"RESTORED on Anniversary in Slovakia"

“RESTORED on Anniversary”

I never thought we had a problem in our marriage. Yet I was full of pride, dominance, arguing and directing, but I didn´t see this. Then I found out my EH had a relationship with OW and that he is in love and feeling like he was a long time ago with me. Because of anger, crying, hurting, pressure and monitoring, it ruined our whole world. It was about everything I wanted, everything I had. I pushed him to leave home and didn´t allow him to come back a few times when he really wanted to! I was blind, I thought he had to do something, he had to change and show it to me. I was so wrong, so proud, eh?!

I start to look for answers! Deeply in my heart I knew God can change my husband, my situation, because He is Almighty God, who I was far away from for few years. So I was praying one night with all my heart, really crying in front of Him to change this hopeless situation, to change my husband. I promised Him I’d forgive him if we can start again and with HIM. I wrote some requests on praying web sites, I was seeking God, looking for a solution. Few days after this, I received an email from one great woman with links for this site. I knew it was a sign from God!!! This was the point that has changed my life forever. He has heard my cry and will help me. I read the book “How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage", and knew at that moment I am the first one to be changed by Him. Not my husband!

I applied immediately principles (at least I tried) one after another. I read the book many times, prayed all days long, I rediscover my relationship with my Lord Jesus and everything was so clear now!! I was so unfaithful to Him since I met my husband. I was very sorry for this and I was feeling now how it feels to be the second one. Now I was in right way for my whole life. It didn´t matter so badly now what and when will be with my restored marriage, I was honestly happy to live again with Him, for Him, my Jesus!! He helped me through, He is so nice, so gentle!!

The Lord teached me to walk with Him, to seek Him and only Him, to talk about everything to Him firstly, to sit with Him, to pray for my needs. Only He can do everything, hear everything, only He knows what is the best for us, for our lives. If you fall down, just get up and reach His loving hand and look again at Him. He understands and He loves like nobody can love. Yes, my Jesus :) The MAN of my life, forever!!!

When things were very difficult, He gave me what I needed for me and my kids, really!! And He send me His Words when I needed it and helped me to forgive and love again, to not blame, to wait on Him. I praise Him!!!

The turning point came when I began apply principles, when I apologized for my acting, my sins, this was the turning point I think. And when my husband felt I forgive him. However he was still confused. I knew, if he is not coming home yet, it has to be His purpose for both of us. I stopped (after reading the book) arguing, blaming or being needy. I went with everything to my First Love. Then my relationship with EH was very friendly and even if it was so hard some days, I had my Jesus!!

Our 5-yr wedding anniversary was coming. I was a little bit sad seeing this date in my calendar, but kept thinking that God will do what is the best for both of us. More than a month ago my husband was planning to be home at that time. I felt peace. It doesn´t matter for me really when my husband comes back. I wanted only he will come when God wants. And He put in his heart desire to be with me again forever on this same day of our anniversary. So he came back and we are family again!

I still pray our God will change his heart to HIM like he has changed his heart slowly to us. I thank Him, I praise Him with my whole heart. And I want to stay with Him, in Him to be a good wife for my husband, to please the Lord and live a life He has for us.

I would recommend book “How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage", "Wise Woman", RRR Courses and especially God´s Word, Holy Bible!

Precious women, never lose hope. Our God is God of impossible things, God of everything!! Just seek Him and be with Him, hold Him strongly and don´t be afraid to walk on stormy seas with eyes on Him :).

~Júlia in Slovakia


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