Overview and Reviews for Our "30-Day to Rebuilding Wisdom" Course 


"Rebuilding Your Life"



Rebuilding your Life 

Jesus said, "Therefore everyone who hears these words of Mine and acts on them, may be compared to a wise man who built  his house on the Rock" Matthew 7:24


Our "REBUILDING on the Rock" course begins with learning how to rebuild your life on the Rock. By first reading through, then working through A Wise Woman.

"By WISDOM a house is built, and by understanding it is established; and by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches”—Proverbs 24:3–4

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How much does it cost to take this Bible Study lesson?

Our PARTNERS are thrilled to GIVE our $30.00 Courses to everyone for FREE—with the agreement that you will journal by using the What I Learned forms at the end of each lesson.

Why do we ask that you agree to journal?

Because our PARTNERS pay for the courses through their tithes and offerings, we therefore want to be faithful stewards of their spiritual investments. That's why it's our HOPE to sow into good soil—the good soil that Jesus spoke about in Matthew 13:3-10:

"And Jesus spoke many things to them in parables, saying, 'Behold, the sower went out to sow; and as he sowed, some seeds fell beside the road, and the birds came and ate them up. Others fell on the rocky places, where they did not have much soil; and immediately they sprang up, because they had no depth of soil. But when the sun had risen, they were scorched; and because they had no root, they withered away. Others fell among the thorns, and the thorns came up and choked them out. And others fell on the good soil and yielded a crop, some a hundredfold, some sixty, and some thirty. He who has ears, let him hear."

Here are 2 Praise Reports that help understand the difference these forms make:

"Doing a lesson was so different from just reading the book. Journaling after each lesson really made me look deep within myself and evaluate my life and my relationship with the Lord. When I bought the RYM book, I had no intention of applying for any of the courses. But after I read the RYM book a dozen times, I wanted more. I needed more. I had no idea just how much I would come to love doing my lesson forms. The Lord has surprised me by revealing things to me I have never thought of before. I learned so many things about myself, my Lord, Our relationship and so much more. Ladies, if you haven't applied for the course, please start applying! Doing this course has brought me even closer to the Lord than I imagined and I love it! Lord! I praise Your Holy Name! Thank You!

~Gen in California

"One day as I began reading through my lesson, I felt so down and so discouraged that I started slumbering through my lesson. But then I got to a portion where you confess your sins in the form. Oh sisters that made a huge difference in my life. I woke up this morning feeling fresh, light and truly forgiven. In fact, I felt so much of His love flowing in my life, I am so much at peace with myself and I have a new life!! Today I feel that I am a new bride with a HH that loves me above all things. It is time to stop condemning but instead run to Him! Even if we are deep down in the pit, crawl to the Lord because He will reach for our hand and lift us up. Thank You Lord, I stand in awe of You forever.

~ Precious in South Africa

Heila in South Africa

I thank God so much for the partners that made this course possible for me. I am so much richer due to your obedience to our Husband. The whole time through this rebuilder's course I was feeling that whenever I read a verse in the bible or one referenced in the courses where it talks about the righteous, am I allowed to call myself this word. I do not feel righteous at all. In fact I feel responsible for the mess my life was in before God called me. Not just that I feel responsible, I know I am responsible for I have allowed the enemy to use me for his purpose. I have no right to call myself righteous. Through this course I came to know that because the blood of Christ covers me I can rebuild my house on the Rock and I am the bride of Jesus and He loves me and thinks of me as righteous. This is only through His grace and nothing else. None of my deeds will ever deserve His perfect love for me. I have forgiven myself for the mess I made and the pain I am responsible for only because He forgave me and although the enemy wants to remind me of my sins it is okay because I can never forget how deep the pit was that God rescued me from. So here God again turns everything for good for what the enemy is trying to do to harm, God uses to keep me humble. If I should see the sins of others I can thank God not because I am not like them but because His grace covers me and without it I can fall back to that horrible person I was so easily. I can also realize that because I was at the same place that God loves that person just as much as He loves me and because He called me He wants to call each and every person to Him. Every one of us is special to Him. Through these lessons I could also start healing. Healing from childhood traumas as well as the death of my parents. I also needed healing after I accepted my part in my marriage problems. I needed to heal and forgive not only my husband but myself more than anything else. If it was not for God's guidance and these lessons I cannot begin to think where I would have been. So again I thank you and pray God's blessings and abundant life upon each and everyone of the beautiful ladies that are partners in this ministry.

