I will be moving into our new home in two weeks! Praise the Lord for the miracle He has done with us! God is so good, my situation looked completely hopeless! If someone would have told me in last spring that God was going to restore my marriage, I would have laughed at them! Now I tell everyone that nothing is impossible with God—and I'm living proof!! 

~ Vanessa in Florida, RMI Fellowship Member, RESTORED!!

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