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Spiritually Fed

Our wonderful partners have continued to tithe and/or give a monthly offering in order to spiritually feed many women (and men) who are starving spiritually.

Our SFP “Spiritual Feeding Program” is similar and might be compared to a local soup kitchen and the feeding programs that are vital to saving people who are dying from physical hunger.  

We believe almost everyone today is spiritually starving and dying. Though there is so much being said to encourage us in our difficulties, it's only HIS truth, His Word, and testimonies of praise that will feed the hurting souls, heal the deepest hurts, and strengthen the poor souls who've faced betrayal, abandonment or even the anger they feel towards others.

We don't have strength in ourselves, but we have been blessed to have been entrusted with spiritual wisdom to give others—in order for YOU to give to others—allowing YOU to minister to the individual needs of others who are spiritually starving around you—many in your own homes.  

Our SFP “Spiritual Feeding Program” —the Encourager—is now an Encourager Blog. We no longer SEND daily newsletters.

You'll also find the full "menu" of encouragement to strengthen you, which is running along the right side of the daily praise report:

1) Start your day with a Love Song (one of our songs or another He's given to you)

2) A Daily Devotional (one of our options or another He's led you to)

3) A Daily Lesson, to give you more substance and strength to carry you along your Restoration Journey (one of our many courses from our books). 

As you feast on these each morning, and share the truths with others as you go about your daily lives—you will find yourself spiritually strong, with a heart full and equipped to offer encouragement to everyone you come in contact with.


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