Merry Christmas. I'm writing to share my story. My situation and testimony are a bit different than other women I've read about. I am a mother of two teenage daughters and I came to a Restore Ministries meeting years ago. At the time I became very involved in your books and the bible study. Each week I was very open to the lessons in the A Wise Woman workbook for women and I fully embraced the teachings I read in How God Will Restore Your Marriage. However, one night the discussion focused on the fact that a man in adultery would be financially "reduced to a loaf of bread" and would "come to poverty." I was angry! I put my hand up and told the teacher flat out, “You obviously don’t know my husband!” I told her and the class that my husband was a financial genius, that he had an incredible job (one of the highest paid in our city), and that it was impossible for this to happen to him! I was so angry I got up, left the class and as I left I promised never to return.

About six months later, I actually did return. Everyone there remembered me (not surprisingly since we had been studying the "Gentle and Quiet Spirit" and the outburst I had when I left caused everyone to look shocked). Anyway, I needed to come back and humbly share some news with the teacher and the entire class. 

Soon after I stormed out of the class that night, my husband lost his great paying job and I knew immediately it was because of the OW he'd been seeing. Not only did he lose his job, but within a few short months he used all our savings, and a month later he'd mortgaged the large home he had given to me in the divorce. I was agreeable because he said he needed to start a new business and I knew he was great with money. Then, within 2 months the new business had to file bankruptcy!

So I came back to class with the mind and heart to accept every single principle in How God Will Restore Your Marriage and the A Wise Woman workbook for women knowing that each is based on His word, not on anyone's opinion. And His word never changes no matter what. My story does have a happy ending, though. In complete and utter poverty, my husband eventually returned home to me and our children. We live very differently than we did, but honestly, neither of us would change anything we went through together. We are now much happier than we were when we had all the material things. Seeing this picture of our girls the year we were a family again just sparked the need to send this thank you in my Christmas card this year to you.

~ Christie in Florida, RESTORED

Mom and Dad Aren’t Fighting Anymore!

Dear RMI, I wanted to write to tell you that only last year I was telling all my friends what a wonderful marriage I had. Just a few weeks later my husband confessed to me a major sin that he had been hiding, something that had been going on for years right under my nose. It was then that everything in my life started to fall apart. I was so angry and we fought continuously, even in front of our children I'm ashamed to say now. Eventually, my husband left our church, left us and became suicidal.

Then a friend told me about your amazing book, 
How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage, so I ordered it. I began reading the pages that seemed to be speaking right to me. I was ready for things to be right again, so I faithfully read the book, marking, and underlining and keeping the “Personal Commitments” that I signed in the back of each chapter. A week or so later I then purchased the workbook for women A Wise Woman and did all the homework pages. About the same time, I also increased my prayer life and found one friend to confess my faults too and pray with as the book recommends.

Forgive me for waiting so long to write, but my life and marriage were saved!!! Even my children noticed and said one morning, “Mom and Dad aren’t fighting anymore”! I came back and just placed an ordered for 10 more books. I know so many women who need this message!! I'm hoping to get a bible study started to go through your workbook, and I knew I just had to write a note of thanks!!

~ Samantha in Oregon, RESTORED

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