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Day 24, Week 4: Be Encouraged CLASSIC eVideo 3, part 2

but first 3 Restored Marriage Testimonies!


Another Marriage Restored in Florida!

We just spoke to a couple in Florida who now have a restored marriage due to the wife reading and applying the Restore Your Marriage book!!! Our original publisher called and asked if we were willing to speak to them. They had gone to our first publishers to ask permission to translate the book into Spanish. The wife wanted a Spanish version for all the ladies she knows who can’t read English, but didn't know that we already had a version in Spanish.

Though they promised to email us their complete testimony (that we will post in an upcoming Encourager), we still wanted to share this short, but encouraging Restored Marriage Testimony and to also let you know that we not only have our books in Spanish, but in many other languages!

CLICK HERE to familiarize yourself with what languages our resources are available in, so that you will be ready to pass on Encouragement to women who may not speak English.

Another Marriage Restored “Suddenly”!!

After two years, I “suddenly” realized I wanted to stop the divorce proceedings I had initiated against my husband and work things out!!! I didn’t know how or why, but suddenly my feelings for my husband just returned. Later I found out that my mother in-law contacted your ministry and she had been believing God for the restoration of our marriage. May I say that I am just amazed and awed by the power of the Lord Jesus Christ!

As soon as I contacted my husband, he was quick to let me know that he didn't want the divorce either. What a precious weekend I had with my husband the following weekend! We literally spent most of the weekend side by side. The next weekend my husband had me over for dinner, on Saturday night, and again on Sunday night, and both nights I ended up staying overnight with him.

However...THE ULTIMATE thing happened Saturday before we went to sleep. My husband said, "We should pray" and he took my hand and he prayed and thanked God for His work in our lives. This brought me to tears because this was something I always wanted in my life, a Godly man.

Submitted by Barb in North Carolina, whose son's marriage was RESTORED

Bankruptcy Brought My Husband Home

Hi, I was separated with two teenagers when I came to a Restore Ministries course and became very involved in your books and studying the lessons. Each of the lessons I was eager to embrace, until I read in one of your books that a man in adultery would be financially reduced to a loaf of bread and come to poverty. I simply knew you were wrong and I refused to accept that this principle was true. I wrote to you and said, “You obviously don’t know my husband!” and I went on to brag that my husband was a financial genius, had an incredible job (one of the highest paid in our city), and that it was impossible for this to happen to him! That's when I promptly left your ministry (after telling you off) and promised never to return!

About six months ago something happened and why I am writing to you humbly with some interesting news. Soon after I left, my husband lost his great job and even said it was because of the OW!!! Then he used up all his savings, his 401K, and even mortgaged our large home (that he had been given by the courts in our divorce) to start a new business that I just found out has gone bankrupt!!!

My question now is, will you take me back? If you do, I promise to believe every principle in your lessons. What I didn't share yet is that my ex-husband, in complete poverty, returned to me and our children. We have been restored for almost a year but I was too proud to write. Now I know I need help to keep my restoration moving forward since I left prematurely. Could you let me know if I may come back and re-enroll?

Chris in Florida, RESTORED


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