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but first 2 *NEW* Restored Marriage Testimonies!


Restoration & Peace

Thank you Erin!!!

Last summer, I realized my husband felt more and more like a stranger but I had chalked it up to the many hours he was working at his two jobs. I stayed consumed with my work and taking care of the three kids. Looking back, I can see where he tried to reach out to me but I didn't realize at the time how serious things were.

In July, our cell phone bill was unusually high - we were charged overage fees and when I investigated why (still not thinking anything along the lines of adultery) I saw very long and late night telephone calls that were taking place during his second job. When I inquired about them, which of course I now know I shouldn't have done, he became very defensive. That was the beginning of a very quick downward spiral. Over the course of the next 60 days, he told me he didn't love me, he loved someone else, that he wanted a divorce, that she was getting a divorce, and he put down a deposit on an apartment for the two of them and her child and his child from a prior marriage who lived with us.

I called a counselor at the suggestion of my mother and basically figured that I couldn't afford to meet with her. However, she suggested some online resources. I couldn't remember the exact name at the time so I tried to do a quick search but through what I know was God's doings, I did find Erin's site. At that moment is when I began my journey where I found peace!

Reading her site led me to turn back to God and I gave Him control of my life. I was able to let go of the pain that was trying to rob my children and me of everyday. I read my bible like I had never read it before and devoured Erin's books - reading them everyday at lunch and on breaks and anytime I could sneak a few minutes. I fasted for the first time in my life, learning to be fed on the Word and truly feeling the effects of dying of the flesh that I found on this site and in my bible.

I have always been a control freak. I learned to let go of that and rely on God. Even in restoration, when the devil tries to remind me of things, I'd say, I trust in the Lord and no one else. It gives me such peace. I also reminded myself to be a gentle in spirit and to pray daily for God to show me ways to be a good helper and to not try to be the "leader."

Though I knew my husband was "involved" with someone, God actually told me through a song on the radio that my husband had been physically unfaithful to our marriage. He prepared me for the moment when my husband confessed the full truth to me himself. I was not shocked and I am sure that was God's plan, to have me be prepared for it. My husband gave me the news over the phone when my children were in my presence so it allowed me to remain calm through all of his revelation.

The turning point of our Restoration came when I was on vacation with my children, including my son's child from his first marriage, and my parents. My husband was supposed to be on this trip as well as it was planned many months before. I had had a feeling that something significant was going to happen during this trip so I spent a lot of time in prayer and reading my Bible and just talking to the Lord. About mid-week I received a phone call from my husband telling me about the adultery and how much more serious his relationship with the OW had become. He told me he had a dream and that our 4 year old daughter had spoken to him in the dream and it really shook him up. He knew then that he had to fight for our marriage and end the relationship with the OW.

He had already requested to be off work for a few days while we were on vacation because he was supposed to take a trip with the OW. Instead, he caught a flight to join us and I drove to the airport to pick him up. Though my hopes were high, it was not as I suspected it would be. The devil was still fighting for him and I couldn't believe some of the horrible things he was saying. But due to all those hours with the Lord and being in His Word, and learning to have a genlte and quiet spirit, I remained perfectly calm and didn't listen, but prayed and talked to God all the way back to the house we had rented at the beach - a full an hour and a half from the airport.

That was 8 months ago—next month we go back to that same house with our family RESTORED!! Since that day, my husband tells me everyday that he loves me. We attend church again as a family, he led us back, and I thank God everyday for restoring our marriage.

For those of you who are just beginning your journey or have been on it for far too long, what Erin says is true - Only God Can Restore Your Marriage and by reading her book so many times I was able to believe it when everything I saw and heard and experienced said the opposite. It wasn't just this book, I read all of her books over more than once and each were really all just as wonderful. Of course I also read my Bible. I think all of the books reminded me of how much I hungered for His word and helped me to turn everything over to Him - this was so critical. It is my nature to try to fix and to control everything but once I learned how, this was so freeing to accept that God is always in control and the only way to find peace and restoration is to give it all over to Him.

I would encourage all of you first and foremost to pray, talk to God, and then listen to Him!! Pray like you have never prayed before rather than talking about things with anyone else. When you feel like you are smothering from the pain, pray for God to renew your hope and to give you peace. I hurt like I have never hurt before during this trial, but let me tell you it woke me up. I was just going through the motions before and now I have a relationship with the Lord like I never dreamed I would.

Today, my husband and I are on the right track and have made some important and wonderful changes in our marriage. I can still see evidence of the devil trying to wreak havoc in our lives from time to time, but now my husband and I are both praying, together and separately. We are in a completely different place than we were 11 months ago and I thank God for it all the time.

~Jennifer in Tennessee, RESTORED!!



I am writing this Restoration Testimony for my dear friend Teresa, who is married to my cousin. She had been separated from her husband for about 7 months when I found RMI and the RYM ebook. After I finished reading it, I sent it to everyone that God showed me would benefit from it and Teresa was the first person the Lord brought to my mind.

At the time Teresa was living with another man and I had been praying for her and her marriage. I would talk to her occasionally and after reading the RYM book, she began to tell me that she wanted to go home, but she said she didn't know how. Though I wanted to tell her how, Erin said to be quiet and let the Lord show her. As she continued to pray, God first started showing her the true colors of the other man and one day it was finally enough for her to kick him out. By this time she and her husband had already been talking about her coming home.

Though I am not sure what specific principles she used, I gave her the WOTT and RYM ebooks and I have given her many verses that I thought she may need to fight off the enemy, especially now that she is back home with her husband and it has gotten so much harder for her.

There still is a lot of pain, trust and forgiveness issues, but I know it's God who will have to work on it with them both. She cannot get on her phone to read the books like she did before, so I have sent her messages and emails hoping that she can read them when her husband is not there. I told her just to obey him as her husband and listen to the Lord and HE will reward her and eventually the enemy will stop using her husband to hurt her. I tell her to keep leaning on the Lord (which I hope she does since I am unsure of her salvation), and not to let the enemy steal her miracle from God. I keep telling her that the enemy is furious right now because of what God has done, and still wants to destroy her and will use what he can to do it if she lets him.

Though I am not sure what the turning point really was, I know that they were separated, thankfully no divorce had been filed. And that due to them sharing a son that they had little contact with each other due to him. I am not sure if she ever realized her restoration was close, but I know that her husband had asked her to come home before, and she wasn't really ready, not until God had changed her and turned her heart back to him.

The books Teresa used were the RYM book, WOTT and parts of the Wise Woman, that she began to journal. She also had many Encouragers that I shared with her. The Lord led me to give her my own 3x5 cards when I had an opportunity to see her again, since she has limited access now to her email, along with her bible.

Praise the Lord, that "they (we) overcame him (the wicked one) by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their (our) testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death." Revelation 12:11 KJV

Submitted by Chasity in West Virginia on behalf of:

~Teresa in West Virginia, RESTORED!!

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