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but first 2 Restored Marriage Testimonies!


An Easter Miracle!

Almost a year ago, my husband left me and moved in with his parents, saying that he did not love me anymore and that he was "done" with our marriage.

Following this, I began to walk through the valley that God had brought me to, but I continued to struggle greatly until I completely surrendered to and trustied God for everything. Yet, from the beginning I felt His touch in my life and His awesome love for me more tangibly than I ever had!

It was only a few months ago that a gentleman at our church gave me the address of the RMI website on a card because he had found great hope and comfort in it and he said his marriage had been restored. As soon as I got home I checked it out, and God began to bring me through the valley. I wrongly believed, as you said so rightly, that we believe we need to live IN the valley but that is just not so. That is why Divorce Recovery and so many other things the church offers is so wrong. It teaches us that this is all we can have, when God offers us so much more!

Had I listened to worldly advice from well-meaning loved ones, who supported me in proceeding with the dissolution of my marriage, and what my church encouraged me to do, I would not be restored today and my husband would still have been living a life of sin.

From the beginning I knew it was not God's will for my marriage to be over and end in divorce, and it was not what I ever wanted to happen, but I thought (and was told by everyone) that I had to protect myself and take care of my young son. It was through your book Facing Divorce book that God gently began to remind me that He would do all of that, and He kept nudging me to surrender to His perfect care, let go of my attorney.

Though you so kindly gave me free books, I knew that I needed to invest in my own restoration, so I ordered all your materials and began reading the Restore Your Marriage paperback book, marking my book to help me retain the truths and copy the verses on my cards. I also began attending an amazing women's fellowship from your ministry, where God lovingly jerked me up on a short leash by giving me someone to be accountable to. He showed me many areas where I had gone terribly wrong, especially with the way I thought about everything. He also confirmed some thoughts I had had regarding some decisions I had to make.

After my first fellowship meeting, I told my husband that I was no longer going to participate in the dissolution of our marriage, and how wrong I was to get an attorney and fight him. Needless to say he was shocked and couldn't even speak.

That night I gave God permission to sift my heart and weed out any and all seeds planted by the enemy, and as I surrendered to Him—He did all the work that was needed! He helped me to release the contempt I had harbored against my husband and began to lovingly show me my sins in the marriage. It was then that my Lord gave me His peace that passes all understanding!

Then suddenly on Easter weekend, God blessed me with an Easter miracle—the resurrection of my marriage— that I thought (in my flesh) was dead! On Good Friday, my husband and I spoke together for the first time after I told him I had released my attorney. He said that at that moment is when God began working in his heart. He moved back home the next day and now we are continuing the work I began by ministering to couples in our church. We don't need to "work" on our marriage as people warn us because we know that what we need to do is to continue to trust God for the remainder of the restoration of our marriage! Praise the Lord!

Lindsay in Ohio, RESTORED

Blessings Keep on Coming!

I am one of those many women who God has blessed with a restored marriage from your ministry. I waited for over two years and God brought about a miracle once I stopped focusing on what I could do and began to focus on helping other women! I am also guilty of not sending in all of the wonders that God blesses me with as our marriage continues to strengthen and grow since our restoration. Forgive me.

I had been praying that my husband would become the spiritual leader of our home and just got so excited by some things that happened this past week that are truly of the Lord, which prompted me to write.

The first one is that my husband began attending a Sunday school class entitled, "Intimacy with God." Praise the Lord! And he wants me to go with him to a picnic next week at his teacher's house! It baffled my husband when I still wanted to remain home and not attend church, but encouraged him to go if he wanted to. He did and the result is that he will soon pass me by Praise God!

Two, he also began volunteering for an outreach program our church began, that takes up his entire Saturday! He told me that he was signing me up, too, and would take care of getting me a job to do.This is huge, because this was the day that my husband used to get so involved in all his hobbies that led to the destruction of our marriage. God takes care of every single detail once we give it to Him!! And when once I would have been pushing him to get involved, my husband is the one trying to get me more involved in church and volunteering. Amazing isn't it?

Three, he told me that this past Sunday he went to the altar for prayer for the healing of his body (another prayer of mine). In the past he didn't believe in prayer and now he is trusting God, not the doctors, to heal him!

My God and His love never ceases to amaze me! Let me tell you, if you had ever met my husband before, you would have snickered at the idea that I was praying for a spirit-filled, spiritual leader of our home, but I did and now I am seeing it happen. God is molding and making him in His time, in His way, the more I have kept to my prayer closet, continued to stay out of church (so he had room and could rise up and be a man of God), and keeping the Lord, not my husband, as my first Love.

I have been guilty of wanting to help God by making comments or suggestions, but the Lord always says to me, "Shhhhhh, I will take care of this. You just love Me and trust Me with everything."

The Lord has been so amazingly faithful to take us from where we are (both my husband and me) and transform the both of us (first me and now my husband!). He is so worthy of our praise! God is so awesome and so powerful and so creative! What a joy it is to have Him to cling to and be in love with!

Lisa in Branson, RESTORED

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