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Sowing Step 3:



The Tell us how the Lord led you to Sow Hope. 

~ Valecia in Arizona

I was able to sow hope by sending the RMI link and book info to a woman who asked how I stay so calm through everything going on in my life. She was thankful and stated that she wanted help to not feel ashamed of her situation and turn to God. The lord led me to tell her that he loved her and wanted her to come to him about it all. I told her that when she feels like running to her friends to tell what is happening to turn to God and ask for his guidance. He will take care of her and it and restore her.

The only obstacle was one other friend was there and stated that she may not be where I am, to put the emotions aside and just go to God initially. I said God will heal the pain and she will understand what he has for her when she lets him have control of it all.

 ~ Phyllis T in Vermont is a RESTORED minister who has encouraged all of us through her enthusiasm and AMAZING praise reports. Like almost all of us, she believed the world's lies about marriage until her husband had had enough. Then began this great journey with the Lord where she changed into who you will get to know and love as we all have.
Restored Marriage Testimony.

I was also able to sow books to a library that serves my local community and the lord led it upon my heart to call and then stop in to see if they would accept the books as a donation. They said they will accept the books. I was also told that the books would be given to Stephanie to see how to display it. I was then told that if it does not get placed that they would sell it and give the earnings to a reading program for children.

I told them that I was apart of a ministry that is for helping build strong marriages and helping women during marriage problems find hope through God. The only obstacle I had to overcome was being asked if I wrote the book and how to explain what it is about and that it is not for reward but for a spiritual resource.

Alma in Washington is a single mother of an autistic son, but once she became the Lord’s bride her son was no longer fatherless— but began to flourish with the “Father to the fatherless.” Currently Alma is preparing for her own Ministry “Single Moms of Autistic Sons” to help other mothers who need a Heavenly Husband and father to their Fatherless sons just as Alma found for her son.

On this site you post prayer requests and praise reports and others pray for it. You are notified by email when someone prays for your request. The lord led me to this site because I was on there several times praying for my situation before I found RMI. I prayed for several women that I saw were struggling as well, then I posted the RMI link and information for anyone to reach out if they needed hope and encouragement to make it through.

I received a notification that several people prayed for this and I sincerely hope they followed the link to see how God can help them as well along this journey...

This is what I posted: I have been seeking marital restoration and I have found hope and encouragement. If you want peace and help as you continue to go through this trial please give it to GOD. Dear Lord please guide these sisters during the trouble in their marriage, and her ears shall hear a word behind her saying this is the way, walk here, when she turns to her right and turns to her left (Isa 30:21). Please reassure them that when a thousand falls on their right and their left, help them to know that if they follow you it will not happen to them (Psalm 91:7) hide them under your protective wings. Help her to find the narrow path that will lead her to life, the abundant life you have for her and for her family. Lord, I pray for a testimony that you can use for your glory when this broken or troubled marriage is healed and restored. We will give you all the honor and the glory. Amen" This is my prayer for hurting marriages. God leads anyone please seek his help, here is one step...

I had to be creative and make sure I provided the information in such a way that is truly to help people suffering and gentle to what they may or may not already know, instead of as a solicitor as if the info I have to offer they should try…

Vicky in Indiana is a Minister in Training who from the very start began to invest in restoration of others with her praise reports and tithing to her storehouse.

Well, when I realized, or at least "felt" as though my last two church visits did not go as well as I had hoped, I sought the Lord for any area of disobedience in my life that could have caused my errors or misguidance. That's when He reminded me that I had only sowed 4 of the 5 books that I was originally asked to sow into libraries.

Clearly, I had not COMPLETED my first assignment before moving on to the next. So, I did a google search for a library in my area that I had not visited. Several pulled up and I got confused as to which one to go to. The Lord then showed me to go to the FIRST one on the list, which just so happened to be the Community Library.

The Library Director, was very kind and OPEN to all that I had to share!! She even allowed me to interrupt her dinner to sit down and speak with me. I didn't sense any obstacles at all on this visit. The meeting was cordial and warm.

Vicki in North Carolina, is traveling along her Restoration Journey, watching the Lord give her a spiritual makeover— replacing the contentious woman she once was, to becoming a woman who has found peace. Raised as a Mormon, Vicki now realizing she could never live her life without the Lord.

When I first received my box of RYM books, I KNEW that God would want me to sow close to home, at my local library. The library has been like a "second home" to me due to me spending so much time there, borrowing books and using their internet before I had access at home.

I was able to speak with the Director of the Library, who invited me into her office. She was very open and interested in the ministry I also shared my concern with the epidemic of divorces in our community and nation, and my passion to do what I could to prevent divorce in some small way. Due to my close relationship with the library staff, I encountered no obstacles :) And to my delight, I was later told by the Director that one of the RYM books had been checked out and RENEWED by a patron!!