I would definitely recommend this book to any girl old enough to understand the wisdom and principles in this book. I would recommend it to any woman in crisis does not matter what the crisis is. It is definitely the way every woman should live her live through Christ. It would be best if you can build on the Rock from the start but if you have built on sand like me it is never to late to rebuild your life on the Rock! And this book are the blueprints to do just that.

For years I have been foolishly tearing my house down with my own hands without even realizing it. Thinking I was a model wife and mother. Yes, I, I, I.... And in that was the problem. My husband was more important than anything else. I would do anything to please him but in my heart it felt like I was not getting the same commitment in return. I began to day dream that he would leave me and that I find a knight in shining armour. Well, now he is someone else's knight in shining armour as I wished for and I am broken. If it was not for my dear Lord and Savior I am honest to say that I may have taken my own life by now. By the grace of God I am saved and He is doing things in me and I praise Him for what happened to me because I would not have been able to heal from all my pain (not only talking about my marriage) if He did not allow this to happen to me.

Thank You Lord. For drawing me to You after I made a mess of everything You were willing to take it all out of my hand. I deserve none of the good things You do for me daily. I deserve none of the promises You gave me. I do praise You for allowing this to happen. I needed You so badly. The emptiness my heart felt that I was trying to fill with all kinds of other stuff You knew could only be filled by You and You alone could see my desperation for something more to life. I am not sure that if my husband did not leave that I would not have in any case taken my own life due to this emptiness. As our Maker only You can fill that gap. I love You so much. Please let me never forget where You saved me from. I can never be that again. Amen. 

Julie in Ireland

I would like to say a very big THANK YOU to the sponsors for this course. Without your generosity I will not be able to take the courses as I am a student (now even without my scholarship) that has very little cash. I hope that in the near future I´ll also be able to sponsor a woman in need as I am. May God bless you and your love ones and grant you the desires of your heart :) This course, taken from the chapters of "A wise woman" book is a complement for the "how God can and will restore your marriage book" (or at least I see it that way). It will continue to open your eyes to your own sins and to how overcome them. It keeps encouraging you to be a better person (wife, mother, daughter, sister) for the sake of God. I found RMIEW when my husband of just a couple of months divorced me "out of the blue" (divorce is not yet final but...) and I couldn't be more heartbroken and hopeless. Now, God has listened to my prayer and granted me the opportunity to start to built a friendship with my husband, even though he keeps telling me to move on, that this was the best and that we will never reconcile, I can see God starting to work in his heart and in mine. There are still many times that I will feel heartbroken and hopeless but then I remember all the testimonies and lessons from this ministry and my heart is fill with hope again. Thanks a million for allowing me to have this resources available. 

 Stacy in Illinois 

Thank you and thank God for this site and partnership. This 30 day journey has helped me recognize how important it is to reach out to other women to help... SG to send them my way in order to teach them the truth. I didn't have anyone teaching me any of the principles prior to finding your site. I am ever so thankful! would highly encourage you to read the WW book, as it continues to change me... Learning to Seeking God for EVERYTHING and knowing what it really means to have a more intimate relationship with Him first. My marriage was 'built' on sinking sand! I didn't know my shortcomings and now I know the truth. My former husband doesn't really talk to me much now, but I'm at peace with it. I am focusing on my relationship with God and I know that God is the God of impossible ... restoring all to Him. Lord God,

I am truly humbled that you have brought me on the journey I am on! I can honestly say that I don't remember how I found this site, but I know that YOU were the one that led me to the site in my cry for help. I long to get even closer to you and continue to press into my journey in order to help other women in need. 

