We recently received a letter from a man, Jim, in Texas who reported that after 15 months of separation, his wife of over twenty years has RETURNED HOME — praise the Lord!!!! She had filed for divorce in May, about two months after he received both of our books for men. The Lord led him to apologize for all of his wrongdoing in their marriage. However, she seemed unimpressed and still was determined to divorce him. “...for we walk by faith, not by sight!” (2 Corinthia 5:7)

Then in September, his wife found herself in a very serious situation. Jim asked if there was anything he could do something to help her. To his surprise, she accepted his offer for help! Instantly, his wife’s opinion of him changed and she decided to move back home and recommit to their marriage!!! She is NOW home—where they celebrated their 20th Wedding Anniversary!!!!

Note: So often men and women panic when they don’t have regular contact with their spouses since the Lord has “changed them.” God always makes a way to reunite spouses. He often allows a crisis in a spouse’s life as an answer to our prayers, but ONLY when we obey and leave room for HIM to move!!

~ Jim in Texas, RESTORED

Husband Packed Bags—
Came Home!

A young woman, Michelle, had two small boys, when she found out that her husband had not just left her, but was actually living with another woman who had recently had his baby. Michelle was devastated, but she sought the Lord for help. Soon after, she met a couple in her church who told her that they had a restored marriage, introduced her to Restore Ministries resources, and said that they would help her.

Michelle began meeting regularly with this couple to pray. Soon after reading  How God can and will Restore your Marriage and began to meet with the older woman to study A Wise Woman. She then felt led to begin to apply the principles on fasting with prayer. However, things got much worse the more she prayed and fasted. One day as she answered her door, she was shocked as a sheriff served her with divorce papers.

Instead of falling apart, she took the papers in hand and headed to the older couple’s house to pray. The three of them held hands and prayed together against the divorce papers.

At that exact hour in another state, her husband was packing his bags. As he headed south and came to a fork in the road, he asked God to steer his truck, to the right would be home, to the left would be to join the other woman. His wife’s prayers were answered — the truck pulled abruptly to the RIGHT!

Once her husband was home, she shared with her husband about her prayers, fasting and her new relationship with the Lord. She had become a Christian while he was gone and she shared her newly found faith with him. That Sunday Michelle's husband went to the altar and accepted the Lord. That night the couple shared with their huge church their entire marriage testimony. About a month later, they decided to renew their wedding vows.

~ Michelle in Florida, RESTORED

Update: The last time we heard from Michelle she was in a prolonged fast. She said that the Lord had impressed upon her heart to adopt her husband’s baby girl. They had heard that the baby had been left for months with friends while the other woman went overseas. It seems that she had lost interest in her daughter soon after her lover had gone back to his wife.

Husband Has a New and Broken Heart

Phyllis  came to a Restore Ministries fellowship meeting full of tears. Her marriage was over; her husband had filed for divorce. Three weeks later, her husband dropped the divorce and came home. He said he could not deny the complete change in his wife and now believed that things would “work out.”

A few months later, her husband was given a job transfer, and their family was asked to move. However, her son was graduating from high school that year, so he didn’t want to move with the family. So Phyllis asked her husband to give up his promotion so they could stay, but her husband said, “You choose; either come with me, or we’re through.”

Ministry Note: When the husband or wife has children from previous marriages, there are always many more opportunities for the enemy to use the children to divide and conquer the family. The real parent tends to protect or side with their own children instead of their spouse.

Unfortunately, Phyllis chose to stay behind with her son and found herself legally divorced within three months. Despondent, she cried out to the Lord for help began applying the principles again. Two days later she found her How God can and will Restore your Marriage and A Wise Woman again and began poring over it with a new and broken heart.

This time, she said, the changes she made were real and permanent. Months later she wrote to tell us that she and her husband were remarried and have never been happier.

~ Phyllis in Florida, RESTORED again


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