As Everything seemed to get Worse, I Clung to my HH

What brought you to RMI? Please use this space to briefly let our readers know what your life was like when you first found us, Ivanna, so our readers understand just what a miracle your restoration is.

Ivanna, how did your restoration actually begin?

It all started when in a fight, in a moment of anger I said the I wanted a separation, after that my husband changed completely was emotionally began moving away from me. He said that after I have said those fateful words, it marked a change in our relationship that could never be fixed. We soon went through one crisis after another in our marriage, he was moving away from me more and more, which resulted in me becoming more insecure and this opened the door for so many bad things to enter our lives.

How did God change your situation Ivanna as you sought Him wholeheartedly?

This changed suddenly one day when I was super down, sad and started searching the internet for some kind of solutions to problems in our marriage and that’s when I came across the book "How God wants and will restore your marriage" on Amazon. It was God who guided me to the book which led to me finding the amazing ministry of the RMI. Glory to God. When I began to read the book I realized that many things had to improve, however, it took me a long time for God to fully transform me and this came by way of letting go of my marriage and coming back fully to seek the face of God. After 6 months of much prayer and intimacy with the Lord, finding my Heavenly Husband, I began to feel that I was no longer broken but was being transformed.

What principles, from God's Word (or through our resources), Ivanna, did the Lord teach you during this trial?

The principles of the Word, which I discovered in your resources, that I began to apply were to first to have a meek and humble spirit, avoiding quarrels. I began to have a sweet and loving heart not only with my husband, but with everyone around me. I was able to stop being a contentious woman, childish, manipulative, and discovered this is fundamental not just for restoration but for having a happy life.

The hardest to apply was the principle of letting go, as my husband never left home, but he continually tried getting away from me and he was talking nonstop about having a separation and that our relationship had no way of recovering. As I applied the principles of letting go, of no longer checking on his life and also always making it clear that I would not get in the way of him if he wanted to leave our house, always trying to emphasize that he was free and I wanted his happiness. Dear brides, beware of snooping on Facebook, or his cell phone, as this only attracts more problem, because it destabilizes us. The only way to find peace and later restoration is in letting go even if your husband is at home. Stop tinkering with his things, his mind and his time. Stop doubting what he says, and stop asking a thousand questions. The moment I stopped calling and begging for attention and change the way I lived my life is the moment peace came and the situation began to turn. You’ve seen it does not solve any problems and only hardens is heart; so why do we follow this fatal advice from everyone?

What were the most difficult times that God helped you through Ivanna?

The hardest times were probably when my husband said that he did not love me anymore and that our marriage was over and that he could not see a solution moving forward. Yet I came to believe against hope, developing a strong relationship with my Husband and Love, holding His hand and trusting in His Word. Not what I saw or heard that was contrary to what He told me.

A difficult time was when I began to sense that my husband was moving even further from us and that it might make him become interested in another woman. He did not get to that point of having another relationship outside of our marriage, but I’m certain that it must have crossed his mind and heard later he approached several times by a woman at work. It hurt a lot, but I always knew that our marriage had the blessing of God. And thankfully before it got that far, God got my attention and I knew I needed to change immediately.

As I searched daily for the Lord’s favor, asking Him to incline my husband's heart all to me, to want to be in our home, and for our love to be more like His love for me, the more I saw that beginning to happen. The moment I started to put my Husband first, it was from there that I began to see the real change happening. My dear ones, put God first in your life, learn to have a sweet relationship with your Heavenly Husband and soon you will come to see the changes happening too.

Ivanna, what was the “turning point” of your restoration?  

Beloved ones, believe me when things really get worse is when the restoration is near, just like RMI says. Once our marriage started to worsen, and not just a little, but quite a bit. I started instinctively began to feel insecure I knew we were entering the final stages of my journey. One day he came to me, crying that he’d started thinking of being with someone else because we were so distant from each other, but that nothing had happened.  

When everything seemed to get worse, I clung to my HH and began to ask for more and more for the faith to do nothing but simply trust. The turning point was when he stopped talking about separation and his attitude began to change towards me. Soon, rather than moving away from me emotionally, each day he was moving closer, gradually returning to being affectionate with me. My final test was the day he told me that he needed some time alone, that he would make a trip and that was the turning point. I said, Yes, by all means, go.

For many weekends he traveled alone over the weekend and then I began to see the transformation. My EH sent messages during his trips, he was worried about me, he wanted to know what I was doing. While I was alone I sought a deeper intimacy with my HH and just told God to have His way with my husband and complete His plan. I felt an enormous and great peace because I was with Him, He was beside me the whole time guiding me, loving me so what more could I want.

Tell us HOW it happened Ivanna? Did your husband just walk in the front door? Ivanna, did you suspect or could you tell you were close to being restored?

After he returned from traveling, he became much more affectionate. He called throughout the day and I could see his love for me return again. Then one day he said “I love you” and I confess that at the time I did not believe it was true.

Another important point, when I asked the Lord for my transformation and for the restoration of my marriage, I said that I trusted Him and that it would happen in His time, not mine. Then one day I said that I no longer wanted my marriage to be restored and was I horrible for saying that My Beloved answered and said to me, that now that He knew He was first, it was time. It was that night that my husband and I went back to being intimate.

I can say that even after three months, we are getting closer and closer. Thank you, my God, for your kindness in restoring my marriage. Dear HH, your Love never fails! You are wonderful!!! How I love you my Heavenly Husband!

Would you recommend any of our resource in particular that helped you Ivanna?

I’d say How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage also Daily Encouragement and going through the online courses.

Would you be interested in helping encourage other women Ivanna?


Either way Ivanna, what kind of encouragement would you like to leave women with, in conclusion?

Dear ones, do not give up on your marriage when everything seems impossible because that's a sign that God wants to come to work and fix everything. Praise God for this journey and cling to Him all the time. This journey is not easy, but I can say with all my heart that I would never have changed this experience for the world. I now know I really can do everything in God who strengthens me, for He is my Shield, my Fortress. My Beloved, thank you for fulfilling your promises in me, thank you for transforming me and for being the first in my life. Erin, thank you for your ministry and for helping so many marriages. I am very grateful to RMI, may God bless you and your family.

Read with faith this passage from Psalm 21 "Like streams of water, so is the heart of the king is in the hands of the Lord who inclines him to do His will."

Dear Brides, no matter what you are going through in your daily life, He is in control and nothing is impossible for Him. This journey with Him will help you understand why you are going through difficulties or have gone through the things that you have. We all desire to live an abundant life, we are always striving for more. Yet in trying you will never find the answers to your questions or obtain the abundant life. Once you understand that He alone can fulfill all your needs and give you your heart's desires, living abundantly will happen to you too.

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