Be sure YOUR Praise Report is published in our Encourager 

by following these simple guidelines.

BELOW are the guidelines our Minister Selection Team uses in sorting through the many Praise Reports we get.

By following these simple guidelines you can be assured that YOUR PR will be selected thus—becoming an Encouraging Woman!

Ministers: Here are important reminders to keep in mind when marking the PRs:

  1. The PR keeps our RMIEW members and Encourager Readers policies, that it is in accordance with His truths we are learning here and what RMIEW believes and stands for. 
  2. The PR is focusing on the Lord as our Husband—NOT on the earthly husband or ex-husband.
  3. The PR is NOT a "praise" that causes anyone to focus on what could be their "addiction" or "obsession"— which is often their earthly husband, marriage and/or their restoration. 
  4. The PR focuses on the LORD: what HE has become or is becoming to the woman, what HE has done for her that day or over the past week, and lifts HIM up.
  5. The way to discern when a PR is excellent is to think of the women who get Encouragers with all the other "junk mail " they get each morning; will this set the right frame of mind for them to start their day Encouraged to foster a relationship with Him? 
  6. Be sure the PR is not in the form of a devotional, talking to the Lord directly in their PR and falling under the principle of Matthew 6.
  7. EASY, LIGHT and Encouraging them to know Him in a personal way is what we want to post or use in the Encourager. 
  8. The PR must not be too vague as to leave the reader confused regarding what it is she’s talking about. Like this email that was sent to Erin: Burden Lifted through Praise. I didn't like this PR so much. It seemed too weird and made me feel uncomfortable. But the main reason is that she never said what it was that she needed prayer for, and this sort of PR just seems to leave you confused and makes me (or would make someone) stop reading them. Replace reference of direct contact with Erin.
Example: Erin contacted me and gave me a lesson to read again.
          Replace with: I was given a lesson to read again. 

9. The PR cannot be used if it is basically filled with details: such as the amount paid for, specific dates (so the PR will not appear outdated when we use it two to three months later), which is why this notice was placed on the top of the PR Form:

PLEASE NOTE: Because we work ahead to make sure our newsletters are ready to be sent on time, the PR you submit TODAY will not be used until 3 full MONTHS later. That's why we ask that you PLEASE NOT share specific Praise Reports that focus on any holidays. THANK YOU!

"And I, if I am lifted up, will draw all people to Myself.” John 12:32 

Thank you!