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Day 20, Week 3: Be Encouraged CLASSIC eVideo 2, part 2

but first 2 Restored Marriage Testimonies!


They said I “Had it All”!

Everyone told me that I “had it all.” I had a handsome husband who “worshiped” me, two beautiful sons, dozens of close friends and a brand new custom built home. But I was not content. Though I had been raised in a Christian home, I did not appreciate what God had given me until it was gone. Regarding my very devoted husband, I am ashamed to say that I would comment to my friends when we got together, “I wish my husband would leave and find someone else.” One day, he did.

Even after the Lord blessed me with my adorable baby daughter that I simply cherished, my heart was still cold toward my husband who was so good to me. During arguments I would state emphatically, “Go ahead and leave...and don’t let the door hit you on the way out!” What I learned month's later was that God’s Word says, “For by your words you shall be justified, and by your words you shall be condemned” (Matt. 12:37). My words now were condemning me. One night I came home to find my husband in bed with another woman. The man who once adored ME from the time I was just 13 years old was now sleeping with another woman in his arms in our bed!!

The pain and shock that hit me that day was more than I ever knew existed. My devastation was so huge that I laid down on the middle of my living room floor, for days in a fetal position, moaning and crying, unable to eat. Friends of mine began coming in to help care for me and my children, but nothing could bring me any comfort.

It took several months to recover from the shock, but once I had I began attending one of your fellowship meetings. The Lord took me, a horribly broken woman, and He, Himself and began to hold me and comfort me. As soon as I began reading and applying the principles found in your book, How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage my life turned around. After being gone for six months, my husband returned home to me and our three children. How can I ever thank you enough?

Janice in South Carolina, RESTORED


My Husband Packed His Bags & Came Home!

Hello. I'm your normal young woman who like so many others, came to you when my marriage fell apart. I have two very young boys and after my husband left, I found out that my husband had not just left me, but was actually living with another woman, who had recently had his baby! Needless to say, I was devastated, but that's what it took for me to cry out to God for help. He led me to meet a couple at my church who told me that they had a restored marriage, and introduced me to the Restore Ministries resources, and said that they would help encourage me along my journey.

I began meeting regularly with this couple, to pray and discuss chapters that I had been reading all week in my "Restore Your Marriage" and the workbook that this couple gave me, the one for women. They told me I couldn't just read it, but that I needed to begin to applying the principles, beginning with fasting. But as your resources warn, things got much worse the more I prayed and fasted, but the couple told me not to give up. Then one day as I went to answer my door, I was shocked to see a sheriff hand me divorce papers!

Instead of falling apart, I took the papers in my hand and headed straight over to the couple’s house to pray. The three of us held hands and prayed together against the divorce papers.

Later we found out that at that exact hour in another state, my husband was packing his bags. As he headed south and came to a fork in the road, he asked God to steer his truck, to the right would be home, to the left would be to join the other woman. He later told me that my prayers were answered — the truck pulled abruptly to the RIGHT and He began driving back home to me!!

Once my husband was home, I confessed to my husband about my prayers, about me fasting, and my most important relationship... the new relationship I had with the Lord. I explained that I had become a Christian while he was gone and I shared my faith with him. Instead of him becoming angry with me (he was an outspoken athiest) he just listened. The very next Sunday he went to church near our house, ran to the altar and accepted the Lord into his life!!! That night the couple I had been praying with shared in their own huge church my testimony.

It was about a month later that my husband suggested we renew our wedding vows after he began joining me in my meetings with this older restored couple.

Michelle in Florida, RESTORED

Ministry Update: The last time I spoke with this young woman, she was in a prolonged fast. She told me that the Lord had impressed upon her heart to adopt her husband’s baby girl. They had heard that the baby had been left for months with friends while the other woman went overseas. It seems that she had lost interest in her daughter soon after her lover had gone back to his wife.

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