I love you Father God! ~ Stacy in Illinois

 Ana in California

Thank you for the wonderful gift of the rebuilders course. It has continued to give me such peace with my situation and a heart that is dependent on The Lord. My focus is changing from simply seeking restoration to how I can use my circumstances to help others. I think this is a must read for any woman with children or a newlywed. It helps women seek God for every aspect of her life including work, home, husbands, and children. I had a relationship with God but I wasn't dependent on Him. I tried to do things in my own strength. When things didn't go as I planned I cried out to God to bless my mess. I thought psychology and counseling would help me. Lord, thank you for your perfect plan for my life. Thank you for allowing me this time to become totally dependent on you. I love you lord! Thank you for leading me to RMI. You never left me in the dark.

 Melissa in Wyoming

Thank you to my Heavenly Husband (the Lord) and the women He has led to this ministry with the purpose of encouraging and helping other women. I am blessed to have gone through most of the lessons twice. I feel so much stronger than I did 11 months ago. It is powerful and wonderful to see the Lord work through these beautiful, gracious, unselfish women. I am blessed by the books, the web site the information and referral to other books. Truly, our God is an awesome God! Thank you and may you be blessed as you bring blessings to others.

The book "A Wise Woman Builds Her House: By a FOOL Who First Built on Sinking Sand" is life transforming. I recommend this book to any woman who can read. Because it has been directed by our Lord and is filled with so much scripture references and encouragement, it only blesses those who read it. I am very thankful it was recommended to me.

I was abandoned and betrayed by my earthly husband shortly after my Mom died. I relied on myself and cried to my family until the Lord led me to this ministry and the Restore your Marriage books. They were a life-saving God send. Thank you my Husband and Heavenly Father for being my one and only true Love. I am so loved and blessed. I know this is all your perfect timing. For some perfect reason, I did not become as close to You as I am now, sooner. I love you and appreciate you . I ask that you find me worthy of leading even just one soul to your loving merciful face. Thank you Jesus.

Now for an overview of our "Rebuilding Your Life" Course along with a few Reviews.

Rebuild Wisdom: Week 1 "On the Rock"

Our New Rebuilders, like with almost every other woman, you built your life on sinking sand. This course will show you that you DO have choice, every day, and in every decision you make, to begin to rebuild your life on the Rock, on the truth and with the Love of your life—because it is the only thing that will last. You'll be excited daily to learn and rebuild your life as everyone in your life will begins to witness a change in you!

Jeanette in Colorado

I used to seek the counsel of friends for everything in my life, but as I've gone by on this restoration journey with RMIEW I have read so many times that my only counselor should be my precious Father. It has taken me some time and mistakes to get to understand this. But after reading this lesson it became more evident that He is the only one I should run to for everything. Who better than Him? Because of this lesson My Lord is clearly the first in my life and I'm so blessed for it!!!!!

Jackie in Georgia

This lesson was amazing showing me that there is no earthly thing, person or situation left to sustain my mind, body and spirit, I realize now that GOD is much more than enough and I should have realized that many years ago. As I pray throughout the day and read my 3X5 cards with my scriptures on them, I feel like there is no one else around. Like I am surrounded by GOD himself. Even when I am around others I
feel HIM all around me. HE has led to me to certain people and give them the cards. And before I would want to help guide them, but when I give them the card I ask them to keep it to themselves for at least 30 days and all of them have responded with a look of excitement and intrigue!!!!!!!!

Rebuild Wisdom: Week 2 "First Love"

As a Rebuilder, this is often the most exciting week. Understanding the relationship you have with the Lord will help you let go of the life you "tried" to have, to be with the One who will love you beyond what you ever imagined possible!! I hope that the picture depicted (left) will be you as you run after the Lover of your soul. :)

Rebuild Wisdom: Week 2 "First Love"

Peachy in the Philippines 

There was a time that my first love was the Lord. I remember during the earlier years of my marriage, I couldn't get enough of knowing about the Lord. I would constantly read the Bible, meet with friends to discuss the Bible with them, read verses alone then with my EH. I was on fire and my heart was so excited to open itself up to listening to what the Lord wanted to say. I realized that now after more than a decade, although I served the Lord in many ways, I have lost that first love. And He has been calling me back for so long, but I let other things be first in my life. I no longer have that same yearning I used to have, and I am now in a place where I would like to feel that way again!

