Advice on Forgiveness

I have enjoyed a restored marriage for many, many years thanks to RMI. So I am back today to again THANK and PRAISE my Lord, as I do every day, for showing me the LOG in my own eye and creating in me a new woman and wife for my husband. Years ago my husband was searching to "fall in love again," and he did - with the new me! Thank You Lord!!

The prayers I prayed while my husband was away are still etched in my heart, and believe it or not, are still being answered daily. Sometimes, I laugh out loud at His goodness and mercy. Today was one of those times. 
My husband shared with me recently that a man’s wife had been unfaithful to him. This man told my husband that is where he drew the line and would not take her back. Then the man quoted Scripture out of context to support his claim.

My husband then said, "I believe that God can forgive anything," to which the man replied that he did not think he could ever forgive her. My husband simply said, "Well then, that is how you will know it is from God - because He will put the forgiveness in your heart." The man left saying he would pray about it because he confessed, deep down he still loved her. Can you believe it?

That's when I recalled my old prayers asking God to turn my husband's heart of stone back to HIM! My husband (who was under the bondage of adultery) is now ministering to men, to someone who was offended by the very same sin?? – this is truly of GOD!!

My husband has never apologized to me, but he never needs to. The sin was against God, not me and my own sins were against God as well. That's why what happened showed me of God’s Great power! Not only does he (my husband) realize that God forgave him - but he (my husband) also realized that it was God who put the forgiveness in my heart to forgive and also in his heart to be able to come home to me. AMEN!

~ Michelle in Alabama, Restored

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