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Baby Safe! Husband Didn’t File!!

"Tomorrow during lunch I’m going to an attorney to file for divorce.” Praise the Lord, my husband NEVER kept that appointment because I cried out to the Lord in my spirit for help and didn't do something foolish!

My husband said those words to me, would you believe on our way to church!! I was in such shock I didn't know what to say, but as soon as we got to church, I told my husband I needed to use the restroom and ran off before I lost it. In the ladies lounge, God immediately sent a woman to me who saw me crying. She sat down and hugged me and told me a few things she said she had learned in a book called "How God would Restore my marriage." After I calmed down she prayed with me and asked God to stop my husband from going to the lawyers office.

That very night my husband became violently ill!!! And as my husband left for work the next morning he said while walking out the door, very quietly, “I won’t be keeping the appointment with my attorney like I said.” God had turned his heart just like that woman had prayed he would!!

Though I'd like to say it was all over, my troubles were far from over when I found out that I was losing our first baby. Bleeding I was rushed to the hospital where they told my husband that not only was my baby in danger of dying, I also was in grave danger too.

That night my husband’s feelings toward me began to change thinking he could lose me. My husband told me later that he pleaded with God to save my life and our baby (who he had never really wanted and was so angry when I became pregnant).

Two months later everyone witnessed an awesome miracle. I gave birth to our daughter... a healthy baby! She weighed 7 lbs. not the premature baby the doctors had predicted I'd have!!! All praise to God for His faithfulness!!!

Six weeks later, my husband and I stood together at the altar dedicating our precious baby girl to the Lord who is so faithful and who heard my cry.

Faith in Australia, RESTORED

Too Late!!

A desperate woman called me. She was sent from a close friend of mine who knew I had a restored marriage. Another one of her friends was planning to divorce her husband and she wanted to see if I would be willing to talk some sense into her girlfriend before she made the biggest mistake of her life. This woman was desperate to end her marriage and this lady was frantic telling me she had no idea that the decision she was making would change her life forever!

Both she and her husband were Christians. So what was wrong is what I asked first. Believe it or not NOTHING was really wrong in their marriage!! This woman just felt that God had released her from her marriage. She told all her friends that she no longer felt that she WANTED to be married, and since there were no children, she felt God said she could leave her husband!! The most shocking part is that this woman was an outspoken Christian.

Thinking it was the right thing to do, I did call this woman and I shared some of the principles found in How God Will Restore Your Marriage. But before I could say much, she told me that God had released her from her marriage even though I pointed out that His Word clearly says that “He hates divorce” and that “He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.” Her answer to me was to calmly explain that many times Satan comes as an “Angel of Light” to deceive, and even uses Scripture as he did with Jesus in the desert to destroy lives. She meant me!!

Not knowing what to do I sought God to help me and ended up sharing a “what if” scenario. “What if” later down the road she found that she had made a horrible mistake and that she wanted her husband back, but by that time her husband had found someone else? She told me emphatically that she would never want her husband back! There was nothing I could do to persuade her from filing for divorce. She was clear that she was NOT interested in the principles, and asked me to never bother her again!

It was just about a year later, that I heard from her pastor that this woman did realize that she had made a mistake by leaving and divorcing her husband. So she decided she wanted to reconcile, called her husband asking him to come over so they could try working on their marriage. But found out that during the previous year of separation, her husband had met another woman, just as I had blurted out that day!!

Liz in South Dakota, RESTORED and now ministering only to women who want restoration.


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