We just heard a wonderful testimony about a couple who had been divorced for three years and hadn’t seen each other for at least two. One night Mary Ann was invited to a revival service at a church in Pensacola, Florida (the church where the Thiele family attended for many years). When the altar call was given, she went to the altar and gave her live to the Lord. When they stood up she stood, she turned and saw her husband who had also gone to the altar and was saved that same night! When they saw one another they ran to embrace. Mary Ann and her husband were remarried shortly thereafter at the our church.

~ Mary Ann in Iowa, RESTORED

Bankruptcy Brought Husband Home

Chris, a woman with two teenagers, came to a Restore Ministries course when the fellowship met in Pensacola. Chris became entranced with Erin's books and the study every Monday. Each week she was open to the lessons in the workbook for women (not yet published) and embraced the teachings from How God can and will Restore your Marriage. However, one night the discussion focused on the fact that a man in adultery would be financially reduced to a loaf of bread and come to poverty. Chris refused to accept the principle and told Erin, “You obviously don’t know my husband!” explaining that her husband was a financial genius, had an incredible job (one of the highest paid in their city), and that it was impossible for this to happen to him! She promptly stood up, and left the class and promised never to return.

About six months later, Chris humbly returned to the fellowship study with some news. Soon after she left the class, her husband lost his great job because of something the OW did. Then her husband used up all his savings, and even mortgaged the large home he had been by given his wife in the divorce in order to start a new business that had just gone bankrupt!

Chris began coming to the Monday classes, she said, with the mind and heart to accept every principle in How God can and will Restore your Marriage and the workbook for women. In complete poverty, this woman’s husband eventually returned home to her and his children.

~ Chris in Florida, RESTORED

Just Remarried

Six months ago, our first publishers, Mt. Zion, received a phone call from a woman, Joanie, who said that she got How God can and will Restore your Marriage about a year ago and said she and her husband had been divorced for nine years. She said that she had not seen or heard from him during those nine years and Joanie went onto say she "didn’t even know where he was living." But she said that when she read the book, she believed the promises that were written within the pages were for her.

Joanie said she had called to share her testimony with the publishers. Joanie said that she had just received an amazing phone call from her ex-husband. He said, “I called to tell you that I am interested in restoring our marriage. What do you think?” This woman thanked the publishers again and again for their part in helping to get How God can and will Restore your Marriage into the hands of those who need hope.

Praise the Lord! They were just remarried!!

~ Joanie in Delaware, RESTORED


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