Sherri in Texas: My Marriage is now RESTORED!!

Day 9 RWC: Wk2 If You Love Me  - Children & Church

This lesson has touched my life by showing me how my rebellion and disrespecting of my parents as a child,carried over into my marriage and I was unable to honor my earthly husband's authority. Different times during my marriage(because of hard financial times), my family or just me and our children have had to move back in with my parents or mother(my step-dad is deceased). Until I began this journey with the Lord and He opened my eyes to this very crucial aspect of why things in my marriage/life weren't changing. I was still disrespecting my parents or mother and doing the same to my earthly husband. It wasn't until this lesson grabbed ahold of me that I determined to obey God in this and honor all authority in my life and He gave me understanding of this principle. Now, I am careful to honor my mother and my earthly husband regardless of how they treat me or speak to me. I have peace in knowing that God is pleased with me for my obedience and He is blessing me for it. 

Rebuild Wisdom: Week 3 "The Ministry of Reconciliation"

As a Rebuilder this week, you will gain the wisdom to understand how to properly handle every situation when you come face-to-face with someone else who is in a marriage crisis. Due to how the world deals with it, we also are perishing (and causing others to perish) due to our own lack of knowledge.

Anna in California 

This is a great lesson so far because recently the Lord began sending me many women who were seeking advice. This lesson was helpful to help me guide the ladies I encounter. This lesson helped me realize that we are ALL called to be ambassadors for Christ and that the reason we go through trials is so that we can help others who will be going through similar situations. There is great responsibility in guiding others to Christ but the good news is we don't have to have all the answers. In fact, we are not to tell others what they need to do but rather guide them to deepen their relationship with God. This lesson was invaluable!!!!

Erica in Tennessee 

This lesson reminded me that I need to be more earnest in my attempt to find someone to encourage. It has been on my heart to do that, and I pursued it before Christmas, but when no one was made apparent to me and the few people I did find were not receptive, and especially when I had my own struggles to overcome, I kind of let go of it. Now that I feel like I am back on the right track, I want to be able to reach out to someone that is going through what I am going through and try to help them. I just hadn't been successful in finding that person yet. When I was in distress I reached out for all kinds of support for myself when my situation began, and was blessed to find one person, via an online forum who led me to this site, and who became such a help and encouragement to me. Her situation was so similar to mine... So now it is my turn to be that person for someone else!!

Rebuild Wisdom: Week 4 "Encourage OTHER Women

The final week of Rebuilding Wisdom is one of the most exciting and may be one of the most important lessons. Why? Because when we watch women change their focus from themselves and their own restoration to focusing on others— we see miracles happen! Will the LORD find you His faithful bride?

Maria in Brazil

Until this lesson I didn't realize how important our fruits are. If we aren't happy and living in peace, how can we talk about Jesus and how can people accept The Lord or any other Christian concept? Unless they see my fruits: If I am happy and in peace, even while facing so many problems, they will want what I have!! They will want to Know God as I know and become the Lord's bride. People need to see happiness in me!! My family are devote catholics. I was too before I came here. And without telling them anything, they SEE the changes in me. I do not have to say anything, they will see my fruits and I will continue to win them without a word.

Isabela in the UK

Wow, God is working in my life and in my home. Reading this lesson I could see how empty my life has been and made me ask myself "How can I influence any woman if I don't have any relationship with the Lord worth having? Since I met the Lord, when I was a teenager, I never could evangelize or speak about Jesus to anyone really, that was a huge hurdle that I still am working to overcome in my life. Now I believe it's about the time to prepare myself to be a 'older woman' to encourage younger women. This moment in my life I think God is breaking me and building me up as a new woman—it's so good to know He is working on me for a greater purpose!

If YOU are READY to begin to Rebuild Your  Life—

AND you have completed both Course 1 & Course 2