"The Centre of My Life"

Restored Marriage Testimony:

"The Centre of My Life"

How did it all begin? *

My EH had left the house after months of stress and anger between us. It wasn't his choice. In fact he hadn't wanted to leave the home, however things escalated to the point whereby he was asked by the police to leave with all his things and he had vowed he would never return.

Previous to this day, our marriage had been built on sinking sand. There were so many emotional issues we had to deal with in our marriage of 5 years. I was back and forth at my mothers house each time we had a disagreement which displeased my EH every time.

Although a christian my approach to our marriage was one of self righteousness. I also discussed everything with family and some of my friends. My EH was not a church-goer but knew the Lord once. I would attend church with my daughter and mother and he would very occasionally visit.

We grew further and further apart and my EH was pursued by other women. Initially he was flattered but nothing took place. It wasn't until I left the house the final time after another argument to go and live with my mother that he started seeing the OW. I sought a divorce but God would have it that I never went through with it (due to ill health at the time). That's when God started working in my life and showing me myself in the light of His Word. By the time I returned home (approximately 3 months later) my EH was already involved with the OW. That's when he left the home. I was devastated.

How did God change you & did He change your situation as you sought Him wholeheartedly? *

During my devastation God had already started working in my life by leading me home. I was led to numerous websites which supported me at the time, including a standers ministry site. When the time was right, God then led me to RMIEW and this was a turning point in my life. Through the resources God showed me myself in the light of His Word and changed me from the inside out. I became more gentle and calm, less worried and more intimate with my HH. He became my centre, my focus and changed the way I thought and acted. During this time I followed the principles and prayed, fasted for my strength and did not contact my EH.

What principles, from God's Word (or through our resources), did the Lord teach you during this trial? *

The Lord taught me respect, he showed me the 'line management' of respect and my role as a wife and mother.

He showed me how to have a calm, quiet spirit and how to run to Him with my troubles and not my EH.

He taught me the importance of having Him as number 1 and spending time with Him to have that peace and joy He speaks about in His Word.

What were the most difficult times that God helped you through? *

The most difficult times the Lord helped me through was when my EH left and I found out there was OW. I would hear things even though I didn't know where he was. It seemed he was happy and it took faith for me to let go completely and devote my life to my HH during this time.

Another difficult time was when our daughter would ask questions and I didn't have the answers to give her as my EH was away from us for 13+ months. The Lord provided me with the insight to answer and get through these times.

What was the “turning point” of your restoration?

The turning point for me was completely letting go of my EH and centering my focus on the Lord. This wasn't easy but necessary I believe for the restoration of my marriage. Whenever there was contact with my EH, I was courteous, respectful and had a calm and quiet spirit.

Tell us HOW it happened? Did your husband just walk in? Did you suspect you were close? *

As I focused more on the Lord and my relationship with Him I noticed that my EH would be in touch with me more. The calls and frequency of his visits increased along with the hate wall coming down. I suspected I was close, but I never wanted to admit it or focus on it. I kept my focus on my HH.

Would you recommend any of our resource in particular that helped you (or your friend)? *

I would recommend the Daily Encourager, the RYM book and the Encourager eVideos.

Would you be interested in helping encourage other women? *


Either way, what kind of encouragement would you like to leave women with in conclusion? *

Trust the Lord, don't give up trusting Him to work things out. Make Him the centre of your life during this time and leave the circumstances to Him. Nothing is impossible with Him.

Nellie in Scotland is one of our few ministers who were able to grasp the principle of her HH, whom she refers to as her HL “Heavenly Love” after being a stander that resulted in her restored marriage. Now a Ministers in Training she says “I believe my marriage crisis happened for a lot of reasons, the main reasons to help others know the truth so they can be set free.”


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