~Sannette in South Africa, South Africa RMIEW Minister, is one of our most fun ministers, having been set free from immeasurable amounts of difficulties and tragedies she has come though. No matter what you face, you can see from Sannette's life that God has more for you!!

I've visited my local libraries that I have visited and borrowed from before. So the Lord showed me that since I had reaped from their collection, I should now sow there as well!

The response of the circulation librarian was not positive at all. She did not smile nor was she enthusiastic about my donation. After I explained my purpose in donating the book, she told me, rather glibly, that since they receive so many donations that she could not guarantee that my donation would be placed in the collection. With a BIG smile, since I saw how gloomy the librarian was toward me, and though she was reluctant to accept my donation, stating she wasn't sure if they could use it, I extended the book to her anyway. I knew that God was in control and that He had led me there so all would go well. Praise God! The book WAS placed into circulation! And it didn't take very long, as I had thought :)

The resistant attitude of the librarian was an obstacle, but I knew that God had sent me there, so I pressed through the opposition with a smile. PLUS, I prayed over the book and my visit, so I was at peace that God was in control.


~ Dedrie in Delaware, is currently still working towards finishing her Restoration Journey, with her specialty being who have trouble letting go and trusting God after abuse due to contentiousness.

When I sought the Lord for the local libraries that He wanted me to sow the RYM books into, my local Library was one that He brought to mind. I had visited the library center once before, so I was familiar with the location.

Though I was familiar with the location of the library, I was not so familiar with the hours. I arrived just minutes after they closed, but I KNOCKED on the door and they opened up for me! The librarian was very kind and positive, listening to all I had to say! She then enthusiastically accepted my donation.

No obstacles, other than the door being locked. But as I mentioned before, I was undaunted and knocked because I did not want to miss that opportunity to bless someone else! "Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; KNOCK and it will be opened to you." (Matthew 7:7) God rewarded my efforts! Shortly afterwards, the book was placed into circulation!

Linda in Washington is a RMM "Registered Marriage Minister" who specializes in physical, emotional and mental healing.

I have been a long time patron of our College Library. So when I sought the Lord for WHERE to sow the RYM books, He showed me that this would be one of the places! The woman who I spoke to is a good friend of mine, so she accepted my donation enthusiastically. She also patiently listened to all that I had to share with her about the ministry and the focus of the RYM book! I was able to share with her that RMIEW was a ministry that I had been a partner with for many years, and how it had changed my life and relationship with the Lord greatly! I also shared that the RYM book had helped to heal and restore marriages all over the world. I did not encounter any obstacles.

 ~Sabrina in GeorgiaMinister in Training Candidate

Hello and I hope everyone is being blessed. I was giving an assignment on the books that were sent to me and the task is accomplish. However the first library I went to was college park branch. I called and spoke to someone who handles books. I explain to her about me being a mit. She told me I could come in and donate the books, but if they couldn't be used they would donate them to someone else. As you know i went to meet with her and as i arrived there, I told her I had called and she just took the books and said thank you. The second one was East Point library, I didn't call this one I just went there. I first talked to a man that was at the front desk and explain to him that I was a MIT. As I finished talking his nose was up in the air. I replied is something wrong with your nose? (LoL) I smile and so did he, he said I was trying to get what you was saying, let me get someone to help you. I spoke to another man explaining to him about the situation, and when he looked at the books he had a big smile. He shook my hand and said thank you I would love to take them, that I felt better. The third one I went to was South Fulton Regional, I spoke to a man that handle books. I explain to him what I was doing. He said if the books was not in their system they will put them of this shelf that sit right in front of the store and sell them. I got skeptical, but he went on to say that the money go toward the children in their library like black history month performance etc. He turn and said "tell them you made me smile." "He did smile" I said. However the books will still be in the library and know that someone who needs them will get them. The fourth one I went to was Clayton county library, I called and spoke to a lady by the name of Flora Hazelton. I spoke to her about me being a MIT and i would like to donate something there. She told me to come in and ask for her. You know I did! she welcome the books and ask for my name and address so she could send me something in the mail. Last I went to Hapeville Public library. As I walked in, a lady greeted me and ask me how can she help me? I explain to her that I was a MIT and what i was doing. She grab my hand and said you came to the right person. She ask me for the book. At this point I was appalled and was happy to give it to her. In doing this I felt so good because this the first time I ever done something like this and know in my heart, that these books will fall in the right woman hand (PLT). I tried to submit a picture but it want let me. Sorry maybe next time!!



From ~Erin

I'm very impressed with how Sabrina followed through and was able to SOW all the books she purchased AND how wonderfully she documented her experiences so that all of us can glean wisdom, knowledge and understanding from what she shared. If any of you want to SOW books to your library, here AGAIN is the link: CLICK HERE!

Restore Your Marriage For Women

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