Begin your day with a DAILY DEVOTIONALS

Read one or both devotionals as you begin your day see LIST BELOW...

Psalms & Proverbs

Then be sure to READ Psalms and Proverbs

And for encouragement when your Restoration Journey feels like it's taking too long...
Hind's Feet on High Places read the sample now.  

ALSO, consider reading Prison to Praise to learn and use the principle of “praise in all things” that brings results that can only be explained as miraculous.


SPREAD Encouragement through His promises!!

Many of you read about Melanie at the end of RYM Course 1, and giving a small promise was the method she introduced to Erin, which was incorporated into the first Restoration Fellowship. 

Simply print off, cut up the 
Promises: Template
 then give one to guests you welcome into your home or even carry them with you to give to others as He prompts you.

Do you have PRAISE for a Specific Day for either Devotional?  

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share your JOY at finding the perfect devotional for what you faced!