“Taken by Surprise!!”

“Taken by Surprise!!”

Ava, how did your Restoration Journey begin? *

It all began a year ago after I discovered that my husband has an emotional relationship going on with an old girlfriend of his. He admit that he loves her and was convinced that he's in love and that's the person he wants to spend the rest of his life with. He would tell me several times that he doesn't have any feelings for me anymore, he wants us to stay friends for now and wants break from our marriage.

Unfortunately, me being the contentious woman that I was at the time, I called police on my husband and put a restraining order against him soon after I received a phone call from a family member. This family member called to tell me who knew and live in the same state with, which was the other woman. I was also told that the OW already purchase a ticket for my husband to move in with her in Florida before the weekend.

That same day before I received the phone call I heard my husband talking with the OW about how happy and excited he was and how he couldn’t wait. That’s when I made my next big mistake because I started to panic and began calling all my friends and family members about the situation.

My husband told me he got invited to a party in New York that night and might come back home the next day if he didn’t find a train running. Yet I didn't buy it and call cops on him while he was taking a shower as suggested by some family members and friends and I told the cops that he put his hands on me. They arrested him for a few hours and ask him to find a place to stay because I requested a restraining order.

That night my husband went to New York and stayed with a friend but I felt so bad for putting him through all this that I contacted him asking for his forgiveness. He said he forgave me but he would never forget, and said he would never in his put his feet in my house again. It’s at that low point when I started to seek God for forgiveness and began to search for real help. And that's when the Lord lead me to this ministry.

How did God change your situation as you sought Him wholeheartedly? *

God showed me all my wrong doings and I was able to forgive myself for what I’d done and my husband as well. My whole life and situation began to change when God introduced me to His Son, my Lord who became my heavenly Husband. He opened my eyes, gave me a new heart and lead me to the truth. I remember there was times I wouldn't hear from my husband for months; but the closer I got to the Lord, the more He’d prompt my husband to call and soon the hate wall fell. The Lord change everything around for better!

What principles, from God's Word (or through our resources), did the Lord teach you during this trial? *

During this trial, I learned that the most important principle is to put my Lord Jesus Christ first in everything I do! He should have the first place in my life all along: not my husband, not my job or anything else. It's when I put Him first that I began seeing His mercy. I also learned to wait on the lord and let His will be done rather than rush the process. Another thing I learned is that no matter what the trial may be— don't fright—and rejoice always.

What were the most difficult times that God helped you through? *

The most difficult time was seeing my husband falling in love with another woman. I was really hurt by that; but, the Lord kept on reminding me that He's the one in control and I should trust Him because he will not put me to shame.

Another difficult time was financial issue when I was at a point when I could no longer support myself nor pay my rent. But through that difficulty I learned that He faithfully provides for all my needs once that I began tithing and trusting in Him for everything.

What was the “turning point” of your restoration? *

The turning point of my restoration is honestly when the Lord lead me to this awesome ministry. I was a dead spirit then, but all glory to the Lord— He uses Erin and this ministry to show me the way! It wasn't until I truly met my Lord and His Word became my everything that I began seeing tremendous transformations in my life.

Tell us HOW your Restoration happened? *

My husband did not just walk in the front door. First, he’d been reduced to bread of loaf as said and began going through some really difficult times. He had been unemployed for months and simply couldn't take it anymore. He had been telling me how he couldn’t find a job no matter how hard he tried.

Then one day he called to ask me if my job was hiring. I said yes, so he applied online, then got an interview with them but never showed up. The reason he gave me was that he couldn’t see himself living in New Jersey because of how he hate it there and could never live there again. And based on what I learned, I never asked him to come live here and instead all I said was OK.

It was on the first of January when he called to say Happy New Year but began complaining about me not calling him and we didn’t speak to each other if he wasn’t the one to call. That's when I mentioned that it was because I'd been busy moving in to my new apartment. Three days later around 6pm he called to tell me that he’d just gotten kicked out of where he was living and needed my help. He asked me if he could come home because he didn’t have anyone else but me. I was honestly shocked because I didn't know my restoration was gonna happened that way. Yes, the Lord took me by surprise but I trust Him.

For the past 2 weeks I continue telling the Lord how He's all I need and how I don't even care about my marriage anymore because He’s given me everything I need and because I'm so happy where I'm at right now in my life with Him. I was actually pleading with Him not to let my husband come back (before he called) because I've been enjoying the peace with Him. I’ve even told one of my closest friends the same thing.

So I confess I was sad when my husband asked me if he could come home because I've been enjoying the peace I get with my Lord. I did thank the Lord for what He’s done, answered the prayer I’d prayed, but at the same time, I was honestly sad.

Praise the Lord. My husband has been home for 2 weeks now and he reapplied for the same job, got an interview and got the job. Now he's just waiting for his schedule. Again, Praise the Lord!

As for our relationship, at this point we're just like friends. We don't have the normal husband and with relationship, not yet. Nothing major has change yet, but I know my Lord is still working to change us both.

Did you suspect or could you tell you were close to being restored? *

Yes, I knew I was close to being restored because almost everybody who knew about my situation began agreeing in prayer for my restoration and would tell me to get ready without me mentioning anything to anyone.

The main key I learned about restoration is that it happens when you don't need it and honestly don’t want it.

Would you recommend any of our resource in particular that helped you? *

Yes, I would recommend the "how God can and will restore your marriage” book, the bible, along all the videos and courses.

The daily Encouragers helped me a lot also because they kept me motivated to gain the relationship with the Lord that I was lacking. In addition I always make sure I go back to the videos whenever I need a boost of encouragement.

What kind of encouragement would you like to leave women with in conclusion? *

I’d like to encourage you ladies to never give up no matter what your situation may look like, no matter what you’ve been told, and no matter what has happened. Keep your faith in God alone and know that He's more able to do the impossible.

Finally, be sure to Wait on the Lord.

~ Ava in New York


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